Top 10 Reasons Why Stackexchange Sucks

These are just some reasons, why are you reading this description anyways?

The Top Ten

1 You only get downvotes

Whenever you ask a queston, it instantly gets downvoted, with people with lots of reputation, they only get upvoted - THEEPICDUDE990

2 People put answers as comments

Like, what the crap? - THEEPICDUDE990

3 You need 5 reputation just to ask a question on meta

This is so stupid - THEEPICDUDE990

4 When somebody downvotes, everybody else goes onto the question to downvote

This results in many downvotes - THEEPICDUDE990

5 Your edit can get rejected when it's right

My edit got rejected because I edited a duplicate, what the heck? - THEEPICDUDE990

6 You get reputation, but then people drain it

This is so annoying - THEEPICDUDE990

7 It takes 24 hours to delete your account

People pressed it because they wanted to delete there account, why do we need to wait 24 hours? - THEEPICDUDE990

8 New people get downvotes

Just because people are new, people downvote - THEEPICDUDE990

9 Your correct answer doesn't get accepted as what the solution was

Usually, the queston with more upvoted gets accepted, People answer correctly first, and they get no votes, someone else answers correctly, they have a lot of reputation, and a lot of votes so there's gets accepted - THEEPICDUDE990

10 People suggest edits in the comments, and they make the owner do it

Are they lazy or something? - THEEPICDUDE990

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