Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is the Worst Show On CN


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1 It's Overrated

Look, it could be a great show, and while I admit I haven't seen much, it's too late for me to even try getting into it. Either online or even in real life, the show is /everywhere/. I can't even get in a week of school without hearing about "gemlings" or stuff about the character Peridot. Sure, it might have cool concepts, but the spoilers were left and right and the fandom's frankly revolting these days. If it wasn't so overhyped and overrated, I would of considered watching it. While Adventure Time and other shows have gotten high attention for sure, Steven Universe's has grown to a ridiculous level.

Ugh, I see this show just about every day on the internet, and it annoys me. I've seen a few episodes and it isn't really my cup and of tea. Also, have fun giving me useless comments because I don't like the show.

All the fans are horrible with defending it, saying it's the best show ever...what? Are you serious? Clearly you have not seen classics like Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, American Dad (I know it's an adult cartoon but most of the people who watch the show are adolescent-adults so...) At least those shows made me laugh and understand the morals! Steven Universe is way too complex and serious for the young audience it's meant to appeal to. The I said ugh...the only reason many seem to like it is because it supports "gay rights" or whatever. Saying it's "the only show with a gay couple"...please! That is in no way true whatsoever! Modern Family *cough, cough* Even Courage the Cowardly Dog had a lesbian couple so Steven Universe fans-live your life but don't bash on others because you don't know your facts!

People think, "Oh hey, look! There's a new show about this kid with undiscovered poweres! " Only to find out, that he sucks at fighting, and, the episodes never really follow each other, they just kind of float out there. Plus, after a major event happened that had affected the enviorment, they never really picked up where the damage was put down, just, sweep it under the rug, no one will notice. Finally, to my last point, Steven's background is never really explained in-depth enough for the veiwers to really notice anything, even if they did, they wouldn't notice a major difference.

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2 Steven Is Fat

What the hell. Do you expect Steven to be a Barbie doll? Just because somebody's FAT doesn't mean that you should hate them. That is just STEREOTYPICAL and PREJUDICED, to judge somebody by their weight. Steven is an adorable, sweet, caring person.

Why do you care about the character's weight? This is not an accurate reason to hate a show just because "Steven is fat" To me, Steven isn't that fat. He's just a little chunky. - PrincessKiana

I don't have to care about the character's weight but I don't really get why the illustrators drew Steven fat, but still, he just a little fat - bugger

Steven is adorable just the way he is. And it isn't his fault. His dad isn't the skinniest and neither is his mom. As a matter of fact, she's huge, and beautiful. Yeah he makes mistakes sometimes, but he learns from them. The gems think of him as Rose. They know that one day he'll master his gem and be outstanding inside AND out. If you didn't listen to your parents, they'll be mad and punish you, but they'll still love you no matter what.

That, I admit, does annoy me. I would think he would be skinnier with all the missions he goes on, but I love that the main character is not a cookie cutter perfect barbie doll - vimogenn

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3 The Gems Are Weird Looking

The character design in the show is astounding, the show was even nominated for an award regarding this. I must respectively disagree on this, simply because "weird looking" is no way to describe (in my personal opinion) the gem designs.

The Gems are beautiful. They are from another planet! Seriously, how many superheroes have regular clothes and hair and eyes?

Ok some of em are kinda weird but that does not matter at all. Most of the gems are cool and not ugly and even if they were than that is NOT a reason to hate.


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4 It's Not Exciting

Okay, whoever wrote this hasn't seen the new episodes.

I'm kind of sick of all the plot twists. It just makes me not interested. It's alright when a show has only a couple plot twists each season, and then they keep building episodes on top of that related to it, but when EVERY new episode is a plot twist? It's just uninteresting. - RaccoonCartoon

The show's designed to get you invested in it's characters and how they evolve. It's a drama mostly. I can see how that's not everyone's cup of tea.

Ha! Not exciting! I don't really watch the show but from what I've seen this is the most exciting show on CN! - naFrovivuS

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5 The Fan Base is Annoying

Yea, I can agree with this one. A girl on Tumblr drew the characters differently than how they really looked, and others told her to kill herself! Why? Because she made Rose skinny? I'm glad she lived. She literally tried to kill herself.

I'm an avid and total fan of Steven Universe, but I gotta agree with this. This girl on Tumblr made Steven Universe drawings of characters that looked nothing like how they did in the show. I see why they were mad, she stripped the characters appearances of what they really were, what they symbolized: that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. But at the same time, the fandom...I mean good lord, the hate had no end.

