Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Better Than the Amazing World of Gumball

This is a list for you to express why steven universe is better than the amazing world of gumball

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1 It Has a Plot

Steven Universe actually HAS a plot, whereas Gumball is just... Ugh.
Anyway, Gravity Falls is better than them both, but in this argument, it's fairly obvious the Steven Universe is better. It's not boring, has a GOOD musical score, isn't repetitive, has actually decent characters (though no-one's taking about how much of a terrible person amethyst is) and has a proper art style.

Gumball is better than su

Great show


2 Not Boring

Even with season 2 the show is still good! The show got dark but hey! I don't mind it going dark as long as it doesn't get too dark. I understand Peridot could get annoying and repetitive but she's still entertaining and cute.

Steven Universe sucks, next

Steven Universe wasn't boring in the first season, but now, It just truly sucks.
Steven and Ametheyst were funny in the first season, but now there serious and I can barely laugh.
Pearl is just as controlling as Robin and literally bullies Ametheyst in every episode I see.
Garnet is the only good part about this show. She sings well, and isn't as stupid as Ametheyst is. Garnet is way better then Pearl and isn't as controlling as Pearl. Garnet was the best part about this show.
The hell? How could Steven get a girlfriend? At the episode where Connie's parents met Steven's parents, I thought they were done, long gone done, but no. They just escaped and failed. Steven deserved those punishments.


3 Not Repetitive
4 Not On 24/7 365

It is not! It's Steven Universe and Teen Titans Go that are on all day!

What does this mean anyway?

Not saying ethier one is better but Gumball and Teen Titans go air the most on CN now a day - BreakFastBeast2005

5 Real Animation
6 It Has a Musical Score

So does the Amazing World of Gumball

7 None of Those Constant Running After Something Scenes

Brush yes every episode of amazing world of gumball is someone running away from something or someone it gets so old

8 It's Not Funny

Gum ball tries to be funny but isn't.

9 It's Too Much Like Real Life
10 Steven Universe has a plot

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11 Steven was Amazing
12 It's Annoying
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