Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is the Worst Show On CN

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1 Only Girls Like It

I don't even know but I don't believe it. I'm really sick of people having a problem with girls. I'm actually glad most of the gems are girls. Who ever wrote this, shut your mouth about girls

Hey guys so the person who made this list regrets making it. No really go check his list ways that the list of reasons why steven Universe is the worst show on CN was the biggest mistake. - MorlaTurtle8

Ok so Cartoon Network FINALLY makes a show that has main characters that are female, and suddenly, that's an offending move towards makes?!? Seriously?!? You can't do anything without offending someone somehow. Quit making something out of nothing. I know plenty of boys who like the show. If you want to complain about something, do it about something that actually deserves complaining, like TTG and other crappy spin-offs and quit trying to bring down good shows.

What do you mean? My brother watch's Steven Universe. - MorlaTurtle8

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2 It's Made by and for SJWS

Fat this, lesbian that, "the gems have no gender but they look like girls" aka non-binary bull. It's as if Tumblr turned into a haram anime that turned into a cartoon and some dumbass threw it on T.V. without even looking at it.

The only good part is that the PC asses actually made something and designed it instead of demanding it be changed. But I hope someone has a problem with it and complains to the creator just to see how it feels to have your work demonized for having it the way you want it.

Bad show made by boring people

SJWs pervert the valid insights of both the political-economic theories of Marx and the critical theorists. They adopt post-modernism to attack the beliefs of traditionalists (who ought to be productively and legitimately criticised where necessary) yet play the reactionary when they feel like it, assuming a pre-modernist certitude in their parroted positions. It is not even that they are all talk, which they are when they talk at all, but their talk precludes almost any actions worth taking; their actions are mere diversions into LARPing the rebel protagonist against the successful and willful of the species (men and women of any race--their intersectional tripe invoking the no true Scotsman fallacy: you are Bourgeois, you are enemy now, and no longer belong to your "oppressed category."

All great minds came from the bourgeoisie of their era: luxury affords brilliance; the point is to spread the opportunity and the capital for the benefit of all individuals.

Shows like ...more

You want a slap to the face and punch to groin?

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3 Rose Kind of Replaced God

No, even though I hate the show

That makes no sense...!?

No. - LapisBob

The biggest similarity between those two is that they're both dead. - username_not_available

No... Who wrote this?!

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4 It Ripped Off Teen Titans Go!

Why would Steven Universe rip off a show with not even a 5.0/10 star rating?
Comparing this show to that insult is disgusting. - Qryzx

Oh hello TTGMinecraftboy 37 how nice to see you again

They're polar opposites. How could they rip each other off?

It is a ripoff

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5 It's Overrated It's Overrated

This list should not been allowed. This list should be deleted.

That is only because you are a Steven Universe fan that can not take opinions. - LittleAwesomeApple

Just because this show is popular doesn't mean it's overrated

Look, it could be a great show, and while I admit I haven't seen much, it's too late for me to even try getting into it. Either online or even in real life, the show is /everywhere/. I can't even get in a week of school without hearing about "gemlings" or stuff about the character Peridot. Sure, it might have cool concepts, but the spoilers were left and right and the fandom's frankly revolting these days. If it wasn't so overhyped and overrated, I would of considered watching it. While Adventure Time and other shows have gotten high attention for sure, Steven Universe's has grown to a ridiculous level.

Overrated doen't mean bad. - MorlaTurtle8

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6 The Fan Base is Annoying

Yea, I can agree with this one. A girl on Tumblr drew the characters differently than how they really looked, and others told her to kill herself! Why? Because she made Rose skinny? I'm glad she lived. She literally tried to kill herself.

The fact that she almost committed suicide over Tumblr is pathetic. Her parents would see her dead body and have no idea what just happened. Then they realized it was because people were hating on her and sending her death threats on this social media site and she killed herself. I still feel bad for her though, those people who hated on her should calm down. - LittleAwesomeApple

I'm an avid and total fan of Steven Universe, but I gotta agree with this. This girl on Tumblr made Steven Universe drawings of characters that looked nothing like how they did in the show. I see why they were mad, she stripped the characters appearances of what they really were, what they symbolized: that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. But at the same time, the fandom...I mean good lord, the hate had no end.