Yeah they can be evil, but there are fans like that for everything. I personally DO get pretty upset when people insult Steven Universe, but saying that they don't like it is totally okay. But I HATE it when people make those lists about why it should be cancelled. And the hate on fan art has to stop.

So everybody here also hates sonic, invader zim, pokeshipping, amourshipping, MLP;FiM, naruto, bleach, rosalina, daisy, etc? If you let annoying fanbases dictate what’s ‘bad’ for u, u r a fool. Majority of things have awful fans (expcally if popular). However, most of the time there is a reason why something is popular & should let morons ‘make’ a show bad when they basically have no control over it.

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6 The Songs Are Boring

The songs come from the heart. These days, all the songs are about drugs and sex, and totally meaningless. In one episode of "Teen Titans Go," they were singing about burgers and burritos. And not to mention their song about different pies? I LOVE the songs. They provide emotion to the show and really set the mood. And "Stronger Than You," got SO many awards!

Personally, I think that these songs are well written, and I love them. But we all can have our opinions, but if I were to find a song I didn't like in this show, I still wouldn't find it boring, as they all have meaning we can relate to.

Well At Least Those Songs Are More Entertaining To Listen To Then To Hear Stupid Trolls Like You That Are Constantly Complaining About The Shows That Aren't Even That Bad.

You can make that argument about anything. This is so whiny. Plus, don't cap all first letters like they are names - superbubble

Honestly, the songs aren't great, the only one that I thought was nicely done was "It's over isn't it? " The music Greg makes is kinda crap. I feel that the show really sucks at making rock (OH THE IRONY) and blues they should just stay away from it.

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7 It's Made by and for SJWs

Fat this, lesbian that, "the gems have no gender but they look like girls" aka non-binary bull. It's as if Tumblr turned into a haram anime that turned into a cartoon and some dumbass threw it on T.V. without even looking at it.

The only good part is that the PC asses actually made something and designed it instead of demanding it be changed. But I hope someone has a problem with it and complains to the creator just to see how it feels to have your work demonized for having it the way you want it.

Amen. I'm getting so sick of these libtards deciding for the parents what their kids can and will be subjected to.

Having generally "diverse" characters doesn't automatically mean it's aimed at SJWs. Try again. - naFrovivuS

No, it's made for everyone. Just because it's diverse doesn't mean it's propaganda. - ThatPastelTho

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8 It's Not Really Funny

The show does have a little humor but the show is supposed to be serious and also make you feel something and you wont get it watching one episode.its you also have to watch them in order

It can be funny at times and serious at times, sure it can make you laugh but really the theme here seems to be serious and less funny.

Shut up you insufferable, half-formed, traitor mega clod! You ruddy muddy clump beneath my gravity connectors! The humor is awesome! But thus show just isn't all about humor. I read this and I couldn't stop laughing. Have you even seen it?

That's your opinion again. - ThatPastelTho

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9 Only Girls Like This Show

I don't even know but I don't believe it. I'm really sick of people having a problem with girls. I'm actually glad most of the gems are girls. Who ever wrote this, shut your mouth about girls

Ok so Cartoon Network FINALLY makes a show that has main characters that are female, and suddenly, that's an offending move towards makes?!? Seriously?!? You can't do anything without offending someone somehow. Quit making something out of nothing. I know plenty of boys who like the show. If you want to complain about something, do it about something that actually deserves complaining, like TTG and other crappy spin-offs and quit trying to bring down good shows.

I am a fan of steven universe an I am a boy. So what? Steven Universe is my favorite show. The guy who wrote this should really rethink this

I am a boy WHY can't I like the show. Hmm so you ar saying I am a boy with record of punch people into hospital Great thought

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10 Everybody is Overpowered

Pssh, please! Buddy, chum, pal in the beginning it may seem that way but as the show progresses you get to see that all the gems know what they are and not capable of. They also have weaknesses as well. To be frank with you this is, ironically, one of the rare shows that are HUMAN. It shows how people can change and have to accept things for how they are and that everyone has their limits and weaknesses. You can't deny that we're all human here we, make mistakes, but we can learn from them and either become stronger or weaker; it's your choice.

Overpowered? Ha! How much of an idiot can you people be? If you knew half of what this show was about, you'd know that each of the gems are aware of their weaknesses and boundaries. It's what makes them mentally strong. Actually watch the damn show in its entirety before you criticize it.

