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21 Paul Tibbit

You know he wrote many episodes for the first three seasons, right?

But he didn't used to be producer, meaning now he has more say in what happens.

I wish for SpongeBob, You're Fired to be Paul Tibbit,You're Fired!

Don't blame him, Blame Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas, they both wrote, A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, and Pet Sitter Pat

22 Plankton Attempting to Commit Suicide

What is SpongeBob teaching kids these days? If all fails just kill yourself? Wh... WHAT?! - Chaotixhero

Plankton is number 1 on the top ten villains what!? Look at this episode! Mr. Krabs has to beat Plankton 100 to 1 from this episode. I mean, Plankton just reached the breaking point!

And the fact that SpongeBob still helped Mr. Krabs in the end makes me want to strangle him. And maybe torture him by using him to wash a cactus like Patrick did in Suds.

God! That Mr. Krabs is a heartless douche-bag! - Neonco31

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23 You Actually feel Sorry for Squidward, Mrs. Puff, and Plankton Now

SpongeBob tortures Mrs. Puff to the point to where she wants to kill him, Squidward is more annoyed with SpongeBob's and Patrick's shenanigans now than before the movie, and Mr. Krabs drives Plankton to suicide. Not only that, but Mr. Krabs freaks out when Plankton has only ONE customer. - anonygirl

24 Terrible Specials

There was one good special. It was the Christmas episode. The SECOND Christmas episode. "It's a SpongeBob Christmas" I like a lot of stuff in that episode. The music numbers are great, they're good at using stop motion instead of normal animation, Mr.Krab's greed seems like something from pre movie SpongeBob, and though there's some mistakes, they don't automatically ruin the work. I guess the writers are good at making a holiday special.

They make specials in a couple of months hype the hell out of it then make it a ratings trap

The theatrical movies were good - VideoGamefan5

Pest of the West was alright.

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25 Season 6

The vomit inducing episode of where spongebob & Patrick wrecked squidward's toe nail is the start of it. Goes on from boring @$$ episodes that do nothing for the characters, nothing funny happens, & all around boring episodes.

When SpongeBob really went downhill.

Its not horrible as a season but for SpongeBob it is

The grossest episode, The Splinter, was part of season 6

26 SpongeBob's Flanderization

It's not just SpongeBob. Pretty much all of the characters are caricatures of what they used to be at this point.

I agree. This happens a lot in the new seasons.

27 Patrick Patrick Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show . Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick more.

He's turned into one of the worst characters in media history! He makes Lucy Van Pelt look good! Yet he gets more praise than Scrappy Doo and Perry the Platypus combined! - TENFLAKE

Invader Zim is more likable than him, and Zim is an evil, arrogant-ass alien who hates Earth and everyone who lives on it. Patrick takes all of Zim's qualities and ups them by 50. - Discord

Examples of why he went from being the best character to the worst character are Yours, Mine, and Mine, The Card, Pet Sitter Pat, and Patrick's Staycation. It's like someone took not just his brain, but also his heart, as he took SpongeBob's wallet, annoyed Squidward, blew up the Krusty Krab when Mr Krabs didn't deserve it, and flooded Sandy's tree dome in one episode, and caused it to be destroyed in another. This is why his bullying isn't as funny as say, "Wumbo", "The Ugly Barnacle", "I Love You" or "Oh boy, 3am" are.

Honestly, I think Patrick was fricked up by stupid writers. Some episodes like Pet Sitter Pat, Stuck in the Wringer, and The Splinter made Patrick a douche in the stupid pothole.

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28 SpongeBob Looks Different

The new way they portray spongebob makes it look like a cartoon for toddlers when the older episodes were clearly aimed at a more 6+ age

I liked the older animation better.

Hate the new style of spongebob ;-; I personally like the 2005 animation best and the 2009 animation - xiidra

Old animation is better - Lunala

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29 Stephen Hillienberg Resigning From The Show

Apparently, Stephen Hillenberg intended for the show to end after The SpongeBob SquarePants movie but Nickelodeon wanted the show to keep running because of the profits. Similar to how Jimmy Neutron and the Fairly Odd Parents were BOTH supposed to end after the Power Hour episodes but Nickelodeon forced the Odd Parents to keep going because of profits. (And petitions.)

Not a good reason. The new writers could have kept the same tradition as Stephen Hillenberg they just went a different way with no regard for the audience

That was a bad move. Stephen could've been running the show now and SpongeBob will be like Mario. But no, he put Paul "Ruiner of the Show" Tibbit.

This show went way downhill when he resigned.

