Top Ten Reasons Why Stalin is Better Than Donald Trump

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Stalin was Georgian, Trump is American of German descent

It's 2018 and we are still judging people based on their descent. Humanity has far to go - styLIShT

Ah, I created this account when I was 12, now I'm 15, puberty hit me, and I realise I could have done a better username - styLIShT

I'm not assuming that you are on meth, I'm making a hypothesis with tons of evidence that you are on it. - Firepower

What's next? Top Ten Reasons Why Hitler is Better Than Donald Trump?

Something wrong with you Lucretia? First Pol Pot then... Stalin?

Stalin didn't say that he wanted to date his daughter.
Stalin had nicer facial hair.
Donald Trump is sexist and misogynistic, Stalin is not.

Yes, Stalin punished men and women equally - styLIShT

Well Trump is like that which is why I hate him but Stalin was hateful towards religious people.He would burn down churches and send people to the gulags for following religion.Also Stalin killed way more people for really stupid reasons.-LitSavage

Stalin had cooler friends.

He liked to kill them though. - Swellow

Stalin sent people to gulags, Trump was to weak to do that.

Present day US is a democracy. Such punishments cannot be done in the US, which is one of the most influential countries in the world. If the US started to give such punishments, then it would lose its influential place in the world - styLIShT

Stalin was the leader of a amazing country, Trump is the leader of a capitalist evil regime.

An amazing country that he decided to destroy, yes. First off, anyone who uses this website, their computer, Facebook, etc. and says they don't like capitalism is a hypocrite. The point of capitalism is to have private entrepreneurs create products and services, who need to rely on customer satisfaction might I add, in a competitive free market. Considering the free market is competitive, businesses need to appeal to customers more than others, allowing us to have what we're using right now rather than all of us relying on the impractical post office. As far as Trump having a more evil regime, point to me where writers, artists, etc. are being imprisoned for not creating American propaganda. Point to me where Trump is specifically imprisoning or killing those that express different viewpoints. Point to me where Trump is banning any information from other countries or cultural influences. Point to me where Trump is purposely letting a vast majority of the population starve out of ...more - nerffan8000

Call the US evil, but I really don't understand how the US is more evil than the USSR - styLIShT

At least Stalin actually lived up to what he promised
The only reason why Stalin sucks is because he wasn't a real communist and killed Leon Trotsky, Trump didn't do anything right.

Yes, but unlike Stalin, Trump didn't do anything wrong either. - styLIShT

I meant that the crimes committed by Trump are far less worse when compared to Stalin - styLIShT

"The only reason why Stalin sucks is because he wasn't a real communist"?

What about all the people he killed? Do you not care about mass deaths and only about his... communism...?

Trump is a celebrity, Stalin is a good leader.

Stalin was a lunatic, like you. (unless this is just really good trolling, which I hope) - Phillip873

These reasons proves Trump is better in every way - darthvadern

Correction: Trump is a president, Stalin WAS a bad leader.

I doubt Election Rigging happened at all, even if it happened, I'm sure the election would be rigged in favour of Hillary - styLIShT

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Stalin had a cooler name.

This DOES NOT make a person better (and don't try to say say it does because I don't get trolled easly anyways)! - darthvadern

I can handle opinions, I can't handle troll opinions like this! I thought you were old enough to know names don't make a person better. - darthvadern


Stalin was a bad person, but at least he was smart

The only true item - Firepower

Stalin did not have to deal with crazy liberals, he executed them; Trump just ignores them

I'm 100% sure that a return to autocracy will not be appreciated in the US, and in other democracies - styLIShT

This just shows how Trump is better! - darthvadern

This makes Trump better actually.

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