Reasons Why Stupid Hoe is Better Than Fack

A lot of people call Stupid Hoe the worst rap song ever made. I've listened to worse songs but this one song I frickin' hate makes me wanna make this list. Here are my reasons why.

Also Eminem is MUCH better thanNicki Minaj.

The Top Ten

1 Stupid Hoe has an actual beat

Looking back, both of these songs were masterpieces. - ProPanda

FACK's Beat was just tearing and scratching a blackboard with fingernails. It's not even a beat inky opinion. Stupid Hoe had a weak one. - AlphaQ

"FACK" is the worst song of all time so duh. I'd listen to "Stupid Hoe" over it any day. At least "Stupid Hoe" had SOME actual music. - DCfnaf

2 FACK is disgusting while Stupid Hoe is not

Also, everything is better than FACK. - AlphaQ

I Really Don't Care About Nicki Minaj - JPK

3 Nicki Minaj didn't rap about shoving gerbils up her ass

Don't forget that is was through a tube! - djpenquin999

Animal abuse. - AlphaQ

Lol - JPK

4 The vocals in Stupid Hoe are better

Stupid Hoe had irritating vocals but FACK's vocals were abnormal. - AlphaQ

5 FACK is more monotonous and repetitive

Eminem said "FACK" 65% of the time while Nicki Minaj only said "Stupid Hoe" in the chorus. - AlphaQ

6 Stupid Hoe is by 21 Savage while FACK is by Chris Brown
7 Stupid Hoe is rap while FACK is country
8 Eminem didn't have flow while Nicki Minaj did

Don't get me wrong, I detest Stupid Hoe but yea, you get my point. - AlphaQ

9 Stupid Hoe tried to put in effort but failed, FACK was effortless

Eminem didn't bother to put any effort. If he did the song would've been much better than this wreck. - AlphaQ

10 The lyrics are better in Stupid Hoe

Less repititive, boring and disgusting than FACK. - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 FACK had awful rhymes while Stupid Hoe tried to rhyme

Nicki Minaj tried rhyming unusual words too and made up dumb words, Eminem just rhymed 'cvm' with 'ow' and then with 'fack'. - AlphaQ

12 Although Stupid Hoe didn't make sense, it made more sense than FACK
13 Stupid Hoe belongs in a bin while FACK belongs in a sewer
14 Eminem is the worst musician ever

To be honest, Eminem is much better than Nicki Minaj. - AlphaQ

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