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21 There are morals

What I hate about Teen Titans Go is that the morals are godawful. Hell, even Uncle Grandpa okay morals! Vegetables are demonic? You should turn bad for someone you're infatuated with? Wow... just wow!

Steven Universe moral(more like a message in this case)
Everyone has a purpose on this planet.

This so called "comedy" teaches kids to steal glory, have labels ( such as nerd, jock, and bad boy), and believe that the true meaning of Christmas is the presents.
Are you kidding me? Come on, CN.

Steven universe lessons:
Love letters: love at first sight doesn't exist, love takes time
Future vision: look out for yourself

Teen titans go lessons:
Think about your future: live life to the shortest
Oil drums: watching T.V. keeps your brain from rotting - johntheaddictive

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22 No potty jokes

Bathroom humor is terrible and not funny.

If you don't know what were talking about, then watch the episode of Teen Titans Go Serious Buisness.

Amethyst laugh whenever someone says "butt", butt that's Nicki Minaj humor, not toilet humor. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Toilet humors are one of the worst type of comedy that is ever existed for most cartoons today in history.
TTG is a great example of this terrible archetype.
I hope the creator's kids my ended up becoming a immoral and I hope this CN show might sue this.
TTG is the dictator of every CN show and the show might vow as your 'new favorite show'.
Dictators are always never elect to be a president but TTG never reject or elect either.
But Steven Universe and other good CN shows are the Theodore Roosevelt of Cartoon Network.
3 of some hatable shows (TTG,BW,and P&P) are the Axis Powers of your television.Think about it.
And if you are the victim of TTG's power,
stay away from it.
Or if you want to become a cartoonist well join the good shows and you're able to fight back so who's with me?

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23 No blatant ripoffs of any sorts V 1 Comment
24 Helps kids understand LGBT

Really brave of Rebecca to dive into mature topics like homosexuality. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

My lil sis understands it more now.

totally - cartoonfan101

All you people are wrong.the gems are genderless.get a life,learn the
differences between real gay people
and the gems(WHO ARE NOT GAY

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25 Garnet is stronger than Robin

Garnet is made of love, and Robin is made of crap.

Garnet would beat the living crap out of robin. Robin would try to hurt her with his staff while being spastic and stupid, constantly hitting her while it does nothing to her. Then garnet would punch robin once and he would be dead. GARNET IS BOSS, ROBIN IS STUPID

The titans and the crystal gems would not fight. They would join sides as they are already both on the same side. The teen titans go ones might, because they are idiots who use their powers for the dumbest reasons. I wouldn't mind it if it weren't on 24/7. I loved the original teen titans. And now I love Steven univers. So stop bringing in the original. They are both good shows. Teen titans go sucks.

Garnet really grew on me... she is my second favorite character! (First is Peridot)
I used Robin as a role model to NOT be. I watched TTG, and observed what he did. I did the opposite, and it made me a better person.
What do you think, retarded TTG fans and SU haters?

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26 Teen Titans Can't Fuse

I don't think that this affects anything. I think that the teen titans could just train more.

The Titans can't fuse because they don't have gems.

Well,yeah,that is so true.Pearl and Amethyst fuse into Opal,a gem fusion with a bow and
arrow and graceful movements,Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite,a gem fusion
powerhouse and Pearl and Garnet into Sardonyx,a cute and peppy gem fusion,Pearl,
Garnet and Amethyst into Alexdrandrite,a really powerful gem fusion that she'll take down the TTG titans with her fire breath and Lapis lazuli and Jasper can fuse into
Malachite,a gem fusion with hydrokinesis and when I found that Garnet was a gem
fusion between Ruby and Sapphire,i was so surprised.

27 The episode titles actually make sense

Teen Titans Go! Episode title review!

An episode about an evil clown - The Return of Slade

An episode about making peace with the Hive - Breakfast Cheese

An episode about Trigon meeting the titans - Dog Hand

An episode about Raven getting way too angry and losing control of her powers - Nose Mouth

An episode about Blackfire coming back - Mr. Butt


Even episodes like marble madness in SU make Sense and are kind of easy to guess what happens. And even in some Steven universe episodes it is easy to guess what happens such as warp tour or on the road.

