Top Ten Reasons Why a Stick Would Beat 100, 000 U.S Navy Seals in a Fight

The Top Ten

1 If you break the stick, you get two sticks, so the stick wins every time
2 You can't kill a stick

It never had life in the first place, so you could never defeat it - Yatagarasu

3 A stick would last longer than the Navy Seals' lifes
4 If you burn the stick, it becomes part of the earth, and the earth would beat the Navy SealsĀ 
5 The sticks can fit into small places while Navy Seals can't
6 The stick can be in a forest, so it would be hard to find
7 The stick is pointy and makes ouchies
8 Birds are an ally of the stick, so when the Navy Seals do find it, the bird will put it into its home.
9 Navy Seals can't float on water, but sticks can
10 A stick doesn't need food or water, so it can survive in the wild forever while the Navy Seals use all their supplies
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