Top Ten Reasons Why Subway is Better Than McDonald's

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1 Subway is healthier

But Subway uses evil meat. It uses meat blessed by what muslims think is god. Don't eat there again unless you are muslim if you are reading this.

Nobody is going to take your comment seriously. You can instead say that about McTrump's (seriously, though, I mean McDonald's aka the SonElise of restaurants). - The Ultimate Daredevil to kittygirl2.

It is indeed healthier as it tives us a wide range of healthy vegetables for us to choose from, ergo making it healthier than any mcdonald product. ( even a salad)

Are Jhalapenos healthy?
I get pickles, lettuce and tomato in every sub I get!
Plus it's real food!

2 The food tastes better

Every time I leave Subway, I feel as if I've had a delicious meal.

I don't even eat at McDonald's because I'm vegetarian.

I'd rather have Subway, over McDonalds, any day.

Yeah. I like when my food gets cold.

3 You know what ingredients are put in your food.

Actually, with meat you DON'T. they use a muslim meat in some Subways. Never. Ever. Go. There.

4 Bigger variety of drinks

Well I almost never get drinks at subway so I don't know what to say about this item

5 You can make your own sandwiches at subway

But at McDonalds you can only get what they make for you.

I can watch the cooking so I know what's in it.

6 McDonald's bleaches their chicken

And put pink slime in it.

Really? Now I will definitely go to subway instead of mcsonalds

7 Cleaner

Agree subway is cleaner

Smells good no mess

8 Healthier breads
9 The bathrooms are better

Public bathrooms suck. I don't know what to say about this because I've never used it at subway since I take my food home.

It's better to crap on some Subways because of the double seat thing. The bathrooms are like a house restroom

Once, I nearly got trapped in the Subway bathroom in our town.

I nearly got trapped in my local Subway bathroom once.

10 Better cookies

The cookies are just amazing and are incomparable!

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11 Faster service

They serve you really quickly, and it's value for money.

12 Free refills on drinks in some chains

Five Guys does that...

13 Fresher soda

I almost don't get drinks at subway so I don't know what to say about this item

14 No Ronald McDonald

This guy creeps me out.

15 Better toys

Really Trollsfan536? I wish I would've known subway was better at the time so I could've gotten the boss baby backpack tags.

16 Fresher food
17 Subway has no mascot
18 You can get snack chips
19 They have soups
20 Healthier salads
21 Their vegetables taste better
22 Better Slogan
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