Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Better Than Teen Titans Go

The Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Better Than Teen Titans Go

Likable characters

Robin- Unlikable
Raven- Unlikable, No one likes hecklers
Beast Boy- The 2nd most unlikable character, number 1 he is green number 2 he is annoying
Starfire- VERY UNLIKABLE! Totally useless
Cyborg- Likable (the only likable character)

Steven- Likable, most people like silly and bright characters
Amethyst- Likable to food addicts (me)
Pearl- Likable, cute, graceful
Garnet- Likable, Laid-back and funny with her sarcasm unlike Raven who is lame when she uses hers. - ShutupNoob

Hating Beast Boy because he's green? How the hell is that a reason? - DynastiSugarPop

And now teen titans go!
Beast Boy-stupid and annoying
Raven-boring and moody
Starfire-annoying, stupid, and darn right weird...
Cyborg-loud but the only ok character

Pearl is neat and over reacting, Garnet is the mysterious fusion, Amethyst is the bold and daring-not caring one, Steven is cute nice and lovable, Connie is the super smart loyal human, Peridot is most intelligent and has no patience for anything-she had one of the biggest transformations, Lapis is neither good or evil and is even more mysterious than Garnet, Jasper is the brute warrior that has full allegiance to HomeWorld, Sapphire is the very calm and barely the emotional one, and last but not least is Ruby the hater with a fiery temper-literally.

Seriously! I know there's the original teen titans and can tell that was really good but teen titans go like everyone and everything was crap. I have nothing more to say about that. In Steven Universe the characters are EXTREMELY lovable, even jasper. I love to blab about this show and the characters are like NOTHING I have ever seen before. (Seriously all the cartoons of today look the same) I could go on about everything about how SU is better than TTG

More imagination used in Steven Universe

Steven Universe

1. Animation: It's beautiful and you can see they put effort into it. Its also hand drawn.
2. Coloring: Colors change by environment. Example at night there colors look darker or when they are near lava or fire they get red/orange.
3. Characters: Oh my gosh each character is so likable and of course character development is amazing example Peridot went from yellow diamond's court to the crystal gems.
4. Songs: Just beautiful. I have to admit I don't like all the songs equally.
5. Plots/Story: Fans are just so excited when a new episode comes because the story is so interesting and you want to know more.
6. Backgrounds: There beautiful example: Empire city.
7. Extra: Its super relateble.

Negatives: The fan base can be annoying sometimes and there are thousands of theories which are not true. People say lapis is blue diamond... they say jasper will pop the cluster bubble in alone at sea. But yeah each fan base has a negative.

Teen ...more

Crystal Gems- Magical
A Human/Gem that has powers- Magical
Throwing small circles at people- Not Magical
Raven- Not Magical - ShutupNoob

Whoever said that anime and cartoons suck, please get off this website. The creators of Johnny Test have more future than you. Seriously, you're an adult commenting on a list for kids, and only for kids. This is comparing one show to the other. And since we ARE kids, and we are proud of that, we don't want to see gloppy mushy sex scenes from a stereotypical love movie. You're just jealous that the creators of these shows have their own lives, enjoying it, and you're still living with your mommy. Yeah, just get a damn job already. Like the other guy said, nobody asked for you're useless hate. I am just sick of these creeps online.

The first episode of teen titans go was about how good robin sandwiches were what but with Steven universe we were right in there in the first episode like they expected us to know everything that wasn't boring

Interesting story

Without a doubt, Steven Universe has a more interesting story while Teen Titans Go! is just for Little Timmy audiences.

There is NO story in Teen Titans Go what so ever, the entire show is a big joke and the original was so much better! Compared to Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go is complete trash. I understand that the show is targeted for a younger audience than Steven Universe but there's just nothing about Teen Titans Go that would make them want to watch more. Teen Titans Go is supposed to be a comedy and yet they can only entertain immature children with constant potty humor while the occasional jokes in Steven Universe are hilarious. Steven Universe can balance well between different parts of a show that make it great meanwhile Teen Titan Go slowly revolves around the main character's stupidity. There are just so many things bad about Teen Titans Go that I simply can't list them all out. TEEN TITANS GO IS GARBAGE! I don't understand why it hasn't be cancelled already by it's bad ratings. Anyways sorry for the rant

Teen Titans go has NO story in it at all. Steven Universe starts as having a little bit of a story then fully evolves to having a big and interesting story. Steven universe supports LGBTQ in their story which makes me very happy!