Only thing that I agree - Panta

That is the only point on this list agree with

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7 Boring and Unfunny

Wasn't there another thing on the list that said it was unfunny? So this is basically the same thing?

They show all these weapons in the theme song, but instead we get to see Steven whining about why he can't get a certain type of donut. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The person who wrote this is boring themselves THIS IS ACTION-PACKED sure some episodes are boring but most of it is AWESOME

It is probably because of the filler episodes. Those made me stop watching the show since they were so boring. - LittleAwesomeApple

Well its sorta funny but yes it is indeed boring like the connection between Lars and the geek NO ONE CARES

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8 It Insults Us Men

I'm a man and it doesn't bother me at all. I'm glad they made a show with characters that have women as main characters.

How does it insult you. Does seeing a group of badass women give you shivers? Most of the cartoons these days feature male characters. It's only fair to see women in a show.

It is still a bit unfair for all of the gems but Steven to be female, and even then, cartoons these days usually feature both genders. The main character may be male, but Craig of the Creek, Teen Titans GO!, The Amazing World of Gumball, and We Bare Bears all have females as either supporting characters or main characters. - LittleAwesomeApple

What kind of reasoning is that? - MorlaTurtle8

No it doesn't. It may insult YOU, but not the rest of us.

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9 Steven is Fat

What the hell. Do you expect Steven to be a Barbie doll? Just because somebody's FAT doesn't mean that you should hate them. That is just STEREOTYPICAL and PREJUDICED, to judge somebody by their weight. Steven is an adorable, sweet, caring person.

He never stops crying or putting others in danger a complete lame cowardly loser that happens to be piggishly chubby from donuts to pizza in fries eating way to much - Psyluv

I bet this is coming from a person who says bullying is wrong, Hypocrite. Anti bullies say that it doesn't matter on the outside, and then we have THIS. People who support this as a reason to hate a show is just mean.

And Anon's comment of the first episode, Steven wasn't showing off his "fat body", he was upset because a company he liked stopped making cookie cats. Then, Lars said "If you love Ice-cream so much, why don't you make some with your MAGIC BELLY BUTTON *laughs*" then Steven replied "That's not how it works, Lars! … Right? " then touching his stomach. It was a treat he liked, not food in general. The gems bought some for him after hearing they weren't making them anymore, so they got all of them. While Steven was eating one, his gem glows. Later that day, the mother of the monsters that attacked them earlier was found at the top of the gems's house. Steven brought the treats with him to try and help. However, it didn't work.
So, he kept eating. - Qryzx

Steven is adorable just the way he is. And it isn't his fault. His dad isn't the skinniest and neither is his mom. As a matter of fact, she's huge, and beautiful. Yeah he makes mistakes sometimes, but he learns from them. The gems think of him as Rose. They know that one day he'll master his gem and be outstanding inside AND out. If you didn't listen to your parents, they'll be mad and punish you, but they'll still love you no matter what.

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10 Malachite Was Disappointing

That I can agree on, and have reasons explaining why. And how she defuses is so silly and redundant (I'll explain more of that later)

I really expected Malachite to get half of a season. I like Jasper, hate lapis, so the fact Jasper got part of the season dedicated to her made me happy, but really, they couldn't have made Malachite's existence as a villain instead of a "I'm here. Just sitting underwater." longer? She had ONE EPISODE where she was a threat. Sigh


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? Cursed Pearl

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11 Opal is a Lesbian Fusion

Both are genderless lol - Panta

Honestly Opel only happens when Amethyst and Pearl absolutely have to fuse

Pearl and Amethyst are genderless,idiot.

Apparently, they are confirmed to be sexless by Rebecca Sugar. The still identify as female, which makes it identify as lesbian. - LittleAwesomeApple

Just stop it. they are genderless if you haven't noticed by now. - Willow12

12 The Gems are Weird Looking

The character design in the show is astounding, the show was even nominated for an award regarding this. I must respectively disagree on this, simply because "weird looking" is no way to describe (in my personal opinion) the gem designs.

But to be honest they are cute - Panta

The Gems are beautiful. They are from another planet! Seriously, how many superheroes have regular clothes and hair and eyes?

They are rock humanoids, what did u expect - Panta

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13 It's Not Exciting

Okay, whoever wrote this hasn't seen the new episodes.

