Top 10 Reasons Why Submarine Man is an Absolutely Terrible Rapper and Musician in General

Worst Musician Of The Decade, anyone? BOY, has 2018 been one HELL of a year for music (shudders audibly)

The Top Ten

1 His lyrics are so ridiculously stupid that they even reference Soylent Green by (seemingly) total accident at the beginning of his COMPLETELY unrelated "Smelly Feet" song with the opening lyrics about "soy boys having to fake being out of compactors"

What does soy boys even mean?!

He always did the same thing over and over again.

A soyboy is a man who lacks all masculine qualities - MusicLover132

Can you stop giving him attention, y’all just making him more famous!

2 He's collaborated with a convicted pedophile with some of the ugliest fashion sense on the planet (6IX9INE), a racist white doppelganger of Kanye West (Footye North), and possibly THE one rapper on Earth with even WORSE lyrics than his (Lama Doodle)
3 He actively endorses mass genocide of llamas

It says "lamas" on genius, whatever lamas are - MusicLover132

So that means he’s basically an animal abuser.

4 He is so insufferably narcissistic that he calls himself a chart-topper in To The Top despite his most popular song having barely over 1,000 YouTube views and even openly brags about "beating his meat to the smell of his own feet" in Feet In The Air
5 He never, ever, EVER shuts up about his foot fetish (in fact, nearly every single one of his songs just so happens to be about it in some way or another)

And why the hell would he keep them smelly? That is so gross. He needs to take a bath instead.

Never shuts up about a fetish, eh? - Cyri

6 His songs have a MASSIVE tendency to use Autotune in JUST such a way so as to make him sound like a horrifically broken and deformed robot with Down Syndrome
7 He wants people to straight-up NEVER wear socks again (and therefore end up having Athlete's Foot for the rest of their lives)
8 He blatantly stole Kanye West's and Lil Pump's "I Love It", already easily one of the worst songs of its entire year, and turned it into arguably THE worst song of the past two DECADES with "I Love The Smelly Feet"
9 He ruined Sicko Mode with his awful song Stinko Foot

This was a disrespect to Travis Scott.

All I heard was toilet sounds.

10 He made an awful song with Lil Meerkat called "I'm Richer Than You"

Two of the most horrible rappers of all time in one song, that’s all you need to know.

The Contenders

11 He claims that he's a whopping 25 years old on his musician bio when the overall tone and subject matter of his so-called "music" pretty firmly cements him as being probably about half that age at MOST

Nag he sounds like A 2 year old who just got a voice effects app and plotagon

12 Nearly every single rapper that he collaborates with has a stage name that is easily almost as bad as, if not just as bad as or even worse than his own

Cases in point: Footye North, Llama Doodle, BarefootStories.Net, DTHICCC, Lil Pee Stain, 6IX9INE, et cetera - xandermartin98

13 Many of his songs are highly questionable as to whether or not they can even be considered music
14 His full stage name is Water Tobbleeroney Oldmanblast Handblast
15 He cannot sing to save his own life, with or without Autotune
16 He deliberately throws the visual presentations for his songs and albums together in the absolute cheapest and laziest ways humanly possible (Plotagon, Microsoft Paint, you name it)
17 In his song "Go Dumb", he calls Eminem an "Old Fart"

This was a disrespect to Eminem.

18 He helped create the atrocity known as SESE

He hacked 6IX9INE’s account when he did this...

19 He used to call himself "Man of the Sea"
20 He goes by at least six different stage names that all suck royally
21 He calls himself a chart topper but his biggest song has sold less than 100 copies
22 He is part of arguably the worst record label of all time, Old Man Dad Records.
23 His stage name is awful
24 He uses Plotagon and Microsoft Paint for both his music videos and his album covers, both of which are about as completely nonsensical and weird as you would expect
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