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21 Jenny And Kiki Don't Get Enough Screen Time Because They Are Black

I'm pretty sure it's because they are side characters and are not relevant to the plot.

This is so stupid, it's funny.

What? CONNIE is too. And she gets screen time! Don't even start me on this, you're making up excuses.

How do you know that? - GamingGoku757

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22 The show is too romantic

The show is too romantic for what? If it were a show for toddlers, then yes it is too romantic, but as it is a show on Cartoon Network, the amount of romance, is considerably less than other shows.

It used to be a funny story, they changed it into a drama war romance show.

Um... I actually can't believe that I'm reading this article. Do us all a favour and stop wasting oxygen. THANKS m8.

There's only 1 canon couple so far, & the two r rarely on screen because they r always a fusion. Connie & Steven just do friend stuff, larz & Sadie seem to like each other but it's mostly complicated & had like 3 episodes focused on their love relationship. Most episodes have ether been character development or action, or plot development. It's as normal as any other show for kids.

23 Rose kind of replaced God

No... Who wrote this?!

How?! In what way is rose God?!

That doesn't even make sense

God himself had Jesus by falling in love with Mary? God is a gem from another planet? God can be destroyed? There r others with unique powers that matches god out there? Someone ruled over god? what?

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24 Every Gem is a Female

And somewhere aliens are complaining that Earth only has two genders.

I don't really care about this subject but this is the first time in a while that Cartoon Network has made a show where the main characters are women. But seriously, they just look like women. Remember them talking about them talking about they can take any form they want. Ever seen the episode cat fingers where Amethyst is a cat? Probably not since your too butt hurt about this show to make it past episode 2.

I'm actually glad. Why do people have a problem with girls?! I think it's fair all gems are girls

This is found VERY annoying. All the important characters are females like the gems. And the males? HA! All the males are stupid losers like someone else said. Usually when you watch a show, you like to fall in love with one or two cuties. But since every main character besides hideous Steven is female it leaves nobody for straight girls like me.

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25 Peridot is Annoying

I love invader zim so when I saw Peridot I felt happy... I also like that rebecca sugar said she was a fan of the show

PERIDOT IS AWESOME! Her, Steven and none of the Crystal Gems should be part of this!

She's literally like the most popular character so no one gives a damn.

Peridot used to be a great character up until her redemption. After that, things went downhill. I just hate it how they changed her character from a cold and awesome villain and turned her into something totally different. She's just really pathetic right now, and she's pretty much the reason why I don't watch Steven universe anymore. Way to go Rebecca😒😒

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26 The story is all over the place. It makes no sense.

The story is coherent. It makes perfect sense.

Hey I know how to fix that... watch the episodes in order dumb-nut

Who put this here?

Well no its generic - sadfag

27 Garnet Is A Lesbian Fusion

Oh no! The show's GAY and therefore BAD! Please, your outdated mindset is going to be more harmful than any pro-gay messages the show has to offer.

So? This doesn't make it bad...

28 Amethyst is Useless

"Completely useless. Why does she even exist? " Are... are you kidding me? Do you even know who Amethyst is? Amethyst, the gem who constantly feels insecure due to her small size. Amethyst, the gem that feels like a big mistake. Amethyst, the gem that constantly tries to prove herself worthy by saving the earth... It's insensitive cynical people like you that would literally destroy her. What actually is wrong with you?

Amethyst is actually my favorite, sure she can be weak or reckless in some certain missions but she's not completely useless. People just overlook her.

Amethyst is fabulous, haters.

Did you NOT watch the Beta arc?

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29 Steven's Dad is an Idiot

Steven's dad is awesome

Yeah but he's nicer than everyone else but Steven and Connie so

No he's not- speak for yourself.

Greg helped steven & the gems a lot of times with problems they had. He's just a relax dude who does what he likes. But he's 'stupid' for that?

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30 It's a Huge Middle Finger to the LGBT Community

I'm a lesbian and I want the gems to stick their huge middle finger in my lgbt community


31 We Have Not Seen Pink Pearl Or White Pearl Yet

How does this make the show bad! Be patient! EVERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE SHOW NEEDS TO HAVE A RIGHT TIME TO SHOW

*makes the creator chock*
*creator dies*

32 Garnet is Weak

You clearly haven't watched the show.

So?! We all have problems that are uncool. Garnet is fine!

Garnet is not weak shes a fusion and shes very quick these are for haters who hat the show for dumb purpose

Garnet is the strongest crystal gem. She can take jasper out 'by herself' & is the crystal gem that pulls most of the weight on the missions they go on. Sure ruby & sapphire themselves r weak, but definitely not garnet.

