Top 10 Reasons Why SpongeBob SquarePants Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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1 Much Funnier

Man, even the new episodes of SpongeBob is funnier then TTG

The episodes of Toddler Titans are all stupid, SpongeBob's first 3-4 seasons have more good than bad episodes

When you compare the ORIGINAL episodes of SpongeBob (plus a little bit of the modern ones that were made after Sponge Out of Water) to TTG, you'll probably agree that SpongeBob is way more funnier.

Even seasons 6-8 of SpongeBob were funnier.

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2 It's a Classic for Kids

SpongeBob has been going on for a long time and teen titans go is only is 2 years that's just search I hope it does not get any awards if it does I will kill myself

SpongeBob is a classic and ttg will never be a classic

Spongebob will always be a good and classic show, while Crap Titans NO! should be thrown in the trash and set on fire.

3 Patrick Is Smarter Than Most Go! Characters

The Only Go! Character That's Smarter Than Patrick Is Raven. And Even Raven Is Stupid, But She's The Least Stupid Go! Character In Teen Titans Go!

Patrick is the dumbest of the dumb, but if you are DUMBER than HIM, something's rotten in Denmark.

Patrick does actually have intelligence. Beast Boy and Cyborg are technically brain-dead in this show. - Svampbob164

Patrick's smarter than TTG Raven! At least "he" knows what vegetables are!

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4 It Doesn't Rip Off Other Shows

That's true! SpongeBob doesn't even make fun of the shows that a lot of people would say are better than his (which is more than I can say for TTG when they slapped the faces of The Amazing World of Gumball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and of course (their favorite target), My Little Pony).

SpongeBob has Pop-Culture references hidden here and there but at least they don't offend anyone - Adventurur2

SpongeBob makes every show look awesome compared to SpongeBob

5 Sandy Is Not As Annoying As Starfire

Starfire is just a stereotyped dumb blond - yuma9009

Sandy is also smarter and funnier - TwilightKitsune

I don't understand how you can say one show is better than the other just because one character is slightly more annoying than one from the other show, that doesn't make sense to me - girlynerd21

Let's see the comparison:

Sandy comes from Texas, star fire comes from a place where everything is "gobbelnark" or "fartlug".

Sandy has a southern accent, star fire just says "the" before every noun or adjective she says.

Okay, that's all I need to know, sandy wins.

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6 It's Original
7 SpongeBob Is Sometimes Lovable

The only times I would not consider SpongeBob lovable is in episodes when he's out of character, like A Pal for Gary. Otherwise, he's always lovable. - Svampbob164

I really don't think he's lovable, I think he is just annoying. He was never really "lovable" his happiness was just entertaining - girlynerd21

True that - yuma9009

Spongebob: Spongy
Patrick: Super Star
Squidward: note...
Mr.Krabs: Spoiled Rich
Sandy: Cowgirl
Gary: Sea cat
Nicknames for Spongebob and his friends.

8 Better Morals

Sponge Bob teaches you that anything is possible wait no that's Barbie lol and teen titans,well I think that all it has are dukey jokes,soccer is dumb and that u can just jump off buildings and survive. WHY IN THE WORLD DO U WANT PEOPLE TO JUMP OFF BUILDINGS CN

9 Modern SpongeBob Has Better Episodes

Modern SpongeBob has some good episodes.

They're actually watchable compared to TTG.

ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? Modern SpongeBob I beyond retarded. It is WORSE than TTG - girlynerd21

Here's a list of good season 6 - 8 SpongeBob episodes
Krabby Road
Krusty Krushers
Sandcastles in the sand
Chum Bucket Supreme
Not Normal
Suction cup Symphony
A life in a day
Sun Bleached
Patty Caper
Plankton's Regular
Grooming Gary
SpongeBob SquarePants vs the big one
Granpappy the pirate
Computer Overload
Gullible Pants
No hat 4 Pat
Single cell anniversary
SpongeBob SquarePants: Truth or Square (SpongeBob segments only)
Chum Caverns
I ��� - dancing
Growth sprout
The inside job
Model Sponge
Kracked Krabs
SpongeBob's last stand
Back to the past
The bad guy club 4 villans
Gary in love
Welcome to the bikini bottom triangle
The great patty Caper
Buried in time
Enchanted Tiki Dreams
The abrasive side
Shellback shenanigans
The masterpiece
Tunnel of glove
Krusty dogs
The wreck of the Mona laoua
Love that squid
Perfect ...more - yellowshadow

Grooming Gary is gross and overbooked & I heart dancing are cruel. - Kid_ethinederland

10 It is Likeable for Kids

How do you know what kids like. this is just my opinion just so you know. some kids prefer a goofy show that is not so serious. excuse me if some kids actually have a sense of humor. kids just want to have fun. and I'm sorry but for me SpongeBob is just as stupid as teen titans go. if you don't like as raven said simply get up and change the channel

The Newcomers

? SpongeBob is Creative

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11 SpongeBob is a Classic

And Always Will Be. Teen Titans Go! Was Never A Classic.

I'll always love SpongeBob! It's no

Spongebob was a show that lasted a long time,and teen titans Go is new-school,the point can never replace childhood.

Well teen titans go is kind of a new show so deal with it..please stop hating on the show. it is not worth your time.i am sure you have better things 2 do

12 Teen Titans Go Ruined Teen Titans

It's Just Fact I Loved Teen Titans But Whenever I Watch Go Then Watch The Original Show It Makes Me Feel Like Teen Titans Wasn't As Good As It Used To Be (Just Watch Staring At The Future, It Takes A Crud On How Long Is Forever That's How Bad Go Is)

Should be way Higher! - Trent Barnett

This is the only reason on this list that actually makes sense

Should be 1

13 SpongeBob Has Lasted Longer

SpongeBob has been around since 1999. Teen Titans Go didn't air until 2013. That means that SpongeBob has been entertaining fans longer than Teen Titans Go has been insulting fans. - imacg4

And in none of those episode did he ever do something special

Actually it only lasted 3 years that's really short

Who cares. that just means it has been annoying kids for years

14 SpongeBob is Cute. The Toddler Titans Are Ugly

SpongeBob is cute I wanna hug him

SpongeBob is one of the cutest cartoon characters of all time! - Svampbob164

Okay first off... what are Toddler Titans?! - girlynerd21

Sponges r invertabrates.

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15 SpongeBob Doesn't Go Over the Top With the Humor

All he does is dance and say I'm ready what is so good about it

It's not like Teen Titans Go who say waffles for an entire episode and nothing else :) ;) =).

16 SpongeBob is more Gender Neutral than Teen Titans Go

Technically, since Spongebob has never released an episode like "Boys vs. Girls". - alphadan12

17 SpongeBob Has Songs That Make Sense

Like the campfire song or the fun song - yuma9009

Sweet victory explains it all.

Sure. lets sing the camp fire song song made way more sense then all I know is pain...yeah right

Makes sense. a lot of sense...

18 Has Even Better Jokes

TTG needs to learn that making fun of haters is NOT a joke!

19 Sandy and SpongeBob Could Beat All The Titans In A Fight

Even Johnny Test can defeat the whole Teen Titans group

Favourite part: Sandy punching Starfire like crazy! Starfire: THE OUCH!

Panda from we bare bears will roast raven on social media

20 Squidward's Smarter Than Raven

Raven Is So Bland

Squidward wouldn't even hang out with Raven if he caught her playing with ponies. He would even find her more pathetic than his annoying neighbors.

At least he's funnier and isn't as cruel as her!

At least he's, obviously, smart enough to believe that rain is not caused by "crying clouds." (Seriously, why do people think the Raven in TTG is smart if she believes in retarded facts like that? )

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