Change in Characters Personalities


SpongeBob: used to be a happy go lucky everyday sponge but now, he likes to goof around and be an annoying crybaby!

Patrick: used to be stupid but nowadays, not only that he is stupid, he destroys a building or a city in 11 minutes!

Mr. Krabs: used to like spongebob and money but today, he is super duper greedy and all he cares about is money

Sandy: all she cares about is karate and Texas!

Plankton and squidward: Super evil and mean

Mrs. Puff: the worst one yet. She used to like spongebob but after demolition doofus, SHE WANTS TO KILL SPONGEBOB!

I don't get why the writers decided to change the personalities. It isn't funny! Why is SpongeBob acting like a spoiled child? Why is Patrick a Prick? WHY IS SQUIDWARD GETTING TORTURED FOR NO REASON? Why is Mr. Krabs a regular criminal? Why is sandy just a science freak? It makes no sense! And now I doubt the writers and mentally insane and haven't even watched the show before

Everybody is basically antagonists now with Patrick and Krabs turning worse gradually, except for Sandy, Gary and to some extent Plankton, in the episode where Plankton has Spot, it brings the best character in him and became a protagonist even Spongebob became good because of Plankton, not because of his good nature considering he is semi-antagonist in the newer episodes.

SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Karen, Mrs. Puff, and Sandy have all gone downhill. - Garythesnail

Actually, after season 3 starting in season 4, only SpongeBob changed, he became really annoying and creepy but Patrick wasn't annoying and did not have his one tooth overbite yet, and Mr. Krabs wasn't that greedy yet, Patrick changed in season 5, Mr. Krabs changed around season 6, you hardly see sandy anymore but she was really annoying in season 7, and squidward and plankton never change

To be more specific, inflations of certain character traits which make the other traits obsolete. - thisisspata

Mr Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Pearl and Mrs Puff are bad now. And Plankton, Gary, Squidward, Larry and Karen are good it sucks that all the main ones suck now though.

Mrs. Puff: A teacher who is so tired of SpongeBob that she wanted to slaughter him.
Patrick: Selfish, back stabbing, brainless, and is simply careless and irresponsible. - MontyPython

Patrick is now a sociopath, instead of the goofy loveable oaf in the early seasons (and a few newer episodes).

I like the older characters better than the newer ones even though they are still the same they changed worse which i do NOT like - venomouskillingmachine

It's like SpongeBob has age regression or something. He's 100x more childish than he was in earlier episodes, which gets annoying at times. - Mcgillacuddy

It's like someone made a copy of the entire town and replaced them.

This was all so true I agree with all of you, but mostly this one.

SpongeBob sucks now because they don't do grown up stuff that is why SpongeBob is so funny and the 1st movie was herlious because it did grown up stuff but 2ed movie was joke of all time they did kid stuff no that's why it was so terrible I felt wrong watching that movie

Sandy cheeks 1999: A nice smart intelligent caring person
Sandy cheeks now: a big show off

*cough* People complaining about how bad today's stuff is. *cough* - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Yeah A.K.A Pearl, Karen, Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick and Mrs Puff. That's the only ones that I can think of. - PatrickStar3

I believe this series can be saved!

The day SpongeBob is saved is the day Invader Zim airs on NickToons again, in other words no time soon. - Discord

Patrick has changed so much. I mean before he wasn't that smart(but he still went to college somehow) but had common sense and cared for his friends, and his dumb comments were actually funny. Not not only does it feel like someone took his brain out, but also his heart to

Spongebob is a spoiled crybaby now, who's realashionship has gotten creepy. In the old seasons, he actually had feelings of anger when someone made him mad, like in can you spare a dime. Now he would probably cry about it

Mr Krabs fires spongebob for a nickel and then gets him back. if he already got a good frycook, he wouldn't need spongebob.hed be willing to trade all he has for a 25$ bill

Sandy is good but WHERE DID HER PERSONALITY OTHER THAN BEING SMART? Also in the rare karate episodes why is Sandy superior than Spongebob in Karate? That's boring

Mr Squidward was the loveable jerk who got what he deserved, but now he's just the punching bag. Same with Plankton, they both almost ...more

Snady be a nutjob for science and being better than SpongeBob in karate. The worst however is patrick. He is a vicious monster now

The only characters I still like are Squidward and Plankton.
SpongeBob: a bully, yells and whines all the time. Loves annoying poor Squidward and is still smiling when his house burns down,
Patrick: retarded idiot. All he does is ruin everything and eat everything too.
Mr Krabs: villainous and laughs when he heard that plankton is getting run over.

SpongeBob used to be a child at heart. Now he has a child's brain.
Patrick used to be not so bright, but a great friend. Now he's an absolute idiot.
Squidward is the same, but he used to sometimes get what he deserved. Now he doesn't.
Mr. Krabs used to be a good boss who cared a bit too much about money. Now his lifestyle revolves around nothing but money.
Sandy used to be a Texas-loyal tomboy. Now she's just a boring scientist.
Plankton used to be a villain who'd always overlook something important. Now he's a whiny scapegoat.
Mrs. Puff used to just be frustrated by SpongeBob. Now she wants him dead.

Need I say more?

Even in seasons 10 and 11, the characters feel way off (or maybe it’s just the grotesque animation.) Spongebob and Patrick are stupid and unfunny, or jerks. Squidward maybe became a bit jerkier, but imagine how you would feel if you went through what he did. Krabs is still greedy. Plankton is more of a jerk than funny. Karen is okay. Gary may have gotten a tad better, and Sandy stayed about the same. The characters feel so wrong, evem with Stephen Hillenburg back.

The changes to new SpongeBobs are almost unwatchable! All this new fast action. weird facial characteristics are ALFUL! GET NEW DIRECTORS! Make sequels to the early SpongeBob episodes in the same graphics and slower action and NO WEIRD FACIAL action. THE new SB is NO LONGER FUNNY!

SpongeBob has become an annoying squidward torture device
Patrick is so dumb that he is basically a bully
Mr krabs does illegal stuff a lot
Sandy is too perfect