Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe is Better Than Winx Club


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1 The characters wear more appropriate outfits

I love their outfits

True they look like the artist actually put a lot of time and effort into them. They're really good! - FluffyBanana

2 The characters have different body types instead of tall and thin like a stick

Winx Club: All are tall, thin, and curvy.

Steven Universe: Pearl is tall and skinny, Amethyst is short and sorta chubby, Garnet and Rose Quartz both are incredibly tall with Garnet being pretty muscular, Ruby and Saphire are also pretty short, and Steven is pretty chubby, Jasper is really buff, and so much more.

Which one is more realistic and makes people more proud of there body shape?

Wins Club shows thin plastic women and I believe that is a bad influence on young girls. Steven Universe Shows a huge range of body types.

Is it me or is the winx club teaching kids that if your a girl you shouldn't be in Red Fountain, or you should be the average girly girl.

Although I'm not involved with fat acceptance, the characters in SU have much more interesting designs then any of the Winx club characters. - FluffyBanana

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3 Better morals
4 More diverse
5 Steven and Connie are a better couple than Bloom and Sky

True, because Steven and Connie are not the average typical skinny, tall, powerful, handsome/beautiful "in your face type" fantasy characters unlike Sky and Bloom who honestly look like bad actors/actresses in a 1 star movie LOL.

6 It has better singers

Pearl is just so beautiful at singing, Musa sounds like another autotune whining popstar. - PrincessKiana

7 Steven Universe has better villains

Jasper was an ok villain and the Trix are just weak and bad. Valtor was ok but he looked like he wanted to do something sexual to Bloom. - PrincessKiana

8 The gems don't have to transform in order to get their powers

This is untrue. Have you watched more than 1 minute of Winx Club? Apparently not, because hundreds of thousands of times (or even more), we've seen The Winx use their powers for various things, OUTSIDE OF TRANSFORMATION. The transformations just brings out the fullest potential of the powers inside them. Please learn to watch a show before you judge. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Not every magical girl series has to have a transformation scene because it can get so boring

Besides, true powers come from the heart, not from overdone power ups


9 It's funnier
10 Garnet is a better leader than Bloom

Garnet knows how to lead a team, she can also break up fight between Amethyst and Pearl. She know what to to it tough situations. Bloom only relies on her dragon flame.

I thought Pearl was the leader - Dragontree102

*to do

Garnet only cried about 1-3 timea throughout the series so far, Bloom... Ehh I lost count and Garnet can seriously hurt the Winx. - PrincessKiana

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11 Pearl is smarter than Tecna

I copmpletly discard with this!

12 Centipeetle Is Not On Winx club
13 They don't act weak

The Winx when they are hit by magic they almost make it looks like they are weak. While SU on the other hand is strong and they never give up.

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