Catch and release-peridot gets captured and steven releases her and sees that she has real body parts and she lives in steven's bathroom.

Hit the diamond
Sapphire throws the baseball as hard as she can that it maybe hit one of the diamonds

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28 All the titans will lose against the gems

And Bismuth could smash Raven with her hammer hands.


All the fusions will go all out insane on the TTG titans.

Even Johnny Test would beat Teen Titans Go! and TAWOG and WBB would roast Robin about his fake hairline

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29 Way more interesting

Even If Steven Universe Wasn't That Interesting It Would Still Be Better Than Teen Titans Go! It Is And It Always Will Be. I Agree With TeenTitansGoSucks Teen Titans Go! Really Does Suck And Always Will Suck.

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30 The crystal gems aren't bullies

The Titans are MASSIVE, MASSIVE bullies. bUT the CGs are very nice - cartoonfan101

31 They put thought into the Episodes

Teen titans go has the humor of jingling keys in a baby's face. Meanwhile Steven universe has a storyline that makes you beg to see more of the story and it makes you think about the mystery in between the lines, with beautiful artwork and a great soundtrack

Steven Universe can really make you think. They really dive into the characters, going into their past, and it's really creative. Teen Titans Go? The characters are one-dimensional. Enough said. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

If SU put thought into it they wouldn't make so many filler episodes

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32 Better voice actors

When I watch the show. The Voice Actors don't really pull me into it.

First of all, I love the ttg VA for the old show, because they didn't sing waffle songs all day. Also, rebecca has been able to get Estelle, Nicki Minaj, AJ michalka, and aimee Mann for her show. That should explain everything.

Hynden, Tara, Greg, Scott, and Khary were much better actors in TT. In SU they manage to get big name celebrities like Estelle and even Nicki Minaj - cartoonfan101

33 Steven Universe is more emotional

Steven universe has amazing emotional scenes and plus Stevens powers rely on his emotions

Starfire's idea of emotional would be screaming and having a tantrum.

I cry all the time I really cry when I watched bubble in the end it was so sad

Teen titans go ai'nt emotional and it
doe'snt make people cry or feel happy like Steven Universe does it.
It just makes people annoyed with
the stupid commercials and episodes.

34 Connie is adorably nerdy.

Nerds... Are the equivalent of being smart. Yet most people look down and frown at nerds, as if the dumb ones are smarter, henceforth known as IRONY - ARandomPerson

Most of the time, nerds are pictured as the hopeless freaks. Not this time! Forget stereotypes!

In TTG, they say nerds are downers. - cartoonfan101

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35 TTG Has Less Action Figures Than Steven Universe

This is the most pointless reason on this list - Carsrule300

TTG has cheap and poorly made action figures. SU has better Funko Pop figures - cartoonfan101

36 The Cool Kids are better than The Titans

True that!

37 Centipeetle Isn't On Teen Titans V 1 Comment
38 Better story plots

Saying waffles over and over again does not make for a good plot. - cartoonfan101

I don't watch any shows that lack good animation, deep plots, likable characters, great songs, and its all one big story!
That's what makes Steven Universe the best current CN show!

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39 The characters are deep

Every TTG Titan is one dimensional, but the Crystal Gems have deep personalities and inner struggles. - cartoonfan101

The deep back stories makes the gems more understandable

In Steven Universe the characters have deep backstories that make them who they are, instead of lazy characters with comic and previous show backstories thrown out the window.

I forgot pearl.

pearl.part of a kind of gem that are servants.DEEP

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40 Artwork is much better.

Teen Titans Go is just lazy Johnny Test-like character design with poorly-done flash animation, while Steven Universe takes it seriously with character designs, color, and effort put in the artwork.

Everyone should shut up because Steven Universe is better than all the show I mean come on people WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?! I mean if you don't like Teen Titans Go then don't make mean comments by the way I would said that Steven Universe is the worst show EVER IN MY LIFE,FRIENDS, AND PEOPLE by the way the fans are getting crazy so shut up!

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