Hey kids! Would you rather watch a show about heroes that protect the world or watch idiots nearly die by finding pieces of a stupid sandwich?

Can make you laugh

Pearl: I think your calculations may be off.
Greg: Well they can't be off if we didn't do any.

Every Titans jokes are pointless and unbelievably stupid

Steven universe is funny and serius at the same time that's why I love it so much

There are some laughable moments in SU, but TTG is just dry and awful.

Nobody likes Teen Titans Go

Once at school this kid wouldn't stop singing waffles waffles waffles and I swear I almost punched him

Punch him, but only enough to knock him out but not severely injure him - RoseWeasley

Also SU is the most popular show on Cartoon Network, it's liked by people of all genders and ages. TTG is one of the least popular shows on Cartoon Network, and there are two kinds of people who like it: 8 year old boys and people who literally like ANYTHING. Steven Universe appeals to boys and girls, little kids, teenagers, adults, probably even some people who are over 100. TTG is an unoriginal Breadwinners meets Johnny Test monstrosity, not to mention a stain on the glorious DC name, while Steven Universe is original, intelligent, beautiful, deep, and even funny at times. In fact, Steven Universe is more like Teen Titans than the Teen Titans spinoff is! Yet the fools at Cartoon Network still air Teen Titans Go 8 times a day and Steven Universe once (twice on weekends)

I guess it's true, now that I think about it. My sister hates it, I hate it...

This show is so STUPID! They don't make any sense and they copyrighted off of other cartoons to make it funny and it never works! CANCEL THIS DUMB SHOW! Bring Back the Old Teen Titans an Young Justice those shows are better

Better songs

Duh, there's a song on the origins of every main Crystal Gem in Steven Universe while Teen Titans Go! has a song where EVERY WORD IS THE WORD WAFFLE.

Other Friends, Stronger Than You and Here Comes A Thought is better than a stupid song about burgers - IceBearRules

I memorized almost every song in Steven Universe and I sing them all the time! - funnyuser

Even though they are not the best songs, teen titans go's songs are extremely stupid. Take waffles, the burrito and burger song and compare it to the meaningful songs like here comes a thought. Pretty much every song in su is better than every single thing in all of teen titans go. Even the theme song is better. I would rather watch the songs instead of teen titans go.

Amethyst is way funnier than beast boy

Amethyst is cool and actually has depth to her character. Beast Boy (TTG version) is incredibly one-dimensional and irritating.

No. I'd rather watch Steven Universe than Teen Titans Go! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

She is the fun kind of irritating

They both have weird humor, but Amethyst irritating.

Steven is better than robin and beast boy combined

I really love Steven's personalities. He doesn't really make you piss off!

Steven is a wonderful character! Beast Boy and Robin are the most one dimensional characters ever though.

What the...? Steven is NOT dumb. That's the thing about coming-of-age shows- the main character progressively gets WISER. Even Pearl commented that he's gotten so smart in one episode. As for Robin and Beast Boy, I think their intelligence level has actually been LOWERING since the first episode of Teen Titans NO.

Steven CAN at least save the day although really dumb, while Robin is bossy and annoying and Beast Boy fails, is dumb, and isn't funny.

It's not an awful reboot of an awesome show

Steven Universe is an original show instead of a stupid reboot!

Teen titans go litterly craps on the original teen titans, while Steven universe respects it and is a worthy successor to it

This is a show you want a reboot from. We have so many answers get to solve: Where/when the the crystal gems meet? Is there a new diamond? etc - MUSHROOM

Teen Titans Go! is not a reboot, but a spin-off. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

No photo animation

Flash animation is a tool that is sued to make animating easier. If used correctly, you get greatness, like steven universe and we bare bears. But shows like ttg get so lazy using it that it shows! Sometimes, they will take a still drawn image of a character and slide it to move it (example: the episode where cyborg falls apart and needs to be fixed. When the titans move closer with their drills, they slid their bodies, instead of animating walking! ) and ttg uses photos for animation. Too lazy to draw a burger bun, tomatoes, lettuce and such? Just take images of em, stack em together, then you got your self a steaming pile of carboard cut out image burger turd! NOW LETS MAKE A SONG LISTING ALL THE INGREDIENTS! (YES, THEY DID DO THAT IN AN EPISODE)

The photo animations makes the creators look like they are lazy, of course it's a bad thing

I know! The creators are seriously lazy if they have to use photo animation!

