Top 10 Reasons Why Squid Girl Is an Awesome Show


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1 It's full of great characters

All of the characters on the show are good! - Weasltown

2 It's so funny

I meant Takeru

"What's a military? "
And that part where she puts that Chizuru made into the ocean and gets all emotional

3 Eiko is so cool
4 The show teaches kids about what a lesbian is

Would it be OK for a 10 year-old? (Who? Me)

Sanae is a lesbian. - Weasltown

5 The show is fast paced
6 The animation is good
7 The voice acting is good
8 The theme song is catchy

Lol sorry I had a sugar rush while I wrote that

This theme song is even catchier than Joe Gatto's 'Sucking Toes' song in Impractical Jokers!

9 The characters aren't that annoying

Squid girl is VERY annoying so is Sanae and her puns and her glaring face is very rude!

NO! Squid girl is very annoying! She bosses people around and is kinda selfish like when she had to write her wish she wanted lots of wishes. Sanae is just about as bad as her she likes Squid girl as if she were a boy she even likes her more than her dog Alex Eiko says that he is just jealous but no its because she pays attention to Squid girl even more than him even though he is her dog and Squid girl deserves to be bitten by him she also owns a lot of Squid girl toys and even has an instant noodle food version of her. Chizuru gets mad at her because she is very annoying. She says she dislikes humans but if she really hates them then don't hang out with them just do your stupid invasion or go back to the sea where you belong. I doubt Nagisa even likes her she only works because she has no choice. In conclusion SQUID GIRL THE MAIN CHARACTER IS VERY ANNOYING!

10 The show is good for kids

The Contenders

11 Squid Girl herself

Squid girl is annoying! If you want to invade then just INVADE already! Also she is rude and rude people are never not annoying they are very unlikable! I hate her!

12 Squid Girl's Puns
13 Chizuru is a Savage


14 It is based off Splatoon
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