Top Ten Reasons Why SpongeBob Is Bad for Kids Under the Age of 11

Spongebob is for kids five and up it should be for people 11+ because of this.

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1 Suicide Jokes

Actually, if you pay enough close attention, you'll find many suicide jokes scattered about certain episodes. It's not just One Course Meal.

True. Its disgusting.

It's over with, now be quiet and enjoy your life. - JaysTop10List

I've been watching this show ever since I was 8. Is that bad?

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2 Kids Never Get Enough

There is this four or five year old I spend time with named case and I know I'm five or four years older than him he also never gets enough zombies - HomertheSimpson

3 Mr. Krabs Abusing Gary

not really

4 Mr. Krabs Called Spongebob a Cuss Word

In the movie when krabs is whispering he says the word jackass.

What the crap are you talking about? Are you talking about when he called him daft cause that isn't a sawre. - RalphBob

I don't recall that happening... - CaptainMowzker

If you step a little closer to the T.V., you may possibly know what Mr. Krabs is really trying to say.

5 They Try So Hard to Be Funny

But SpongeBob is funny. - PatrickStar3

6 Spongebob Is More Violent Than the Simpsons

Seriously? Mr Krabs is more violent than the Simpsons more like it

Homer always strangles bart - RockStarr

7 Mr Krabs Acts Like a Robber
8 Inappropriate Hidden Jokes

Really? Hey Arnold and a ton of other shows did this, shut up haters. - wolfythefree

Yes, there is one scene where spongebob is watching ‘porn’ and when Gary comes in her quickly swaps the T.V. to another channel

9 Gary Abuse all the Time

Um, only extreme Gary Abuse in like 3 episodes out of hundreds

I feel sorry for Gary.

10 Squidward Torture Porn

This teaches kids to torture people! It's madness!

Only episode where this applies is honestly Ink Lemonade. - IcetailofWishClan

WHAT THE … there's no porn!

The Contenders

11 Don't Drop The Soap
12 Scary Faces in Faze Freeze and Whatever Happened to SpongeBob

I'd say SpongeBob's face in inSPONGEiac when he says "I AM an insomniac! " is just as bad as these.

13 Gore scenes in The Splinter, House Fancy, Dying For Pie, and Pineapple Fever

The Splinter - We all know what happened in that episode
House Fancy - Spongebob rips off Squidward's toenail
Dying For Pie - Squidward's heart squirts blood
Pineapple Fever - Squidward rips out his eyebrow

14 It has bad words

No it doesn't. It's all censored out with a [dolphin chirps].

15 Not Good Role Models
16 Squidward Walks All Over SpongeBob

No matter how mean squidward is spongebob still does anything for him... The only time squidward is nice is when he needs something...

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