Top 10 Reasons Why Stan Smith of American Dad Is the Worst Father Ever

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1 Uses force to get stuff his way

Like in that one episode, Steve didn't want to go to summer camp but Stan forced him to go, and he bribed someone with 5 dollars... - MeaganSaysHI

What'd you expect? He SUCKS - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

2 Back stabs his own family

Steals The House of his own Brother

3 He is a murderer

He shoots sometimes innocent people - MeaganSaysHI

4 Bad morals
5 Bad role model to new dads
6 Only cares for himself

He is so full of himself and annoying! I HATE Stan. He is the worst character of the show! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

7 Married his wife because of her looks

Stan only married Francine for her looks is really selfish and talk about not seeing beauty on the inside

Do you want to marry an attractive famous person you have a crush on? If you could time travel would you bring back an attractive person (yum John Lennon) who died in the past to this year.

I feel sorry for Francine. She deserves better than just her looks.

Although this is true she is equally shallow Francine only care about his money.

8 Arrogant

He thinks that he is superior than others, especially Francine.


9 Not a true man, just a wannabee man who acts like he's a tween boy

Heck even hank hill from king of the hill can be more of a true man than this jackass.

He only tries to act "manly" but he cries like a little baby... he's not a man, even Steve is more of a man than him, a REAL man would treat his kids with all his respect and share their emotions, this abomination of a man is just a Girly-Man who doesn't deserve children but to be put in a hospital. - MeaganSaysHI

10 Tries to stop his own daughter's wedding.

This one is reasonable he try to make sure that she get a husband that can take care of her.

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11 He lied about texting and driving.

I feel bad for Hailey.

And told Haley not to while he was texting, and he ended up repeating the car accident and said the person in the car was texting. Haley's boyfriend ended up in a coma and almost died. Well, I think Stan Smith should become the American Dad Kenny. - Skullkid755

12 He put his wife in an insane asylum to prepare for a late anniversary event.

And by trying to get her out they ended up having a drill put in their brains.
That episode was terrible.
Fung Wa, it smells of happiness dipped in chocolate roses during Spring. - Skullkid755

13 Hates his kids/non supportive of his kids

He treats Steve like his own personal punching bag and he treats Hayley like some kind of robot or something... - MeaganSaysHI

14 He is a pervert

Peter Griffin is the REAL pervert, NOT Stan.

This is mostly Roger

15 He tried to steal an inhaler
16 He's a Republican

Ah rednecks, upper class, sheep, bandwagon.

That's not a reason.

17 He hates the idea of civil rights
18 He's a hypocrite
19 He made his wife think she killed someone and sent her to India in order to avoid her saying I told you so

If Stan doesn't want to hear those 4 words from Francine, he could've told her straight away.

20 He would have let his daughter and wife die in space
21 He is a gun nut

This awful pathetic excuse for a man has guns hidden all over his house and is a proud member of a national gun club. Which makes him a danger to himself and those around him.

22 Doesn't respect his kids for who they are

Steve is a geek who hangs out with three other dorks who are his best friends, but Stan wants him to be involved in sports and hates his friends (especially Barry).
Hayley is an environment protestor and has a husband who is a stoner but he's more of a man than his father-in-law. But Stan wanted her to be a perfect daughter who gets involved into politics, marry a rich and successful guy and hates his son-in-law. Like that time Hayley fell for that millionaire when Jeff was lost in space. Stan was fangirlling about it. Yeah? If you think he's so awesome, Stan, then why don't you divorce Francine and marry him, will that make ya happy?

23 Wanted Hayley to marry a millionaire

At least Hayley is not a gold digger.

In the episode "The longest distance relationship" Jeff is discovered to be alive and long story short, Jeff travels into a wormhole that sends him 60 years into the future. Hayley is a old lady who spent those years waiting for Jeff. Meanwhile Stan has transformed into a ape and wanted Hayley to marry a millionaire named Matt Davis. The way Stan is still a grown-up brat is annoying and peeves me off.

24 He stabbed his own son to keep him from winning
25 He discriminates

He was very racist towards Linda and Bob for no reason. He didn't want Grey and Terry to have a child because of their sexuality. (and the rest of all of the gay couples) and makes an excuse to kidnapped them. He fat shames Debbie, Steve's girlfriend. Also in one of the episodes when he was the coach of football and Steve was participating, he got upset when a girl was playing football, by replying "You're a girl? Aren't you? This country."

26 He hurt his family on the hurricane episode because he wanted to "be right" about what was safer for his family

Stan didn't care about Hailey when she was bitten by a shark.

27 He changed Hayley's face and turned her very ugly.

I feel very bad for Hailey, what Stan did was messed up.

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