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101 Squidward and Plankton Are Depressed

That's because Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob ruin their lives like there's no tomorrow. And that makes me wish that they'd team up against those cretins by killing them.

102 What Happened to Patchy the Pirate and Potty?

Last I heard the actor died

The actor is the same dude who plays SpongeBob, though the actor for Mermaid Man died in 2012. - Anonymousxcxc

I loved the duo
U knew the episode was gunna b a special when the narrator said : Live From Encino California Patchy the Pirate he would appear on the screen along with Potty I mean those two were two of my favourites even though I cannot understand why Potty criticises Patchy nor can I understand why Patchy gets bad luck at the end of the specials

103 Spongebob Gets Stupider With Every Episode

I couldn't agree more. One example is his extreme unawareness at how much Squidward hates his guts. And so, I want Squidward to make SpongeBob pay for his antagonism.

Same with patrick

104 Inflation of Character Traits

This is called flanderization

105 Every Character Not Named Squidward or Plankton is a Moron

Practically, the only non-Squidward and non-Plankton characters are Sandy and Mrs. Puff. But I do believe that Mr. Krabs is so obsessed with money that it seems to make him less intelligent.

Gary isn't a moron. - Goatworlds

Actually they play tons of plankton jokes where he does something stupid but doesn't know it

Plus Mr. Krabs isn't really stupid he is just cheap

You mean every character besides sandy & Karin r idiots. Squid plus one, he was even conned by plankton to paint his house. And plankton does a lot whinnying to Karin in which she gives plankton ideas for stealing the kraby formula. Lary & Gary could also b considered to be spared from stupidity added to them, but Gary doesn't really talk or do anything too major for the most part, and lary is so background & is extremely rare we see him.

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106 Sandy Doesn't Appear Anymore

Sandy still appears in the show, but not as much as she used to.
Still, I wish the writers can focus less on Sandy being obsessive over science in the new seasons. 70% of the episodes with Sandy in it after the movie has something to do with her being a science geek. She's not as interesting as she used to be. This became a common trend during Season 4.

They ruined her anyway, better to leave it at that then to make her even worse

Not only is it rare for her to appear now, but she is also annoying and stupid when she does. - Goatworlds

When she does appear she's all "I like books and science and stuff" - SpyroZap99

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107 The Episode "Are You Happy Now?" Exists

Squidward attempted suicide twice.

Squidward finally snaps...

In this episode SpongeBob tries to get squidward to be happy but all of his attempts fail and the rest of the episode is just squidward being depressed and SpongeBob trying to get him out of his house.At the end of the episode SpongeBob takes squidward to the krusty Krab and he built sculptures of himself and then squidward goes mad and the episode ends. the main problem of this episode is that its depressing,not funny,and has too much filler.My rating for this episode is... a 2/10

This wasn't a bad one. Yes, I am well aware of the suicide jokes. That doesn't make an episode bad. - LordDovahkiin

108 Sandy's Simplification
109 Plot Recycling
110 Loads of Filler

Yeah, and I'm Naruto!

111 SpongeBob's Puffy Cheeks
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