Reasons Why SpongeBob is Better Than Caillou


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1 SpongeBob Has a Bigger Fanbase

SpongeBob and Caillou have nothing in common. So why compare them? - cosmo

While I agree that SB is better, I'm 14. I don't think Caillou is aimed at kids my age.
Also, do you expect a preschool level show to have a big fanbase? - Garythesnail

2 SpongeBob Has a More Mature Audience
3 Caillou Sucks

Extremely valid reason here. - Puga

4 SpongeBob is Not Dumb Like Caillou Is

SpongeBob isn't dumb? Have you watched SpongeBob? - Puga

5 The Protagonist is a Better Character

Well, in seasons 1-6 and spongebob's big birthday blowout. - CaillouFanatic

6 SpongeBob Doesn't Have a Narrator

Get yo facts straight, hun. SpongeBob has two narrators. - Puga

7 SpongeBob Has More Humor
8 SpongeBob is More Interesting to Watch
9 SpongeBob is Talented at Making Krabby Patties and What Talent Does Caillou Have?

Possibly playing piano - CaillouFanatic

Throwing tantrums and going to the circus

10 SpongeBob Doesn't Whine Constantly

Actually he does in seasons 7+ except the big birthday blowout episode - CaillouFanatic

SpongeBob: I'm ready! I'm ready!
Caillou: WA!
His crying will drive everyone crazy

Caillou: WA
Which one is better?

The Contenders

11 Caillou Didn't Have a Theatrical Released Movie
12 Caillou Himself is Annoying
13 One Coarse Meal is Better Than Caillou Joins the Circus

Mr Krabs almost scares Plankton to death VS Caillou throwing the biggest tantrum ever because he was not going to the circus.

14 The Narrator in Caillou Won't Shut Up
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