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33 The Onion Family Are Named Sour Cream, Vidalia, Onion, and Yellowtail

Seriously -_- Names of side characters. WOW you really are an idiot

34 Rose Quartz Teaches Us To Shatter Others Who Disagree From Us

Actually, she shattered her to free/save the Earth. It was going to be destroyed; and wasn't a simple disagreement. Also, it is shown that the gems feel bad about this. It seems that you are just looking for ways to hate the show. However, you may not be; I'm not one to make assumptions. Good day, sir/ ma'am/person.

! SPOILERS! (For those who care)
Actually the current episodes kind of make it seem like yellow diamond is actually the one that killed her. She seems extremely unemotional when PD death is mentioned, & when that lawyer accused her of killing PD, she completely flipped her lid, killed the lawyer & instantly wanted 'rose' to b shattered even when the lawyer had a point & said to disregard last point. She also seemed like she really wanted PD's army disposed of, & for no reason at all. So her actions point to her being very suspicious 😒

AND no. The bismuth episode proves that rose didn't want to shatter gems even if it would b an easy way to stop the war. So she actually teaches us that even if we do disagree, killing isn't the answer.

35 Concrete is Racist

Whoever wrote that the description is Sugars handwriting it's not. It's Hilary Florido. Also concrete was created by A BLACK MAN (Lamar Abrams).Concrete is literally just a concept drawing. If she was put on the show, they would probably change her design like most of the characters and the color because she was drawn WITH A BLACK MARKER. Just because she was drawn in that color doesn't mean she really has black skin. Whoever thinks Lamar made her design to be intentionally racist is a moron.

So, in the new artbook, there's a gem named Concrete that's a blatant minstrel blackface stereotype and described as not being able to read, and the description is in Sugar's handwriting.

36 Every Character is Either Really Fat or Really Skinny

Oh... What have I done, I wish my list was deleted by now, it's going way too far! Of course, I wasn't adding the other items in this list, this was the visitors. Everybody has their own weights, and why am I judging, can anyone ignore my list please? - bugger

I feel bad for bugger now (funny name though ) now people are blaming him for some of the topics, if this list was made for Steven Universe haters (like myself) then it should stay this way. We looked for this list on purpose with Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever so it's not like someone who likes the show came to this list by accident, they came for the attack just to mess with us smart people. I wish you luck man in this cruel liberal world.

*rolls eyes* Leave Steven Universe alone my dude. It's a great show.

Sapphire has an average weight...

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37 The Animation is Almost Always Off

The animation takes a long time to do, and it often comes out disappointing, just like the hair in 'Same old world'
Other things I think are horrible about the show.
The characters, the fact that they are over-powered beings that have abilities to control natural causes, summon dangerous weapons, and the fact they live until their gem gets 'shattered' is just truly disgusting.
Steven universe's fanbase is also, mostly annoying, just the other day I saw some pre-teens cosplaying on the street, oh my god. Here comes the hate comments from all these kids!

38 The Show is a Rip-Off if Every Anime That Stars a Female Hero

As a Steven Universe AND anime fan, I take offense to this.

But Steven is a guy... - FluffyBanana

But...the main character of this show is male...

*cough* ORIGINAL MARVEL*cough*

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39 Steven Does Not Act Serious Majority of the Time.

Yea when he entered the palace and amathyst and pearl were like shh steven we really need to go.. Steven's like THIS IS PERFECT NOW WE CAN ALL EAT TOGETHER BREAKFAST garnets like go steven.. Steven's Like COME ON GARNET WERE ALL TOGETHER NOW now I'm 14 and this is a retard until he fuses with connie.

You clearly haven't watched the new episodes. - toptenzen

Yeah, during the first half or so of Season 1. He's matured lately.

So the show's not funny but Steven is too funny?

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40 The Gems Treat Greg Terribly and Unfairly

Aside from Pearl, who is jealous because he married the woman she loved, nobody dislikes Greg.

Watch more of the show.

Ya... there's no arguing that. it's true. I love steven universe... but, yeah..

1. That's because they blamed him for rose's death. Not fair, but how would u treat someone who took a dear friend of urs away from u?
2. Pearl held in some jealousy at Greg because she loved rose & wanted to b with her. Again, not something that's good, but pearl didn't get what she wanted now, did she?
3. Amythest was mad at Greg because they stopped hanging out once rose & him got serious. Not fair to 'her,' huh?
4. With the help of Steven they actually treat Greg better now & aren't as rude as before & are starting to treat him with more respect.

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