Top Ten Ways South Park Is Better Then Sanjay and Craig

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1 South Park gets humor right

I find it funny how incredibly close-minded and dumb they are. I don't know why, but I do. Though despite being a good show (the reason is listed in the last sentence), no offense but South Park's animation isn't really good either. - Anonymousxcxc

What kind of absurd comparison is this? The only thing these two cartoons have in common is that they both have a character named Craig... - HoH

Sanjay and Craig is one of the worst nick shows ever the humor is all about butts,farts and toilets while South Park has way more funnier stuff

The humor is disturbing in both shows

2 Eric Cartman is funnier then Sanjay
3 The music is funny
4 South Park has a movie
5 Sanjay and Craig mainly focuses on toilet jokes
6 Butters
7 South Park has better animation

The animation in Sanjay and Craig is just plain Terrible

8 Better friends

Stan Kyle Cartman and kenny are way better then Sanjay,Craig,Hector and

9 The love interests

Stan dosen't have to fall in love with some one who's as twice his age!

10 People die on South Park

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11 They Said Bad Words
12 Better fart jokes
13 South Park Is Mature
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