"Okay, whoever wrote this hasn't seen the new episodes."
This just really implies that the half first of this show was objectively unexciting.

The show goes nowhere. The characters haven't progressed since the start of the show. The action tends to be boring since it rarely evolve from brute strength battles.

The show's designed to get you invested in it's characters and how they evolve. It's a drama mostly. I can see how that's not everyone's cup of tea.

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14 Long Hiatuses

Cartoon Network is the one in charge of the shows schedule, so you can't really blame the show itself, but the amount of hiatuses this show has gone on is ridiculous. No one wants to wait three months for an episode about Ronaldo role-playing as a Crystal Gem. - PanicAtTheHurricane

The hiatus is definitely ridiculous
It makes me hate the show most definitely

These hiatus's have taught me to be more patient even though I am dying on the inside.

The hiatus gets more worse in the SU subreddit. Every day a post made, it goes like this, "Give it up to day XXX" with a weird poorly drawn pearl called cursed pearl. The user who spams this hasn't been banned yet. The subreddit is unbearable sometimes during hiatus.

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15 The Songs are Boring

The songs come from the heart. These days, all the songs are about drugs and sex, and totally meaningless. In one episode of "Teen Titans Go," they were singing about burgers and burritos. And not to mention their song about different pies? I LOVE the songs. They provide emotion to the show and really set the mood. And "Stronger Than You," got SO many awards!

Yes the songs are gay in boring just skip em - Psyluv

Whats the use of feeling blue - Panta

I have never heard such weird combos of hipster indie, Hip Hop, rap and Disney thrown into blender quality garbage before

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16 Steven's Voice is More Annoying Than a Crying Baby.

This is the BIGGEST reason. I absolutely hate Steven as a whole. He acts like a loser crying for his gem mommies to come help him. In real life I feel like Steven would be the kind of person who cries when they don't get what they want and can't stick up for themselves not even in the slightest. His voice is so high pitched it sounds like Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks with a helium balloon. I don't think Steven should be compared to a crying baby, it is an insult to babies worldwide. Babies cry because they have no other way of communicating that they need help and are physically incapable of helping themselves, while Steven can do ANYTHING (with his supernatural powers) and he STILL acts like a toddler. This SJW show should be cancelled. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Actually, Steven has a deeper voice now since he's matured. And he has a really nice singing voice.

But the voice actor now has to be really high pitched in order to get Steven's voice right which is quite annoying.

so? - Panta

It either gets better or you get used to it

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17 Two Characters are Gay

Ok seriously? I cannot believe that I have to type this comment. Its retarded that no one really pays attention to rebecca sugar explaining and answering questions about the show. The gems DO NOT have genders. Rebecca sugar stated that the gems do take on female appearances but don't in fact have genders. They do have gender specific pronouns but do not actually have a gender. They are sentient morphing rocks. So they don't actually have lesbian/gay relationships. Its not possible for them to have sex since they don't have genitals. They literally use giant machines that shoot specialized minerals into the ground to mass produce the gem race. So they don't have gay relationships. They are only illusions projected by their gem. Their bodies are merely holgrams with mass. Rocks don't have genders. So they are not gay.

Okay true, the gems are gender less. But the children don't know that, they are gonna think the gems are females, just saying that their gender less does not change the fact at all that this has a gay agenda and I honestly think kids should not be watching this. Other than that, I love this show and it does empower women but the homosexuality is not to my liking. Honestly, the LGBTQ community needs to stop enforcing their ideas to people. If I don't like homosexuals that doesn't make me a homophobe, it just shows me how religious/spiritual I am.

Dear everyone in the comments saying "oooh gays are bad, God hates gays, this is terrible.": Look, it's 2016. Move on. Homosexuality is found in over 200 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Get over yourselves.

Sure, gay people have the rights to exist and be who they are. But you don't need to shove homosexuality in our faces!

All the gems don't have genders. - Willow12

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18 It's Not Really Funny

I totally agree that the jokes aren't funny! The only show on cartoon network that makes me laugh is the amazing world of gumball, since being a 13 year old boy, I can easily understand the jokes. But with steven universe, it's just weird stuff I don't understand.