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30 Mean-Spirited Plots

You see Mr.Krabs not caring about anything except for money and doesn't care about his employees, (and SpongeBob is exectpitionally loyal to him and works his little yellow butt off ) then he makes fun o the scuicidal (ex: laughing at planktons suicidal actions) and lastly his sociopathic nature of needing money money money money! These are things an INSANELY EVIL PERSON WOULD DO. come on, think about it. Would someone with good moral fiber be willing to fire someone over 5 cents? Why not let him step on a kitty while he's at it? Then squid ward in almost every episode gets brutally maimed for no good reason and just wanting to not live anymore, (in the old cartoons this was karma, as he had done something to annoy SpongeBob and Patrick and was not shown as often as the new ones do) but now he is beaten down by the moral of the story. PATRICK OH MY GOSH. He is indescribably selfish, rude, mean spirited, he has no sense of humor anymore, unhappier than he was in the old cartoons, and ...more

31 Most Episodes Are the Same Thing

SpongeBob works at the Krusty Krab or he plays with Patrick or he annoys Squidward

In the new ones, 64% of episodes are Kristy Krab. In old, 28%

Here's Food Con Castaways. Spongebob and his friends deliver a precious Krabby Patty to a finishing point. Spongebob protects the patty from his friends who try to eat it because they are lost.

What does this sound like?

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32 Spongebob Torments Mrs Puff Constantly

Praise to all of you Mrs. Puff fans and SpongeBob haters! Like you, I also want Mrs. Puff to kill the sponge just as I want to see Squidward do. In fact, Mrs. Puff's now my favorite character in the entire show while the same octopus is my second favorite. And if I see them team up with Plankton and Sandy against SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Flats, and especially Sam Star, I'd root for all them. Hell, I'd root for them more if they succeed in killing all those characters who I hate.

I actually was rooting for Mrs. Puff to win in Demolation Doofus. SpongeBob was so annoying in that epsode that I actually wanted Mrs. Puff to kill him.

SpongeBob just wont leave Mr. Puff alone! He relentlessly tortures and torments this poor lady with absolutely no regard for her feelings. He's mindlessly wrecks havoc upon Mr. Puff and doesn't have the decency to acknowledge what he's doing to her is wrong! He could care less about what he does to Mr. Puff as long as he can continue acting like an idiot! So I understand completely why Mr. Puff hates SpongeBob!

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33 Stupid Concepts

There will be another film that will go to the movies, they should cancel the series and films them in forever

For me, the problem is often there isn't any real concepts, just filler.

34 Lame Jokes

They use lame toilet humor now.

35 They Offend Cat Lovers

Kenny the cat. Sandy hates cats. She should be kicked into a box and mailed to heck. - Goatworlds

It did make fun of Tom Kenny's name though.

Cats are overrated. Enough said. And opinions are opinions. - TeamRocket747

Meow! Well they are making fun of cats, Tom Kenny and Tom from Tom and jerry

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36 Cringe-Inducing Scripts
37 Reruns

They're also rerunning old episodes of it two. now that's great but it gets old really fast. I'm not kidding. I've seen the episode Jellyfish Jam a million times and I'm sick of it. it's times like this where you check out something good at first, but when you watch it a million times you're never gonna watch it ever again.

Nick reruns 2007 episodes A LOT, it should really be the old ones to air

We don't wanna see anymore of this on T.V. !

38 The "Oh My Leg!" Guy Is Gone

What?! The My Leg Guy Is Gone! Is The Best Moment Of SpongeBob History! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Actually he was removed in Season 3, but I still think they should have kept him. But good news! He was back in Sponge Out of Water!

The "oh my leg" guy was on shuffleboarding when the jail blew up and everyone fell because I heard him say that when everyone fell.

Crap a rlly liked the guy ;; - xiidra

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39 Overly Detailed Animation

I liked the older animation more than the newer one.

40 SpongeBob is a Psycho to Squidward

EXACTLY! I'm just so sick of that sponge being a constant nuisance to that octopus, whom I can relate to very well. Therefore, I want Squidward to get rid of SpongeBob and his fans once and for all.

He copied Squid's house down to the VERY SAME CHIP IN THE WALL.

He's a squid for the record. It's in his name. Squid-ward. And Sandy's name used to be Sandy Cheeks. Thw new writers either never watched the show before they started writing, wanted to change things just to be annoying, or are incredibly stupid. Because they now call squidward an octopus and sandy sandy squirrel.

When squid goes to boating school and gets beaten by a fish
What does sponge do -MAKES IT WORSE-

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