Ten Reasons Why Street Sharks Are a Rip-off of Ninja Turtles

The Top Ten

1 Jawsome is a Rip-Off of Cowabunga!

Cowabunga is better than Jawsome.
Even Bart Simpson says cowabunga.

it sucks

2 The One Are Sharks & the Other Are Turtles
3 Street Sharks Came Later
4 The Sharks Hate Pizza!

That makes it obvious that they are trying not to rip off the turtles when they are - Sabbath

5 There Are 4 Sharks & 4 Turtles Too
6 The Sharks Fight Crime Too!
7 The Mutation of The Teens are a Plagiarism of Bebop & Rocksteady
8 The Animation Is Pretty Much the Same
9 Both are sea creatures.
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