Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Better Than Justin Bieber

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1 Steven Actually Sings Good

Watch the message you'll see why

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2 Justin Sings Like a Girl

They may both sing like children but Steven's voice is much more masculine. - MorganChambz

Why does people hate him for singing like a girl? Sure, Steven is way better, but the real reason to hate JB is because he is a jerk.

Yeah JB is an egotistical jerk to everyone who is dumb enough to have him as their role model

3 Steven Sings Better Songs
4 People Actually Like Steven Universe V 3 Comments
5 Justin Bieber Is a Terrible Role Model

He got arrested more than 5 times that is why

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6 Steven Universe Is Fun
7 Steven Universe Is Cool V 1 Comment
8 Steven Universe Is Actually Memorable

I will always remember you Steven universe

9 Steven Formed a Band

"Steven and the Stevens, we're gonna make you smile" True fact - TeenTitansGoSucks

JB and the JBs here to make your eardrums explode and go into intense trauma - Haumea

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10 Steven Has a Better Voice

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11 Justin Swears, Steven Doesn't
12 Steven is full of unique and likeable characteristics
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