Steven Universe Doesn't Use Photo Animation But I'm Pretty Sure It's Used In Flash.

The Contenders

Steven Universe has a better story

In steven universe there are character arcs, morals, and will carry things throughout episodes. In teen titans go there is no character development, no actual morals and if something happens it will probably never be mentioned again.

But the loud house and pre movie spongebob are good and if something happens it will never be mentioned again - toptenforlife

Steven Universe has a planned out clear plot. While with Teen Titans Go has no basic plot what so ever.

That's Pretty Darn Obvious. It's Really Easy For A Cartoon Like Steven Universe To Have A Better Story Than Teen Titans Go!

Teen titans go has NO basic plot. It is just all of these stupid morals and random ideas. It is like watching a dub step video.

Artwork is much better.

Not only is the artwork better, but the animation has much more detail and budget.

The only complaint I have about it is the constantly changing character designs. Otherwise, it's beautiful. - RoseWeasley

Teen Titans Go is just lazy Johnny Test-like character design with poorly-done flash animation, while Steven Universe takes it seriously with character designs, color, and effort put in the artwork.

Everyone should shut up because Steven Universe is better than all the show I mean come on people WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?! I mean if you don't like Teen Titans Go then don't make mean comments by the way I would said that Steven Universe is the worst show EVER IN MY LIFE,FRIENDS, AND PEOPLE by the way the fans are getting crazy so shut up!

Rebecca Sugar is a better writer

It's pretty hard for her to NOT be a better writer when she doesn't have any competition to begin with.

And she's the first female to direct the show in Cartoon Network! - SamuiNeko

Rebecca Sugar is ORIGINAL and doesn't rip off or redo an already-done cartoon

I know but the thing is the queer and the lesbians, gay, transgender, etc are boring and not good for people by the way Rebecca Sugar work hard but they are not anime and not great of queer

The theme song is better

We are the Crystal Gems
We'll always save the day
And if you think we can't
We'll always find a way
That's why the people of this world believe in
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and Steven!

Original version

If you're evil and you're on the rise
You can count on the four of us taking you down
Cause we're good and evil never beats us
We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas
At the "Gallery Nucleus Steven Universe/Adventure Time" art show in August 2014, Rebecca Sugar sang an even more extended version of the song.

Lala-lala-Lala-la-La-lala-la! "
If you could only know
What we really are
We were amazed to find
Beauty and your worth
We will protect your kind
We will protect your Earth
We will protect your Earth
We are the Crystal Gems
We'll always save the day
And if you think we ...more

We are the Crystal Gems VS Stupid dubstep music - ShutupNoob

"We are the crystal gems we'll always save the day and if you think we can't we'll always find a way that's why the people of this world believe in Garnet Amethyst and Pearl and Steven" is so much better than a bunch of sounds coming from a stereo.

The song has this light hearted beat to it that makes you feel all warm inside, also why do people involve other shows such as Teen Titans the original and adventure time when we're supposed to be discussing about Steven Universe...

Su has more color into the plot, TTG has barely almost none.

There is NO plot in Teen Titans Go. Its just a bunch of cartoon characters shaking their butts and screaming.
Steven Universe is so much better. - SnailPony

TTG just keeps using the same colors were as Steven Universe has a unique set of color pallette

Steven universe filler feels like important episodes

TTG has carried plots for 3 whole episodes, which is the terra plot line. All were spread out so much that you could forget the other terra episodes while the newer one played.

Steven Universe has had a plot its whole series with just the right amount of filler episodes in between the major plot revealing episodes.

Better story plots

I don't watch any shows that lack good animation, deep plots, likable characters, great songs, and its all one big story!
That's what makes Steven Universe the best current CN show!

The plots are better than TTG

Obviously Steven Universe! TTG is just random,sorry TTG lovers...