The show does have a little humor but the show is supposed to be serious and also make you feel something and you wont get it watching one episode.its you also have to watch them in order

Well, all shows aren't funny! what type of argument is this? - Willow12

That is your opinion and probably no one else would say the same. - LittleAwesomeApple

Shut up you insufferable, half-formed, traitor mega clod! You ruddy muddy clump beneath my gravity connectors! The humor is awesome! But thus show just isn't all about humor. I read this and I couldn't stop laughing. Have you even seen it?

Actually, this show has no humor. And learn how to take opinions. No offense though. - LittleAwesomeApple

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19 Steven is Annoying

He's a child, whats your excuse? - Panta

Steven should of been a side character connie should of been the mc - Psyluv

The writers are so inconsistent with his personality its intolerable and unrealistic.

I wouldn't say he is annoying, but being able to integrate his child's perspective effectively while demonstrating development in character is something that the show has not always done well. One example of this is the writers refusal to give him solid consequences (often enough for them to matter) and allowing him to fail (at some things). Instead they insist on bubble wrapping him a little too much in the later parts of the first season to current. He therefore doesn't have to learn as much as he has a kind of special treatment. They also seem to make him too chatty at times where silence is more fitting and he never gets called out for any of it, even where he spouts ridiculous notions.

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20 The Disturbing Episodes

Grandpa crossover - Panta

It does have a few, like the one with the uncle grandpa crossover. - SamuiNeko

The ONLY real reason for this whole list to exist.

Oh boy as a fan of the show I mist agree there are some moments that make me uncomfortable

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21 Everybody is Overpowered

*cough cough* pearl - Panta

Pssh, please! Buddy, chum, pal in the beginning it may seem that way but as the show progresses you get to see that all the gems know what they are and not capable of. They also have weaknesses as well. To be frank with you this is, ironically, one of the rare shows that are HUMAN. It shows how people can change and have to accept things for how they are and that everyone has their limits and weaknesses. You can't deny that we're all human here we, make mistakes, but we can learn from them and either become stronger or weaker; it's your choice.

Overpowered? Ha! How much of an idiot can you people be? If you knew half of what this show was about, you'd know that each of the gems are aware of their weaknesses and boundaries. It's what makes them mentally strong. Actually watch the damn show in its entirety before you criticize it.

Yeah I agree, but Pearl DOES have and inferiority complex, so I guess in a sense, they have emotional weaknesses.

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22 Too Many Filler Episodes

Well I mean I agree with first episodes season 2/3/4/5 - Panta

There's so many filler episodes on beginning but it slowly stops on other seasons after Giant Woman. I think its just going to a good way on next episodes.

There are no filler episodes, there were only the 'say uncle' episode that wasn't cannon but we got to learn how Steven uses his powers

I couldn't even get past episode 13. My ex tried to get me into it but its just way to boring.

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23 Too Much LGBT Content

I don't understand why people are having this "don't shove it down our throats" mentality like the LGBTQ is a thing your child is and will be surrounded by it. It's better if they get used to is now instead of having them confused when they see two men or women together because you blocked them from reality. This show's targeted audience is young teens and if your an adult watching this you should be over it by now, you don't have to accept it but don't be but hurt by something that doesn't effect you

The lgbt propaganda in this is very annoying even found a article on the internet titled steven universe made me gay or something like that - Psyluv

Oh no, a children's show portrays characters that don't appeal to homophobic hate that has caused many killings and dramatically increased suicide rates from certain groups? What ever shall the high class, hateful, straight white conservative do?! What a tragedy!

It would be fine if it was not shoved down our throats every time. - LittleAwesomeApple

No? gems are genderless? - Panta

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24 It Has Bad Design

Art is amazing story bland decent how fast it ended the show should of followed lars more when he was in space thanks to the show being all about steven the story seemed to force the plots to put him in each scene the side characters saved the show is it worth rewatching probably not - Psyluv

The design is amazing! The artwork is beautiful and the gems are diverse. Who wants a team full of stick-skinny superheroes and a stick-skinny main character?

What are you talking about? Steven Universe has amazing design! Especially in Ocean Gem, with the space scene.

Diversity means nothing. Both Mad Men and City of God are excellent pieces of media, and both are non-diverse in two entirely opposite ways - Mad Men is mainly white, City of God is mainly black or African-Brazilian. You can't just slap some skin colour on a character and call them good, for God's sake. - liliputian7

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25 Jenny and Kiki Don't Get Enough Screen Time Because They are Black

connie - Panta

I'm pretty sure it's because they are side characters and are not relevant to the plot.

