Top 10 Reasons Why Space Dandy Is Better Than Cowboy Bebop

While Cowboy Bebop is a great show, I am one of the few people who prefers Space Dandy over Cowboy Bebop. These are reasons why Space Dandy is a better anime than Cowboy Bebop.

The Top Ten

1 Space Dandy is funnier
2 Space Dandy has better characters V 1 Comment
3 The emotional/serious moments of Space Dandy are more unexpected
4 Space Dandy has a better twist ending
5 Space Dandy feels more like an American cartoon while still maintaining anime qualities
6 Space Dandy is more appropriate

Space Dandy doesn't have nearly as much cursing or violence as Cowboy Bebop.

7 Space Dandy often breaks the fourth wall
8 Space Dandy has better references
9 The ending of Space Dandy isn't depressing
10 Space Dandy has more creative plots

The Contenders

11 Dandy is for teens, Bebop is for mature anime fans.
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