Steven Universe is original, while TTG is a spin-off

Honestly I can tell you that everyone thinks that Teen Titans is a million times better than Teen Titans Go.

You mean a rip off

Steven universe is more like the original teen titans than teen titans go.

People claim ttg to be a ripoff. it wasnt. they had permission to make it from the creators of the original show. - money_face

Pearl is more beautiful than Starfire

Pearl vs. Robin- Pearl would jack Robin up and almost kill him with her spear. Sorry to everyone who likes Robin- R.I.P Robin

She awesome while Starfire is stupid crap

Take a colorful blue and yellow outfit, and a bland purple outfit, which one is better.

Well of course. Star fire is the ugliest thing in the planet. Even more than a blob fish.

Garnet is stronger than Robin

Garnet is made of love, and Robin is made of crap.

Garnet would beat the living crap out of robin. Robin would try to hurt her with his staff while being spastic and stupid, constantly hitting her while it does nothing to her. Then garnet would punch robin once and he would be dead. GARNET IS BOSS, ROBIN IS STUPID

The titans and the crystal gems would not fight. They would join sides as they are already both on the same side. The teen titans go ones might, because they are idiots who use their powers for the dumbest reasons. I wouldn't mind it if it weren't on 24/7. I loved the original teen titans. And now I love Steven univers. So stop bringing in the original. They are both good shows. Teen titans go sucks.

Yep... That Is So So True. She Isn't Only Stronger Than Robin But She's Even More Stronger Than Any Other Character In Teen Titans Go! Even Raven.

There are morals

What I hate about Teen Titans Go is that the morals are godawful. Hell, even Uncle Grandpa okay morals! Vegetables are demonic? You should turn bad for someone you're infatuated with? Wow... just wow!

In Teen Titans Go! they teach kids to be lazy but in Steven Universe, they teach kids to work hard.

Steven Universe moral(more like a message in this case)
Everyone has a purpose on this planet.

This so called "comedy" teaches kids to steal glory, have labels ( such as nerd, jock, and bad boy), and believe that the true meaning of Christmas is the presents.
Are you kidding me? Come on, CN.

Steven Universe has good lessons

Steven Quarts Universe problobly the most likable person just face it (amazing singing voices all anime fan's love it.understanding plots everything about it is great) plus Steven is way nicer than any one on teen Titans go he's magical a pet lion he's not annoying. TTG how could anyone like that. Besides you can feel deep emotions while whatching it. On teen Titans go you don't really feel anything except for anger and annoyance I thought it was going to be good at first but when I saw it it was insulting to me. Put Steven universe more often its technically the best you got for now.

It has morals like the 2003 Teen Titans. - DynastiSugarPop

No it Doesn't

True but TTG has great lesson than SU but SU has it too but they both have good lessons. ( if it's gross or inappropriate then no)

Connie is adorably nerdy.

Nerds... Are the equivalent of being smart. Yet most people look down and frown at nerds, as if the dumb ones are smarter, henceforth known as IRONY - ARandomPerson

Most of the time, nerds are pictured as the hopeless freaks. Not this time! Forget stereotypes!

At least Connie doe'snt abuse Steven!

Steven universe breaks all stereotypes,
Nerds usually are ugly freaks who usually get's beat up by the cool kids
But connie's an exception
She's adorabies, sweet and can use the sword, she's a better indian nerd than baljeet

Helps kids understand LGBT

This is a good reason for a show like steven universe. Love is a precious thing, gender doesn't matter :) (i'm female and I'm in love with another girl and I can tell you its like no different from liking a guy. I'm glad this is on the list)

It is a fact that one of the main reasons that Rebecca made SU is to help let kids know that not everyone's the same and get a better understanding of LGBT.

With Ruby and Sapphire, two gender fluent gems who take the forms of females, truly love each other. And this help show that, yes, two girls can love eachother just like a male and a female.

Rebecca wanted kids to know tjat people like this are real and let them know that it is normal, before it was to late for them to learn to except it.

My lil sis understands it more now.

How is this a good reason.

More seriousness

Garnet is more serious and stronger than robin

Garnet is NOT a cheater. I wonder if you're secretly Jasper commenting here...

