Top Ten Reasons Why Sudan is Better Than Luna Loud

I love Sudan and I am not a fan of Luna Loud so I decided to make a list for laughs

The Top Ten

1 Sudan is the punchline to one of luan’s puns

That pun always cracks me up - Brodda

2 Sudan is more popular

Sudan has a massive amount of fans and I have never seen a Luna Loud fan - Brodda

3 Luna loud is mean towards lincoln

Is sudan rude to Lincoln? The answer is Of Course Not - Brodda

4 Sudan is not LGBT propaganda

I mean Leni Loud and not Levi

Luna is pure LGBT propaganda just look at the episode Lis For love, to quote Levi “EW ew ew ew” - Brodda

5 Sudan has more history

Like Nubia and the Meroe Pyramids - Brodda

6 Sudan is funnier

I never laughed at any of Luna’s jokes - Brodda

7 Sudan has less perverted fan art

I have never seen perverted fan art of Sudan and whatever you do, Do NOT look up loud house fan art there is so much perverted art especially of Luna and Luan - Brodda

8 Sudan does not make ear bleeding music

Luna should take notes from Sudan: Don’t Make Ear Bleeding Music - Brodda

9 Khartoum is a beautiful city

What a great capital, it is super beutiful - Brodda

10 Sudan has great landmarks

The Contenders

11 Khartoum is right next to where the Nile River becomes one
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1. Sudan is the punchline to one of luan’s puns
2. Sudan is more popular
3. Luna loud is mean towards lincoln


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