What? CONNIE is too. And she gets screen time! Don't even start me on this, you're making up excuses.

This is so stupid, it's funny.

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26 Garnet is a Lesbian Fusion

I think it even makes it better. Because of this kids get to see gay characters in a healthy, normal relationship. Also, if they wouldn't be, stronger than you probably wouldn't have happened! And that's my favourite song on the entire show! It sends such a strong message, I am made of love and it's stronger than you, showing that love can make two people stronger. - PeriClod

That song is the worst in my opinion. Why is it that Garnet has to mock Jasper like this? She is so mean. - LittleAwesomeApple

Garnet doesn't even have a gender.

Oh no! The show's GAY and therefore BAD! Please, your outdated mindset is going to be more harmful than any pro-gay messages the show has to offer.

So? This doesn't make it bad...

27 Every Gem is a Female

And somewhere aliens are complaining that Earth only has two genders.

I'm actually glad. Why do people have a problem with girls?! I think it's fair all gems are girls

They do not. They have a problem that none of the gems are male. If all of the gems were male, people would have the same problem, trust me. - LittleAwesomeApple

I don't really care about this subject but this is the first time in a while that Cartoon Network has made a show where the main characters are women. But seriously, they just look like women. Remember them talking about them talking about they can take any form they want. Ever seen the episode cat fingers where Amethyst is a cat? Probably not since your too butt hurt about this show to make it past episode 2.

No, they are genderless! You have no knowledge about steven universe! - Willow12

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28 Peridot is Annoying

Peridot lars onion are few of the best characters - Psyluv

How dare you peridot is the only good character in the show

Peridot became annoying ever since Catch And Release. But at least she's funnier than when she first appears.

I love invader zim so when I saw Peridot I felt happy... I also like that rebecca sugar said she was a fan of the show

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29 The Story is All Over the Place. It Makes No Sense.

I think the writing staff had an idea of where to take the series, but after Season 3, they just lost all direction and now the story just spirals in the most random directions.

It doesn't help the series has one of the slowest story progressions ever, with about 5-10 filler episodes for 1-3 story driven episode. And every time there is story progression, the series rapidly speeds up for the sake of speeding up.


The story is coherent. It makes perfect sense.

Agreed why is no military or government agency helping or dealing with diamond threat I know it’s crystal gems job to protect earth but still

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30 Amethyst is Useless

Amethyst is my personal least favorite character due to the fact that she hasn't changed in all the seasons I've watched. She's annoying, worthless, and a flat character overall. The only change I've born witness to is a change of her shirt color. I thought Jasper's character development was awful, but she was written off the show in a couple of seasons, while Amethyst just won't leave.

"Completely useless. Why does she even exist? " Are... are you kidding me? Do you even know who Amethyst is? Amethyst, the gem who constantly feels insecure due to her small size. Amethyst, the gem that feels like a big mistake. Amethyst, the gem that constantly tries to prove herself worthy by saving the earth... It's insensitive cynical people like you that would literally destroy her. What actually is wrong with you?

Amethyst is actually my favorite, sure she can be weak or reckless in some certain missions but she's not completely useless. People just overlook her.

Nope, not true. She is strong, and awesome. Without her there wouldn't be Opal, Alexandrite, Sugilite, or Smoky Quartz. And Smoky Quartz is my favourite fusion! Also, she's not fat, as her body is not an actual body. - PeriClod

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31 The Show is Too Romantic

The show is too romantic for what? If it were a show for toddlers, then yes it is too romantic, but as it is a show on Cartoon Network, the amount of romance, is considerably less than other shows.

It used to be a funny story, they changed it into a drama war romance show.

There's only 1 canon couple so far, & the two r rarely on screen because they r always a fusion. Connie & Steven just do friend stuff, larz & Sadie seem to like each other but it's mostly complicated & had like 3 episodes focused on their love relationship. Most episodes have ether been character development or action, or plot development. It's as normal as any other show for kids.

Um... I actually can't believe that I'm reading this article. Do us all a favour and stop wasting oxygen. THANKS m8.