Even if all the gems suck, the titans from teen titans go very stupid. And Steven, peridot, and lapis are gems as well. Lapis on her own could kill all the titans in one hit. Pearl on her own could probably cut them all in to pieces. In the end they probably wouldn't even fight. The titans would make a joke and walk away. Steven universe is probably one of the only shows that keep cn alive.

Steven Universe is NOT Cartoon Network! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

No potty jokes

Bathroom humor is terrible and not funny.

If you don't know what were talking about, then watch the episode of Teen Titans Go Serious Buisness.

In one episode, Peridot locks herself in Steven's bathroom and there were NO potty jokes. Other cartoons who have to resort so such awful humor could really learn a thing or two from SU.

Except when peridot tried to escape using the toilet - RyanMtheGamer

In that case, it was actually funny. It wasn't like the heaping pile of trash we get from the Toddler Titans. - Synchronocity

Teen Titans Can't Fuse

But they can blow a fuse.

Okay that was awful... - Qryzx

I don't think that this affects anything. I think that the teen titans could just train more.

The Titans can't fuse because they don't have gems.

And because they don't have the close bonds needed for such an intimate movement. - Synchronocity

Even though I agree that Steven Universe is WAY better than Teen Titans Go! , I don't think this is a valid reason why SU is better than TTG.

All the titans will lose against the gems

And Bismuth could smash Raven with her hammer hands.


All the fusions will go all out insane on the TTG titans.

The Titans would kill the Gems

The characters are deep

The deep back stories makes the gems more understandable

In Steven Universe the characters have deep backstories that make them who they are, instead of lazy characters with comic and previous show backstories thrown out the window.

Steven a human with a gem inside his belly button LAME
garnet two people fused together LAME
Amythest just LAME
Robin was raised by rich people Who didn't let him have anything and he wanted was a poster DEEP
Raven left her father to join the titans because he was trying to make her evil DEEP
Cyborg a guy who got in a accident and had to replace his body parts with robot parts so he could live DEEP
Beast almost dies when he got bitten by an green animal and had to drink green medicine so he could live DEEP
Star fire an aliain princess next inline to become queen (I like that sooo) DEEP

I forgot pearl.

pearl.part of a kind of gem that are servants.DEEP

The episode titles actually make sense

Teen Titans Go! Episode title review!

An episode about an evil clown - The Return of Slade

An episode about making peace with the Hive - Breakfast Cheese

An episode about Trigon meeting the titans - Dog Hand

An episode about Raven getting way too angry and losing control of her powers - Nose Mouth

An episode about Blackfire coming back - Mr. Butt


Even episodes like marble madness in SU make Sense and are kind of easy to guess what happens. And even in some Steven universe episodes it is easy to guess what happens such as warp tour or on the road.

Catch and release-peridot gets captured and steven releases her and sees that she has real body parts and she lives in steven's bathroom.

"Steven Floats": Steven floats.

Steven Universe is more emotional

We see that Lapis can feel very lonely at times. I sympathize with that.

Steven universe has amazing emotional scenes and plus Stevens powers rely on his emotions

Starfire's idea of emotional would be screaming and having a tantrum.

I cry all the time I really cry when I watched bubble in the end it was so sad

The crystal gems aren't bullies
Centipeetle Isn't On Teen Titans

I think this doe'snt make sense at all.

Aquamarine and Topaz are better duo then Beast Boy and Cyborg

I don't really understand what this is supposed to mean, but I agree 100%.

What does that mean exactly?

I don't really understand this one to be honest

Crying Breakfast Friends


yes queen - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

Why is this sooo low! “Pear forgive me” says spoon, pear responds “I do forgive u! ” Both immediately start crying. I used this from the show. Also they are making a season 6 of su! It’s called Steven Universe: future

Doesn't mock fans of the old show
They put thought into the Episodes

Yes, SU has way too much filler, but they turn the filler into something entertaining - RoseWeasley

Teen titans go has the humor of jingling keys in a baby's face. Meanwhile Steven universe has a storyline that makes you beg to see more of the story and it makes you think about the mystery in between the lines, with beautiful artwork and a great soundtrack

If SU put thought into it they wouldn't make so many filler episodes

Way more interesting

Even If Steven Universe Wasn't That Interesting It Would Still Be Better Than Teen Titans Go! It Is And It Always Will Be. I Agree With TeenTitansGoSucks Teen Titans Go! Really Does Suck And Always Will Suck.

