Top Ten Reasons Why Star vs the Forces of Evil Is Better Then Winx Club

Here is a list of comparing one of my favorite T.V. shows to my one of my least favorite movie and T.V. show. LETS BEGIN!

The Top Ten

1 Marco is better then and Andy
2 SVTFOE is funnier

Winx club is unfunny

3 Star Butterfly is a better blonde
4 SVTFOE doesn't have dumb songs

Winx club doesn't have dumb songs.

5 Star Butterfly is better then bloom

Star Butterfly, for the win!

6 None of the characters in SVTFOE wear ridiculous outfits

The outfits in winx club are just ridicoulous

7 SVTFOE has better characters

Way better then the Fairies in Winx

8 SVTFOE has a catchy theme song

Way more Catchy then Frozen and winx clubs music!

9 Better plot
10 Less dramatic

The winx club always act dramatic when getting hurt which is just plain annoying

The Contenders

11 No romance

Star dosen't have to fall in love some random guy!

12 Less annoying
13 Fits all ages and gender
14 They wear more appropriate clothes for a kids show
15 More Action
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