32 We Have Not Seen Pink Pearl or White Pearl Yet

Sorry, if you haven't seen the newest episode, do it!

How does this make the show bad! Be patient! EVERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE SHOW NEEDS TO HAVE A RIGHT TIME TO SHOW


Who is Pearl's original Diamond and what happens if Pink Pearl was gone?

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33 Steven's Last Name is Bad

Eh. Coulda been worse. Coulda been Steven Galaxy.

It's Universe. Why don't you make a top ten based on why that's a bad name?

Look, I feel like your just making up excuses to hate Steven universe. - Willow12

Universe sounds nice to me, what's so bad about it anyway? (I'm stating my opinion here)

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34 The Onion Family are Named Sour Cream, Vidalia, Onion, and Yellowtail

Sour cream vidalia and onion could get their own shows would be interesting 2 watch

I'm gonna name my kid Sour Cream


So? - Willow12

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35 The Onion Family Doesn't Get Enough Screen Time

They are just side characters, dude.

And you were just complaining about their names. your probably a 7 year old who can’t accept shows that aren’t silly billy fatty pizza joke. AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HEFTY PEOPLE, OR GAYS. Go home, your judge mental.

36 Steven's Dad is an Idiot

Steven's dad is awesome

Yeah but he's nicer than everyone else but Steven and Connie so

No he's not- speak for yourself.

Greg helped steven & the gems a lot of times with problems they had. He's just a relax dude who does what he likes. But he's 'stupid' for that?

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37 Rose Quartz Teaches Us to Shatter Others Who Disagree from Us

What the? Your just making excuses! - Willow12

Actually, she shattered her to free/save the Earth. It was going to be destroyed; and wasn't a simple disagreement. Also, it is shown that the gems feel bad about this. It seems that you are just looking for ways to hate the show. However, you may not be; I'm not one to make assumptions. Good day, sir/ ma'am/person.

Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond sooo yeah this is irrelevant.

Umm... what? That isn’t not at all correct.

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38 Steven Does Not Act Serious Majority of the Time.

You clearly haven't watched the new episodes. - toptenzen

Yeah, during the first half or so of Season 1. He's matured lately.

Yea when he entered the palace and amathyst and pearl were like shh steven we really need to go.. Steven's like THIS IS PERFECT NOW WE CAN ALL EAT TOGETHER BREAKFAST garnets like go steven.. Steven's Like COME ON GARNET WERE ALL TOGETHER NOW now I'm 14 and this is a retard until he fuses with connie.

So the show's not funny but Steven is too funny?

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39 It's a Huge Middle Finger to the LGBT Community

I'm a lesbian and I want the gems to stick their huge middle finger in my lgbt community - 906389


40 Concrete is Racist

Whoever wrote that the description is Sugars handwriting it's not. It's Hilary Florido. Also concrete was created by A BLACK MAN (Lamar Abrams).Concrete is literally just a concept drawing. If she was put on the show, they would probably change her design like most of the characters and the color because she was drawn WITH A BLACK MARKER. Just because she was drawn in that color doesn't mean she really has black skin. Whoever thinks Lamar made her design to be intentionally racist is a moron.

So, in the new artbook, there's a gem named Concrete that's a blatant minstrel blackface stereotype and described as not being able to read, and the description is in Sugar's handwriting.

41 Garnet is Weak

You clearly haven't watched the show.

No, she's not! You're just trying to hate the show! - Willow12

So?! We all have problems that are uncool. Garnet is fine!

Garnet is not weak shes a fusion and shes very quick these are for haters who hat the show for dumb purpose

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42 Its Tone Doesn't Match Its Content

This is a serious issue. It's not farcical, and it's not a black comedy, so its tone should match what it's trying to get across. But it doesn't, creating bathos, which is amateur. It's badly-written and places too much emotion in places that causes it to come across as silly. - liliputian7

This is definitely something I have noticed about this show, especially in the later seasons. I think this has more to do with the writers penchant for delivering a child's perspective, but what they fail to recognize is the lack of change in this 'tone' over the course of the series so far as Steven himself MUST change and grow. I think they are looking at retaining the status quo more than delivering compelling content (in this regard mostly).

I don't know what "wonder land" you're living in, but on earth, the tone matches the content.

So love and fighting doesn't fit the colorful atmosphere hater alert

43 The Show is a Rip-Off If Every Anime that Stars a Female Hero

This makes now sense, whatsoever.

