Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the Worst in the Series So Far


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1 Luke Skywalker dies

Does anyone really think this was worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special? (Yes, that is real: look it up.) George Lucas himself said that he would destroy every copy of the Holiday Special himself if he had a hammer, if I remember right. That should give you an idea.

Ok and? Spiderman and Black panther died in Infinity War but I don't see anyone hating it for that, Plus Last jedi was bad but the Phantom menace and attack of the clones were worse - B1ueNew

Ah boo hoo, too bad. Padme died in Episode 3 but no one hates it for that. Plus Luke isn't immortal. He would of probably died of old age anyway if he wasn't killed by Kylo. - B1ueNew

Of course, Star Wars is dead without him. He cannot be replaced or surpassed.

2 Kylo Ren is still evil and stupid

Not "stupid". I'd say "emo". - Cyri

3 The jokes that aren't funny

The jokes were out of place and took away from the tension like it's supposed to be a huge space opera and they star off a huge space battle with a mom joke it just makes the universe seem fake

Were there any jokes at all? - B1ueNew

4 Poor development
5 The Porgs are annoying
6 Horrible ending

It shows a random kid on casino planet (forgot its name but do you care? ) Being able to use the force with no practice or anything even though your mind has to be opened up to the force by someone else. It doesn't make sense and seems lazy.

7 Plot sucks
8 Bad acting
9 Makes you enjoy the prequels

It does not - Batmaniscole

it does - riki1234

No soy English no no entiendo me ea hemano en el hizza

Ton seod tI

10 Tricks you into thinking it's good

The Contenders

11 Obvious SJW influence

Yep, I couldn't stand this theme of the movie.

12 Snoke dies
13 Pointless characters

Rose is a perfect example of this. She only exist for exposition, if you took her out of the movie the only difference would be that Finn would have trouble loosing the horse city on casino planet (to be honest I forgot its name but do you real care? ). Snoke he just dies and we don't know anything about him, maybe this palpation ripoff is important but we don't know. captain plasma makes a return in this movie but she dies I mean still who cares all these characters are forgettable in a year I can probably get a good picture of who Tarkin was but I won't remember general Hux, their all either lazy ripoffs or just plot devices.

14 Focused too much on a boring space battle

The space battle was the main focus of the film really, and a terrible space battle it was. Nearly bored me to sleep. - JamesNicholls

15 Luke wanted the Jedi to end
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