Top Ten Reasons Why South Park is Better Then Liv and Maddie

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1 South Park Is Funny While Liv And Maddie Is Not

Yeah, it sucks along with the person who praises it like God.

Now, all we need is Disney1994's reaction.

I can't wait to see what Disney1994 thinks of this list! - Powerfulgirl10

This is what Disney1994 gets for hating others opinions. Plus, South Park is funnier. I stay up every night to watch it on sling - Spicygarlic

2 Liv And Maddie Is One Of Those Disney Sitcoms, South Park Is Not

Yay! No stereotypes in South Park!

Actually South Park is loaded with stereotypes, but at least it doesn't get on our nerves and is only used for comedic purposes. - SelfDestruct

At least “South Park” doesn’t have laugh tracks every 3 seconds. - 3DG20

3 South Park Has Memorable Quotes Unlike Liv And Maddie

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! You bast*rds! - Spicygarlic

Nothing about “Liv and Maddie” will ever be considered “memorable”. - 3DG20

South Park has unforgettable quotes like: "Oh my God! They killed Kenny! " and "Okay, that does it, screw you guys, I'm going home! ".

All Liv and Maddie has is the unmemorable "Bam! What? ".

Which sounds better to you?

4 South Park Has A Better Fandom

Yeah, Liv and Maddie has a small fandom.

The “Liv and Maddie” fanbase consists of people who rant about how their lives are supposedly the worst whenever someone says they don’t like the show. - 3DG20

5 Liv And Maddie Gets Boring Really Fast

Oh yeah, that's why Liv and Maddie sucks.

It was boring from the first second. - 3DG20

I would fall asleep when watching a teen sitcom on Disney.

Trust me. It's boring. - Powerfulgirl10

6 South Park Actually Has Video Games

Wait, is this supposed to offend Disney1994? Disney1994 doesn't even play video games, does he? But, yeah. South Park: The Fracturated but Whole is coming soon but Liv and Maddie doesn't even have video games. Plus, a Liv and Maddie video game would be rubbish, any Disney teen sitcom would do awful in video games!

I really like the Stick of Truth. Excellent game. Pretty kid friendly compared to the show. Show is 10+ and video game is 7+. - AlphaQ

7 South Park Has More Fans

Any Disney teen sitcom is pretty much unlikable.

On Fanpop South Park has over 70,000 fans.

8 South Park Has Jokes That Are Not Cheesy
9 Liv And Maddie Is A Disgrace To Twins

*waits for Disney1994 to throw a tantrum* - TwilightKitsune

That is so true.

10 South Park Doesn't Have Blonde Stereotypes

Actually it does except it's not annoying. - AlphaQ

It does have stereotypes, but they’re actually funny unlike “Liv and Maddie”. - 3DG20

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11 South Park has better jokes

Plus even if it didn’t, at least it doesn’t have annoying laugh tracks after every sentence. - 3DG20

12 South Park Has Movies Unlike Liv And Maddie

Good. Let’s keep it that way. - 3DG20

13 South Park Makes More Money
14 More Entertaining
15 Cartman is Better Than Liv

A LOT better. Cause he is awesome. He's the white and big version of me. - AlphaQ

Cartman is better than every “Liv and Maddie” character, and so is everyone else in “South Park”. - 3DG20

16 Using one actor to play 2+ characters is done well.
17 Liv and Maddie tries too hard to be hip and trendy

Yes! I can’t stand things that try to hard to be “trendy”. - 3DG20

18 South Park isn't cringey
19 South Park Is More Original

While “Liv and Maddie” is just another one of those dumb Disney sitcoms. - 3DG20

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