Yeah I agree, but Pearl DOES have and inferiority complex, so I guess in a sense, they have emotional weaknesses.

False again. - ThatPastelTho

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11 Rose kind of replaced God

No... Who wrote this?!

That doesn't even make sense

How?! In what way is rose God?!

Kill this stupidity before it reproduces

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12 It Ripped Off Teen Titans Go!

In what sense? - naFrovivuS

It didn't rip off any show.And,Teen Titans Go! ripped off the original Teen Titans.

13 It Insults Us Men

I'm a man and it doesn't bother me at all. I'm glad they made a show with characters that have women as main characters.

How does it insult you. Does seeing a group of badass women give you shivers? Most of the cartoons these days feature male characters. It's only fair to see women in a show.

No it doesn't. It may insult YOU, but not the rest of us.

"Us men? " News flash: you can't speak for all men! - naFrovivuS

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14 Boring and Unfunny

Wasn't there another thing on the list that said it was unfunny? So this is basically the same thing?

The person who wrote this is boring themselves THIS IS ACTION-PACKED sure some episodes are boring but most of it is AWESOME

They show all these weapons in the theme song, but instead we get to see Steven whining about why he can't get a certain type of donut. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Opinion IS NOT fact. - ThatPastelTho

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15 Steven's voice is more annoying than a crying baby.

This is the BIGGEST reason. I absolutely hate Steven as a whole. He acts like a loser crying for his gem mommies to come help him. In real life I feel like Steven would be the kind of person who cries when they don't get what they want and can't stick up for themselves not even in the slightest. His voice is so high pitched it sounds like Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks with a helium balloon. I don't think Steven should be compared to a crying baby, it is an insult to babies worldwide. Babies cry because they have no other way of communicating that they need help and are physically incapable of helping themselves, while Steven can do ANYTHING (with his supernatural powers) and he STILL acts like a toddler. This SJW show should be cancelled. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Actually, Steven has a deeper voice now since he's matured. And he has a really nice singing voice.

I think this is what drives me up a wall.

His singing voice sucks

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16 Long Hiatus's

These hiatus's have taught me to be more patient even though I am dying on the inside.

This doesn't have an effect on the quality of the show though, so I personally don't believe it should be on this list

For the animation guy, every single other show on cn ever doesn't have a crappy schedule like steven universe. Its not a reliable show and I don't find any qualities about it that I care about.

Love the show but the Hiatus is so long!

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17 Steven's last name is bad

Eh. Coulda been worse. Coulda been Steven Galaxy.

It's Universe. Why don't you make a top ten based on why that's a bad name?

Universe sounds nice to me, what's so bad about it anyway? (I'm stating my opinion here)

Universe? Well, it is his dad's pseudonym. - naFrovivuS

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18 Two characters are gay

Ok seriously? I cannot believe that I have to type this comment. Its retarded that no one really pays attention to rebecca sugar explaining and answering questions about the show. The gems DO NOT have genders. Rebecca sugar stated that the gems do take on female appearances but don't in fact have genders. They do have gender specific pronouns but do not actually have a gender. They are sentient morphing rocks. So they don't actually have lesbian/gay relationships. Its not possible for them to have sex since they don't have genitals. They literally use giant machines that shoot specialized minerals into the ground to mass produce the gem race. So they don't have gay relationships. They are only illusions projected by their gem. Their bodies are merely holgrams with mass. Rocks don't have genders. So they are not gay.

Okay true, the gems are gender less. But the children don't know that, they are gonna think the gems are females, just saying that their gender less does not change the fact at all that this has a gay agenda and I honestly think kids should not be watching this. Other than that, I love this show and it does empower women but the homosexuality is not to my liking. Honestly, the LGBTQ community needs to stop enforcing their ideas to people. If I don't like homosexuals that doesn't make me a homophobe, it just shows me how religious/spiritual I am.

Dear everyone in the comments saying "oooh gays are bad, God hates gays, this is terrible.": Look, it's 2016. Move on. Homosexuality is found in over 200 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Get over yourselves.

You thought

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19 Malachite Was Disappointing

I really expected Malachite to get half of a season. I like Jasper, hate lapis, so the fact Jasper got part of the season dedicated to her made me happy, but really, they couldn't have made Malachite's existence as a villain instead of a "I'm here. Just sitting underwater." longer? She had ONE EPISODE where she was a threat. Sigh


20 Opal Is A Lesbian Fusion

Pearl and Amethyst are genderless,idiot.

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