Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Bad

The Top Ten

1 It was somewhat boring
2 Kylo Ren is horrible and annoying
3 Han Solo dies
4 BB-8 is a bad ripoff of R2-D2
5 Luke only appears at the end and is in a bad state
6 Some parts are confusing
7 First Order is a bad replacement of the Imperial

The first order is so lazy it blows my mind that it was ever even considered for a plot. The first order in every sense of the word is stupid and even somehow even more incompetent then how rouge one and rebels has treated the galactic empire. The first orders only difference from the Galactic empire is that their officers have different colored uniforms instead of Rank insignia plaque, storm troopers have lines on their helmets and are shown even worse then in other Disney shows/movies, They destroy more unnamed planets, and their ships are much worse. For example The first order dreadnought (seen in "The Last Jedi") Is supposed to be a great ship but it only has 26 point defense cannons (Anti aircraft). Its main use is to orbit bombard planets but the stupid thing is that every star destroyer should be able to do this, since all galactic empire star destroyers could orbit bombard a planet why has the first order downgrades most of their ships. Even more this mean this is ...more

8 Lame characters
9 Crappy development
10 Rey was a bit annoying

The Contenders

11 It's a rehash of A New Hope
12 Ramping up of the SJW messages
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