Reasons Why Star vs. the Forces of Evil Is Awesome

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Star Butterfly is the best Disney princess ever

She is the best she is more modern and she is super hilarious she is certainly the beast of them all!

I love SVTFOE. Half my friends do, and we are making a comic collab called Starstruck. :333 I wish more people knew about it. It's cute and amazing! :D

Super beautiful, favorite character of all time!

Star Butterfly is a best Disney Princess.

Alan Tudyk plays the main villain

I actually kind of like this show. Its cool. - cosmo

I've never seen the show, but it sounds good. - nintendofan126

List that should get removed - TheKirbyCreeper999

How was this terrible list related to my amazing list - TheKirbyCreeper999

The show has great humor

Stop it with the TTG hate comments,although this does have humor - XYZeed

Maybe you're the sucks one

That's right, the humor of this show is so funny. - SuperMadMan

The humor of this show is so clean, in diference of another series what have just fart jokes like Teen Titans Go or Breadwinners. I like it. - MoarMe

Star Butterfly is beautiful

I strongly agree, Star Butterfly is so cute and beautiful!

Every princess is beautiful

She is beautiful and funny.

Ohhh someone has a crush on

The show has action
Jenny Slate is in it
It has great characters

Yeah! The characters are nice-designed and lovable,they may be crazy,but that's what makes them great.

I love all the characters
I am making a list
Fave character:Tom
Most attractive:Marco
Most positive:star
Full action:Moon
Gotta see more of:toffee
Straight up evil:eclipsa
Take out of the show:Jackie
Coockoo clock:glossyryck
Why do we need this character:janna/ludo/bufffrog

Cool theme song

The Theme Song is awesome! Not for everyone, But I found it to be a really catchy one.

I really like the rhythm!

Gonna have a GOOD TIME - Sassy13crown

Worst theme song ever - TheKirbyCreeper999

Dude we get it you don't like the show. I mean it's not my favorite show but I'm not constantly insulting it on a fan's list. How would you like it if I insulted Kirby constantly on a list praising the video game character? You'd probably be very annoyed and saddened so please just back off of the dang list. - Anonymousxcxc

The Starco

Starco is one of the best thing in that show. I hope that Star and Marco will be both boyfriends and girlfriends.

Why is no one talking about this? This is one of my main reasons why I like this damn show😂😂 oops

The show is fast paced

Fast paced shows are kinda a problem for modern shows, they are stale and hard to watch, no matter what age you are, even kids don't like them, at lest this isn't as fast paced as Wander over Yonder. - nelsonerica

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There's a pony head
Jeff Bennett is in it
There's nothing bad or annoying in the show

Pretty incorrect, it has tons of annoying stuff on it, even kids are annoyed. - nelsonerica

Eh. you're right but I'm a pretty crazy person. I could take a bit of stupidness every once and a while. - TheAlbinoWolf

The first Disney XD show created by a female

Actually,no. Star Vs is the second Disney show created by a female.

This is pretty impressive, also Rebecca Sugar is the first Cartoon Network creator.

It has a decent storyline
The characters are attractive

Something about them...

The Pixie princess, Star, Marco and some more

Hekapoo is lovely. Eclipsa is too.


It's original
Star is a good role model

Star's personality in between SpongeBob and Gumball

What who puts this there Star is not a good role model

She has showen a good personality
but more than that...
because it has magic

The characters are extremely likeable
They don't force ships to happen

That's a lie

It's not sexist

It's something both boys and girls can enjoy.


That's good

Star and Oskar (Starskar) are Endgame
Rob Paulsen is in it
Star is annoying
Grey Delisle plays Queen Moon Butterfly
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