TTG is more Interesting than SU

Whenever I watch Teen Titans Go,i'm bored! whenever I watch Steven Universe one of the newer episodes, I'm entertained! 😀

The Cool Kids are better than The Titans

True that!

The Crystal Gems are better than the Titans
Better voice actors

Steven Universe is the reason why Nicki Minaj doesn't suck completely.

When I watch the show. The Voice Actors don't really pull me into it.

I honestly think the actor for raven belongs in steven universe - money_face

First of all, I love the ttg VA for the old show, because they didn't sing waffle songs all day. Also, rebecca has been able to get Estelle, Nicki Minaj, AJ michalka, and aimee Mann for her show. That should explain everything.

No blatant ripoffs of any sorts
Steven Universe has more positive and educational values compared to TTG


Steven Universe tackles actual mature topics

Like Steven wants to marry Connie!
Oh no,what will happen to Stevidot!?
Peridot will be a third wheel! and Jasper will be a fourth wheel!

Actually something like Emotional abuse and dealing with the loss of a loved one. - Markerzegamer

TTG Has Less Action Figures Than Steven Universe

Sadly, this isn't even true - Thanosgreninja

Steven Universe doesn't have stupid episode titles, while Teen Titans Go does.
Pointless episodes

An episode when Titans got to use the bathroom- Useless.
An episode when the Titans must make a sandwich- Useless.
An episode when the Titans have to do the laundry- Useless.
An episode when Robin relaxes- Useless.
An episode when a Titan gets fired- Useless.
An episode when Starfire gets bitten- Totally Useless and gross.
See what I mean? No thought put into when the brain dead retarded creators of this show make an episode. - ShutupNoob

Steven Universe has some silly episodes in it, but they have the ability to use them to their advantage. One of the greatest things about Steven Universe to me is the episode balance. Sometimes, we'll get episodes like "Jail Break" and "The Return." Other times, we'll get lighter plots like "Historical Friction" or "Onion Trade." We get a nice reminder that Steven is a kid, and we can see things that make him more relatable to the target audience, kids. We get to see that kid in him shine. However, we also get serious action with moving stories and moments which can bring you genuine chills up your spine. This show also gives some of the greatest morals ever.

Although I don't mind Teen Titans Go all too much, this cannot be any truer. It doesn't have much depth at all. Some episodes are even uncomfortable for me to watch. But Steven Universe has plot. Some episodes are just fun to watch, like "Winter Forecast" or "Cheeseburger Backpack", but others are filled with emotion, like "Steven the Sword Fighter", "On the Run", "Rose's Scabbard", and "The Return/Jailbreak" season finale. Many of the more emotional ones are near the end of Season One. In TTG, I can't tell one episode from the other. There is no continuity.

Smile Bones Make No Since! Is Just The Titans Eating Food Without Chewing I Hate That Show! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

It's not a remake

Teen Titans Go is not a remake, it is a damn spinoff. - DynastiSugarPop

It's a good thing did you know steven universe tumblr was false because we wouldve been seeing sug.

TTG is just a remake of teen titans and I loved the anime it was awesome I would watch it everynight. Then they made TTG same characters, just annoying. In the anime Robin would be a little upset about his mask being lost but not to wear he would go insane. Beast boy and Cyborg we're acully a little more serious and didn't make bathroom jokes with aren't funny. AT ALL! And remakes always suck!

Everyone's obsessed with the stupid gems who are weaklings

TTG is stupid and has pointless episodes like the sandwich guardians and not even the adult Titans can destroy ruby and sapphire I mean seriously a new episode where Raven has glasses what I mean STARFIRE is the only one who is from space apart from Raven maybe

Screw you, man! This list is why Steven Universe is good - TheUmbreon

I understand who put this doesn't like the show, but this doesn't belong on a list about Steven Universe being good.

Do you know what the point of the show is?

Better merchandise

SU has better books

Steven Universe doesn't take shots at the people who criticize it

For example, in the episode "Let's Get Serious", they were mocking everyone who thought their show was too "silly". There were many more episodes like this, but none of those types of episodes appear in the gem that is Steven Universe. (pun intended)

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