Top 10 Reasons Why SpongeBob SquarePants Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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21 SpongeBob Doesn't Insult People for Hating His Show

But the fans sometimes do. I personally hate the show and a lot of my friends like it which I have no problem with. - RiverClanRocks

But it does have dirty jokes to insult parents

TTG is the first show I watched that actually stooped to this level. - alphadan12

Unlike TTG, SpongeBob ACTUALLY ignores its haters!

22 SpongeBob Isn't a Bossy Jerk Like Robin

SpongeBob doesn't boss his friends around while this idiot Robin does.

23 It's Actually Tolerable to Watch

Spongebob is actually quite appropriate.

I agree. Even the post-movie episodes are more tolerable.

At least it doesn't teach kids how to act like buttholes (which is more than I can say for stupid TTG).

This is totally untrue SpongeBob is way more inappropriate. it is 2016 people you are going to here a few toot jokes here and there have a sense of humor

24 The Theme Song is Better

Not that it's hard to have a better theme song than Teen Titans Go, but it still counts. - JBDBIB_Baerman

25 SpongeBob's Actually Improving While Teen Titans Go Isn't

TTG Will never improve.

The reason why the modern episodes of SpongeBob are getting better is because the original creator of the show, Stephen Hillenberg, has returned to work on the show. Now that he's back, the show is finally going back to its original roots, and isn't as mediocre as the newer ones before. I won't say that they're better than the original episodes, but for what they are, they're still good. Thank you for returning Stephen.

As for Teen Titans Go, it's STILL the same horrible cartoon as before! The humor still consists of jokes that are either unfunny, mean-spirited, or toilet/fart/butt-related; the characters still act like sociopathic jerks; the episodes still rank from mediocre to just plain awful; and, of course, the writers still think it's funny to mess with both critics AND fans of the original show by making fun of their own personal opinions. Despite only having one good episode (40% 40% 20%), the show, itself, still sucks.

26 SpongeBob is a Better Role Model Than Beast Boy
27 SpongeBob Has Common Sense

Teen titans go is just idiots running around and insulting the haters. Like me. The show directly insulted me. Just wow.

28 Even the Previous Incarnation of TTG is Younger and Lasted Less Time Than SpongeBob
29 SpongeBob Has Better Christmas Specials

SpongeBob's Christmas specials were so much better than TTG's (especially better than that abomination known as, "The 'True' Meaning of Christmas") because they both focused on what Christmas REALLY is about.

30 SpongeBob Doesn't Hog as Much Air Time as Teen Titans Go Does

Even though SpongeBob does seem to air a lot, it at least knows when to take a break and let other shows on Nick come on the air. Besides, it doesn't even air as much as it used to. Teen Titans Go, however, has to air EVERY DARN HOUR OF EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK! What's even worse is how much Cartoon Network is obsessed with this show; they never give they're other cartoons a chance to come on! Come on guys, just give this show the axe already!

CN overdosed on TTG TWICE. - alphadan12

31 Better Songs
32 Teen Titans Go is Babyish

The teen titans act like babies or five year olds, singing dumb songs and, acting all childish. Spongebob is less babyish.

Of course it is.

Nobody cares about this show. Spongebob is better and funnier than TTG. No more TTG. Spongebob is awesome/ fun to watch while teen titans go is boring.

33 SpongeBob Uses Adult Humor Correctly
34 Spongebob has two movies while TTG has no movies

How does this make SpongeBob better? - Adventurur2

Spongebob has it's own two movies like the Spongebob Movie and Sponge outta water while TTG has NO movies just retared specials.

35 The titans are stupid and crazy while Spongebob is a classic and wise
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