Reasons Why Stingy is the Best Lazytown Character

I always loved Lazytown. When I was little and it was on Nick Jr, my favorite was Stephanie. When the memes came about, my favorite was Robbie Rotten. Now my all time favorite is Stingy.

The Top Ten

1 He's funny

I love Stingy, but Robbie Rotten is one of my most favorite villains of all time. - TristGamer

2 The Mine Song

One of my favourite memes

Exactly! Nobody claims mailboxes like Stingy does! - TwilightKitsune

This song is so funny and it is the BEST LAZYTOWN MEME along with Cooking by the Book

3 He's creepy and cute at the same time
4 He may be spoiled, but he doesn't whine and squeal like Caillou

Agreed. Stingy is way better than Caillou and DW from Arthur.

5 His little piggy bank
6 He's actually nice sometimes
7 He has character development
8 He's relatable
9 He really doesn’t care that much about gender roles.
10 He has multiple personalities

That is because he owes your feelings - Coreforce

The Contenders

11 His glasses in the school episodes
12 He's Ziggy's Best Friend

No he isn't

13 All your feelings are his

Are your feelings are mine!

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