As a Steven Universe AND anime fan, I take offense to this.

But Steven is a guy... - FluffyBanana

But...the main character of this show is male...

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44 The Gems Treat Greg Terribly and Unfairly

Aside from Pearl, who is jealous because he married the woman she loved, nobody dislikes Greg.

Watch more of the show.

Ya... there's no arguing that. it's true. I love steven universe... but, yeah..

1. That's because they blamed him for rose's death. Not fair, but how would u treat someone who took a dear friend of urs away from u?
2. Pearl held in some jealousy at Greg because she loved rose & wanted to b with her. Again, not something that's good, but pearl didn't get what she wanted now, did she?
3. Amythest was mad at Greg because they stopped hanging out once rose & him got serious. Not fair to 'her,' huh?
4. With the help of Steven they actually treat Greg better now & aren't as rude as before & are starting to treat him with more respect.

45 All the Constant Crying

Even by season 4 he still acts like a toddler example the ep where steven asked his dad to climb a fence what a crybaby cubby loser afraid of seeing one get hurt and cryin when he thinks he wont see someone again his selfish personality has put a few in danger - Psyluv

What's with everyone crying all the time?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Just because Steven is a bit of a baby IN THE FIRST SEASON doesn't mean everyone's crying all the time. There are some very strong characters in the series who don't even cry once.
Plus the action of crying add to the realistic emotions in the story. It makes the characters appear more well-written in a sense that they're not just one personality and that's it.
Seriously, don't try and put down a show you know for a fact is good.

46 Every Character is Either Really Fat or Really Skinny

Oh... What have I done, I wish my list was deleted by now, it's going way too far! Of course, I wasn't adding the other items in THIS list, this was the visitors.

I feel bad for bugger now (funny name though ) now people are blaming him for some of the topics, if this list was made for Steven Universe haters (like myself) then it should stay this way. We looked for this list on purpose with Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever so it's not like someone who likes the show came to this list by accident, they came for the attack just to mess with us smart people. I wish you luck man in this cruel liberal world.

Yes, because Steven Universe lovers are dumb for coming to a list. Very smart, bud. - SilverstreamSucks

*rolls eyes* Leave Steven Universe alone my dude. It's a great show.

Sapphire has an average weight...

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47 Slow Story Progression


48 The Animation is Almost Always Off

The animation takes a long time to do, and it often comes out disappointing, just like the hair in 'Same old world'
Other things I think are horrible about the show.
The characters, the fact that they are over-powered beings that have abilities to control natural causes, summon dangerous weapons, and the fact they live until their gem gets 'shattered' is just truly disgusting.
Steven universe's fanbase is also, mostly annoying, just the other day I saw some pre-teens cosplaying on the street, oh my god. Here comes the hate comments from all these kids!

49 The Writing is Far Too Saccharine

This show has proven that it can tackle an array of themes with often heavy subject matters, from self-identity to familial, romantic and unhealthy relationships as well as some concepts of war (not many). However the major detriment the show is currently facing in my eyes is it's need to service it's demographic while maintaining an artistic and well written story as the narrative unfolds. These things are not exclusive but it appears that some of the writers are feeding their indulgence of the child-like tone and behaviours we saw and expected from the beginning of the show despite the (somewhat) severe changes some of the characters have now experienced. However as much time has passed as we would expect some narrative changes just as well to have occurred as with the characters themselves. This becomes especially frustrating when the rules of the world (and some characters actions) begin to bend back towards that child-like perspective when that veil has now been fully removed, ...more

50 They Have a Black Female Gem

Garnent isn't even trully black do to being a fusion - Psyluv

Cool. Now we know you are a annoying hater AND a racist. Thumbs up for your petty-ness bro.

Garnet is more like, purple, you know, because she is the fusion between Sapphire and Ruby, who are blue and red. And besides, even if she would be black, would that be a reason to hate it? I mean, you also have the side characters Jenny and Kiki and that whole family, and they are black. If you really want to be a racist about black people, don't pick people who aren't even black, like Garnet. - PeriClod

And what's wrong with that? are you too closed minded to open yourself to seeing someone that's from a different color? I really hope this is a troll message, because if not, you should really take another look at how you treat people

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