Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Great Film

This is what Star Wars needed.This movie is great though no perfect. The Star Wars Fan base is way too toxic and because their theories didn't go as they wanted they call this movie a bad movie. There aren't plot holes actually, not even one: 1) you didn't like how snoke died and that we didn't know anything about him, well remember that when original trilogy came out we didn't know the emperor's origins neither and he also died lamely.2) The death of captain Phasma. Well do you remember Boba Fett? He had one line in all the original trilogy and he died doing nothing. At least Phasma had more dialogue and helped in something. And you know what, she was the only one having a good suit because she was THE CAPTAIN. 3) Luke's behavior. I don't' remember anyone complaining about the fact that Yoda and Obi-wan were different from before and that they didn't help the rebellion. Luke was destroyed, he had to kill Ben because it was too late. When he was about to kill Vader he could see the force in him so that's why he didn't kill him. 4) Holdo not telling her plan to Poe. come on this one is easy, just analyze this. It was revealed that somehow the first order tracked the rebellion in their light speed jump, well that means that probably there's a traitor right? So how could she tell her plan if there's possibly a traitor that could inform the first order?!. 5) Luke's death. People are mad because luke died and didn't really fight, and also there were some unknown force powers. Ok, in every famous franchise a new trick has always been included to the franchise, that's not new, and making luke not fighting in the final showdown makes it something new and a surprise that was difficult to add in this franchise that almost always follows the same formula. 6) Rey being the daughter of peasants. This is ridiculous. How in hell did fans expected her to be the daughter of Obi-Wan if he died like 30 years ago (in that timeline).

The Top Ten

1 Lots Of Things Done Differently And Changing The Usual Formula

Yep - iliekpiez

2 It Achieves Every Technical Aspect

It does, looks the best of the canon. - iliekpiez

3 There Isn't A Generic Star Wars Villain

Nope - iliekpiez

Yes there is a generic villian! Snoke is probably the worst star wars character of all time along - darthvadern

4 Most Memorable Score Since The Empire Strikes Back

That is subjective! - darthvadern

5 It Expands The Universe
6 One Of The Best Action Sequences In All The Franchise

That is subjective! - darthvadern

7 Helpful And Interesting Side Characters
8 Interesting Discussed Themes
9 A Truly Memorable Ending
10 Great And Convincing Performances
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