Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is the Worst Show On CN


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41 The Onion Family Doesn't Get Enough Screen Time

They are just side characters, dude.

42 Plot is Bad

It's better than some shows I'm not going to mention

Most shows are bad but you chose this one no not teen titans go or uncle grandpa at least it has one

It's better than teen Titans go...which has no plot

At least it has one.

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43 The Characters are Annoying

No, this show isn't just for kids, ignorant commenter, it's for EVERYONE; everyone who enjoys wonderful characters, mature plotlines, and stellar songs. So yes, we "grown people" are still watching this show.

Lapis in season 3 and 4 is annoying.

They are so irrelevant - sadfag

Are you grown people still watching this show -_- this show is for kids so no wonder you people hate all these characters

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44 Its Tone Doesn't Match Its Content

This is definitely something I have noticed about this show, especially in the later seasons. I think this has more to do with the writers penchant for delivering a child's perspective, but what they fail to recognize is the lack of change in this 'tone' over the course of the series so far as Steven himself MUST change and grow. I think they are looking at retaining the status quo more than delivering compelling content (in this regard mostly).

This is a serious issue. It's not farcical, and it's not a black comedy, so its tone should match what it's trying to get across. But it doesn't, creating bathos, which is amateur. It's badly-written and places too much emotion in places that causes it to come across as silly. - liliputian7

I don't know what "wonder land" you're living in, but on earth, the tone matches the content.

So love and fighting doesn't fit the colorful atmosphere hater alert

45 The writing is far too saccharine

This show has proven that it can tackle an array of themes with often heavy subject matters, from self-identity to familial, romantic and unhealthy relationships as well as some concepts of war (not many). However the major detriment the show is currently facing in my eyes is it's need to service it's demographic while maintaining an artistic and well written story as the narrative unfolds. These things are not exclusive but it appears that some of the writers are feeding their indulgence of the child-like tone and behaviours we saw and expected from the beginning of the show despite the (somewhat) severe changes some of the characters have now experienced. However as much time has passed as we would expect some narrative changes just as well to have occurred as with the characters themselves. This becomes especially frustrating when the rules of the world (and some characters actions) begin to bend back towards that child-like perspective when that veil has now been fully removed, ...more

46 It has unrelated plot lines

Look the show is okay but no one cares about the connection between Lars and that geek and a whole episode wasted for a robot battle

That's how cartoons work? Not all of the episodes are directly related to the plot.

47 Opal Is A Lesbian Fusion

Pearl and Amethyst are genderless,idiot.

48 Malachite Was Disappointing

I really expected Malachite to get half of a season. I like Jasper, hate lapis, so the fact Jasper got part of the season dedicated to her made me happy, but really, they couldn't have made Malachite's existence as a villain instead of a "I'm here. Just sitting underwater." longer? She had ONE EPISODE where she was a threat. Sigh


49 Slow Story Progression


50 They compare homosexuals to creepy, genderless beings who are ignorant to the planet earth

What? What's creepy about them? And they're ignorant to Earth because they come from another planet. As a gay person, I have zero problems with the representation on this show.

People are really digging deep to find reasons to hate the show...

How on earth are they creepy? (see what I did there? )

They're genderless,you idiots!

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51 They have a black female gem

Cool. Now we know you are a annoying hater AND a racist. Thumbs up for your petty-ness bro.

And what's wrong with that? are you too closed minded to open yourself to seeing someone that's from a different color? I really hope this is a troll message, because if not, you should really take another look at how you treat people

You are disgusting. There is nothing wrong with black people. - SammySpore

This list is good except reasons like this and about 4 items on the first page. This reason sucks. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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52 They add in new stuff just to keep the show running they have already destroyed the cluster

Look I like it the humor is sorta funny and its hart warming but they just add in new gems "oh look lapis is back" "huh! Jasper? " " the green gem is insane" not to mentions just more problems and ridiculous stuff like they are going to a city with pearl and fix a problem and look a fleet of rubies or wow more stevens look I know its still good but were seeing predictable content and more songs to sum it up heres what steven universe is to me : A kid living with a strong lezbian, a slacker, and an overprotective women that fight magic stuff thatsall it is and yes garnet is a lezbian because her ruby is a girl or she ain't lezbian and they're just good friends that missed each other but the feelings they express in the show doesen't prove it

No sweety, that's Sponge Bob and Fairly Odd Parents.

What are you trying to say?!?
(This is directed towards whoever wrote that long comment.)

They did'nt destroy the cluster,you gem drill.

53 Not Enough Romance

I love how there's both an item on this list that says "Too romantic" and one that says "not enough romance". This entire list is garbage, to be honest. I voted for "malachite was disappointing" because that's the only one that doesn't either makes no sense or is trying to be edgy by being sexist and/or racist and/or homophobic. - ColdTurkey

Really? REALLY!?

Ruby and Sapphire.
Greg and Rose.
Steven and Connie.
Not enough romance?
Do you wanna see a show with kissing on every episode?

54 It Wants to Be a 15 Minute Emotional Drama Aside from a Cartoon V 2 Comments
55 Garnet Has Been Pushed To The Side, Instead We Get A lot Of Pearl And Amethyst Episodes
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