Reasons Why Spotify Is the Best Music Service


The Top Ten

1 It's Free

You can listen to anything for FREE. The only exception is on mobile, you have to use shuffle play on mobile or buy premium. - ryanrimmel

2 They Have Pretty Much Every Band

You can listen to almost everything by any band ever for free on Spotify. The only bands that I couldn't find on Spotify are The Beatles, AC/DC, and Tool. - ryanrimmel

3 There Are No Limits on PC

If you are on a computer, you have UNLIMITED skips and plays, and you can play any song you want, you aren't forced to use shuffle. - ryanrimmel

4 You Can Share Playlists

You can make your own playlists, and make them public so other Spotify users can listen to them. - ryanrimmel

5 You Can Make Your Own Playlists

You can make a playlist, and add any songs you want into there, and listen to it whenever you want. - ryanrimmel

6 You Can Follow Other Users

You can follow users on Spotify and get notified when they make a new playlist, you can even see their listen history - ryanrimmel

7 You Can Follow Bands

You can follow a band, and get notified when new music is added to their Spotify - ryanrimmel

8 There are Community Playlists

You can find popular playlists easy just by clicking on browse, great way to discover new music. - ryanrimmel

9 They Have Radio Stations

They have radio stations similar to Pandora's, but you have UNLIMITED SKIPS. - ryanrimmel

10 Play Offline

You can get premium and listen to playlists, albums, or tracks offline without using data. - ryanrimmel

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