Top 10 Reasons Why "Stranger Danger" is Bad Advice

For years, "stranger danger" or "don't talk to strangers" have been catch phrases children have heard. Contrary to the popular misconception, this advice does more harm than good. Please know that even though this advice is wrong, you should still practice common sense and be careful when you do talk to strangers.
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1 Most harm is caused by people you know rather than by strangers

@Powell it's still horrible advice

Research has shown that only 10% of rapes happen by strangers; 90% of them happen by people you actually know.

YUP! I believe about 90% of r@¶es are committed by a man the woman knows, yet we women are still told to be fearful of that "shadowy guy in the alleyway" who will reap us. -BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Not all strangers are bad

Saying that all strangers are dangerous is not only confusing, it's simply false.

very few are, actually, but there's still that 1% that would

3 Talking to strangers is an opportunity to make new friends

Friends are very important. They encourage us to go after our dreams, teach us new things, help us make better choices in life, help us deal with stress, and provide us with support when we need it.

Or just to be polite to someone

4 The next stranger you meet might be the biggest difference in your life

It's true! Many couples meet as strangers

5 Strangers can help you

When you get lost, a stranger can help you find your way back to your parents. The reality is that the very large majority of “strangers” are good people that would willingly help you if asked. Obviously, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try to be careful with strangers. Not all strangers will help you, so be careful.

if you're lost or need directions, the majority will help you

6 Strangers can bring a new perspective

Sometimes, talking to strangers would not lead to friendships or new romantic relationships. There is a good chance that you will actually never meet some of these people again.But, having eve one conversation with them can be an eye opener. The stranger might change your perspective you have never considered before.

yes, though sometimes it isn't a good perspective

7 You can learn new things from strangers

Only talking to people you know limits your ability to learn new things. But, strangers can be different from you. Talking to strangers therefore gives you the opportunity to learn new things that you wouldn’t learn from your social circle.

same with people you know, though

8 Talking to strangers can help boost your confidence

Some people feel anxious whenever we think about approaching and talking to strangers. However, there is something surprising about anxiety. The more you do things that make you nervous, the less nervous you feel, and the more confident you become. Therefore, talking to strangers can be more of a benefit to you.

true, and that's definitely a good thing

9 Talking with strangers can improve your social skills

Talking to strangers daily gives you the perfect opportunity to practice and improve your social skills.

Same with confidence, yes

10 You should always be careful with someone, stranger or not

Focusing on "stranger danger" can make us overlook any true threats, which most of them don't even happen by strangers. Still be careful when you do talk to strangers, though.

that's definitely true

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11 It breeds xenophobia and racism
12 It makes people afraid
13 Talking to strangers is something you will have to do at one point or another
14 Stranger danger teaches mistrust, not safety
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