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101 Flanderization

SpongeBob: Now an annoying idiot that acts like a 7 year old.
Patrick: Admits he isn't dumb, and acts even less mature.
Mr. Krabs: Now an evil greedy craphole.
Squidward, Gary, and Plankton: Nothing happened, except Squidward is more of a jerk now.
Sandy: Annoying and stupid.
Bikini Bottomites: Idiots who overreact to every single thing that happens. - Goatworlds

102 Filler In a Eleven Minutes Episode

Ugh. I miss the days when it had plot.

103 He Ruined Patrick Forever
104 The Characters Aren't Funny Anymore and Their Personalities Have Changed

"Sandy's hasn't changed much"

Yes it has. Used to, she mostly did karate and other tomboyish action. Now, she spends like 90% of the time working on lame science experiments.

Sandy's hasn't changed much

Sandy has not changed but she is not like even a main charactet

SpongeBob: An annoying crybaby that acts like a 2-year-old.
Patrick: Not only is he stupid and jobless, but he also destroys an entire building or city in one 11-minute episode.
Mr. Krabs: He now only cares about himself and money.
Sandy: A nerd who cares more about science than about karate or Texas.
Squidward & Plankton: Characters that are now victims of evil and torture and not perpetrators. In post movie SpongeBob, no matter how grumpy Squidward was or how evil Plankton was, you can express sympathy for them.
Mrs. Puff: Not much has changed, but she is harsher towards SpongeBob now than in the past.
Bikini Bottom Townspeople: Stupid airheads that make a big deal out of a small one.
Bikini Bottom Police: Idiots that think it's okay if a person kills an innocent person, but they arrest people for not inviting someone to a party. - anonygirl

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105 The Bad Jokes

Now the show just has lame potty humor and its not funny at all! I hated the morbid suicide joke in "Are you Happy Now? "

106 The Music

Remember the good music, like Sweet Victory and Goofy Goober Rock? The music sucks so bad now, Like colonel Copper's song in "Hello Bikini Bottom."

What? I loved HBB!.

107 Inflation of Character Traits V 1 Comment
108 No Crossovers

Crossovers would ruin SpongeBob why would you want crossovers? - PatrickStar

I agree with PatrickStar. I don't think that crossovers are the best stories ever for every cartoons or anime series. - Nectaria

That might make the show worse. Just saying. - anonygirl

PatrickStar is right - Goatworlds

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109 Spongebob's Laugh Is Really Annoying

It used to be lovable, but now Nickelodeon has made SpongeBob's laugh so ANNOYING!

Only one other laugh can rival his: the Joker laugh.

I've grown to hate his stupid laff with a burning passion! He really gets on my nerves and I feel like punching his lights out!

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110 Zeus Cervas Is One of the Worst Writers

But he's a good animator. He was around since season 2.

111 Patchy the Pirate Is Gone

Patchy the Pirate is the worst excuse for a pirate that I and (no doubt )a lot of other people have ever had the misfortune to see...I'm really glad the bum is out of the show now. He was a disgrace! If he somehow wound up on the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow would kick him overboard...LITERALLY! Even Davy Jones wouldn't want him! For that matter, nor would ANY other pirate! Patchy doesn't know the first thing about being a pirate! Good riddance to him!

In my opinion, that's a good thing. He was only funny in Christmas Who? And Shanghaied. After that, all his jokes were about how lame the special effects are and how creepy his obsession is, instead of how he isn't like a real pirate and the parodies of fans. I'm glad he's gone.

Oh, look. A positive about modern SpongeBob

Annoying or not, he was somewhat iconic.

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