Top Ten Reasons Why Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is an Awesome Movie

I know many people won't agree with me, but The Phantom Menace is an awesome star wars movie, here's why.

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1 The Darth Maul duel is epic

The Darth Maul duel is one of the coolest lightsaber duels in the whole Star Wars saga. - darthvadern

I Agree that was an awesome duel - VideoGamefan5

Ok I have to admit,I was quite shocked when I heard people say this movie was crap,I had actually loved it! I still do like it (hate me,but I don't follow the barbarous multitude),especially the pod racing sequence! - Toucan

2 Jar Jar Binks is added so more people will watch Star Wars

Now listen, it was good that they added Jar Jar Binks, so younger kids will also watch star wars, and then in episode II, He made a smaller cameo so the younger kids get used to not having as much Jar Jar Binks as in the first movie, and then I episode III, Jar Jar is only in the movie for ten seconds, hopefully someone reads this.

P.S I love Jar Jar Binks - darthvadern

3 Qui-Gon Jinn only appears in this movie
4 It shows who created C-3PO
5 It shows how R2-D2 became the most popular droid
6 It features cooler Vehicles
7 It's fast-paced in the beginning
8 It seems like that Greedo's parents appears in this movie

On Tatooine when the pod racing is about to begin, you can see creatures that look like Greedo, who knows, maybe it's Greedo's parents. - darthvadern

9 It shows were Anakin Skywalker came from
10 It shows much bigger worlds

The Contenders

11 Anakin Skywalker drives a Naboo Starfighter
12 Pod racing is awesome

I'm sorry but the pod racing was cringy - VideoGamefan5

13 It shows us the Jedi in their prime
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