The Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Disappointing


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1 Luke Skywalker is gravely mistreated and is NOT the Luke Skywalker we loved 34 years ago

I’ve seen plenty of good and lengthy arguments as to why the Luke we see is who he is and why he does what he does, but the way they decided to end his story and seemingly speed through most scenes with him is such a slap in the face to me. - imightbeidioteque

Nah Mark Hamil was pretty good - _Jack_

2 Nearly EVERY serious or emotional moment is punctuated with a (bad) joke like a Marvel movie

Don’t get me wrong, I know Star Wars is a mostly light-hearted and goofy time, but the amount of unnecessary and flat jokes that are tacked onto plenty of important and serious scenes is so frustrating.

I like most of the Marvel movies, but a Marvel movie this is not. - imightbeidioteque

Untrue and the jokes were good when they happened - _Jack_

3 So many plot-points from ‘The Force Awakens’ are ended unexpectedly, and then many others are created just to be ended again
4 The “reveals” of Supreme Leader Snoke and Rey’s parents are ridiculously underwhelming and swept under the rug

That's true - _Jack_

I can understand how this is a good thing in that it challenges our expectations, but I think it’s just a waste of time to tell and show all these new things in The Force Awakens, just to basically cancel them out for no real reason.

Had they not knowingly created a mystery around these things, it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a problem to me. - imightbeidioteque

5 Leia’s HUGE use of the Force begs more questions and confusion than it does providing a good scene

True - _Jack_

While it provides for a moment of spectacle, it just begs questions about why we’ve never seen something like that before, especially when a character who isn’t even a Jedi or Sith does it. Leia being force sensitive was never THAT much of an important part in the story, aside from her relationship with Luke. I don’t understand why this happened, besides to save Leia from a tasteless and unceremonious death. - imightbeidioteque

6 Rose Tico is an awful character who’s driven by false hope and stupidity, and makes a gigantically dangerous and illogical decision based on “love” she feels for someone she barely knows

Such a forced and annoying character. She has all the worst lines and delivery of everyone in the movie. I hope they take advantage of the enormous room for improvement in the next movie. - imightbeidioteque

Untrue - _Jack_

7 Rey doesn’t have to work very much or earn her way into becoming a Jedi

True - _Jack_

8 Han Solo's death bares no real consequence on ANYTHING that happens

Leia’s reaction at the end of The Force Awakens is appropriate and understandable, but we get 10 SECONDS of Luke asking what happened, followed by a cut to a competely different scene. Luke never even says his name again after that. - imightbeidioteque

Untrue - _Jack_

9 Carrie Fisher does NOT feel like Leia

This can be easily debated, but I feel like Han Solo is the only returning human character that truly felt like himself. - imightbeidioteque

Untrue - _Jack_

10 We are lied to about Captain Phasma’s importance and the size of her role

I have this at the bottom because we knew she wasn’t going to be important to begin with, but the blatant lying and waste of what could be a really cool rivalry between she and Finn is so disappointing.

There’s really no reason why she couldn’t have been just another First Order trooper if they didn’t bother doing anything with her. Literally just a a shiny object to dangle in front of our eyes. - imightbeidioteque

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