Top Ten Reasons Why Summer Is Better Than Winter

A list that states why summer is better than winter.

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1 Summer is warm

Sometimes its to warm

Winter is freezing and you have to wear jackets. Summer you don't have to wear any jackets and you get to wear shorts. - Therandom

I think when it is summer you can do more stuff like play outside or like go swimming or like go to the beach you can go to the beach on winter but it won't be as fun as summer is. And the reason I like winter is because you can stay inside and play video games a lot and on summer you should go outside

This is especially great for northerners because we have HORRIBLE winters! - kaitlynrad11

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2 You can swim in summer

Swimming is one of my favourite things to do in the summer. - 3DG20

Winter the water is freezing. In summer, you can swim. - Therandom

I am a mashmallow

I'm affraid that I'm going to have darker skin - RoseCandyMusic

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3 For the majority of summer you have no school

This is my number 1 reason. - 3DG20

I've never liked school, so summer is my time to really enjoy life. It's a darn shame summer vacation is only 2 1/2 months long. As a warm weather lover, heat is second on my list too!

No school no homework no getting up at like at 7: 30 am or 7:00 am

Only for the last three weeks of summer is their no school. - Therandom

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4 It's more fun to go outside in the summer

Well, yes, naturally! Although yesterday I went to watch an open air show, which was lovely; I wore my prettiest lace dress because it's light and airy. I didn't realise until I got home and undressed just how much my fair skin had caught the sun...I now have little flower-shaped, sun-baked marks all over my chest, belly and thighs. I look wild! - Britgirl

How the F this will help me if I get mosquito bites all the time huh!

I have to stay inside all summer because it is so hot.

Yes, it is, I get to go on my bike, or run around, or play soccer in my backyard, even go on my scooter. In winter, it is too cold to go outside. Plus, I hate cloudy and rainy days, I like sunny days, the days are more nostalgic to me than winter days. But I like snow though, but it does not snow where I live.

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5 In winter you get numb

Cold hands are the worst.

This happens all of the time to me. - Therandom

And in summer you get to be abused by dumb kids, swelter in the heat, and get a stroke! How wonderful! (Also I was sarcastic)

It also happens to me as well, getting numb from the cold is really annoying to me.

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6 More things to do

ya I agree

I agree, you get to go to the beach or mountains and the roads are safe. In winter, those places might have snow, making it dangerous to drive on and you can't go there.

I agree. Their are way more things to do like swim, go to the beach, play volleyball and much more. Summer beats Winter by a longshot

I disagree - RoseCandyMusic

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7 You get chapped hands in winter

Well my skin color gets ugly in summer - RoseCandyMusic

I hate when this happens - Therandom

Me too. Because in Winter you can get a Frostbite.

8 You can relax almost everyday in summer

Yeah me too I don't like school but a thing I do like is go and relax outside in summer

In winter, you don't have time to relax thanks to school. - Therandom

I hate school and yes I'm a kid typing this and I just looovvveee summer

In summer you get to be with friends and family

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9 Swimming

It is already here - DrayTopTens

What about swimming in winter? It's still fun and very refreshing if you are in your local swimming pool.

10 Most people who have summer birthdays don't have to go to school.

I live in AUSTRALIA and my birthday is in the Summer of January.

I like tacos

Where I live, we have a vacation in mid-February when my birthday is so I usually have it off. - PianoQueen

Yep, I have a birthday in the summer and it feels like heaven. Going to the beach on my birthday is lit.

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11 You can get tan in summer

It makes my skin darker which is fun because I can swim a lot more.

True because you can't get tan in Winter

I LOVE skin cancer

Can't get tan in winter. - Therandom

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12 Going to the beach

The boardwalks in NJ are fun!

Yah great evidence I agree


13 More fun


i think winters are better
because yeah

14 Eat cold food

Ice cream is better in the summer than in the winter.

I eat cold food during the winter, too

I tried to eat a cold food in a cold place and it was fun call me weird but everything gets better when I eat cold food on cold place - RoseCandyMusic

Time to cool down.

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15 Better weather
16 More time with family


17 Go on more vacations

My parents are boring. They rarely go on vacation during the summer. I usually have to beg for my vacations

I mean who doesn't like vacas


18 You get more advantages

So true

19 BBQs

I love barbecue but it’s too cold for that in winter

20 No snow

So much car crashes

Snow is cold and putrid

Snow brings fun!

I LOVE SNOW - RoseCandyMusic

21 You don't get sick that often

You get sick more in the winter

Is it just me or does winter seem to be the time of year when you almost always feel somewhat sick - Randomator

Most only suffer from mild allergies in summer.

Winter and Fall are the seasons were people get sick most.

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22 Don't wear thick clothing

Ture I hate wearing jackets in winter

23 Sports

Soccer! - soccerobsessed

Summer is a more adequate way to enjoy the sports you love.

24 Easier to get comfortable

In winter it’s too cold outside to not wear a coat and inside it’s as hot as hell. - Randomator

25 Going to the park

I love getting wet

26 School holiday
27 Having a picnic


28 Eat corn dogs

This is awesome


29 Get to go camping with family

You can have smores and all that good stuff

30 Exercise

I exercise year-round

No! BORING! I don't want to sweat my guts out in 40 degree weather, I just want to chill at home eating ice cream and playing video games in my air con

I love exercise! - soccerobsessed

Hell no, no time for dat I am lazy

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31 Solar power

More sun and electricity is cheaper!

32 Go shopping


33 You get chapped lips

I agree. You’re lips don’t get chapped unlike winter time

34 You can play with your friends more
35 You can stay up late

I always stay up late - RoseCandyMusic

No school
No rushed in morning
Sleep in

36 You can surf and boogie board

I love boogie boarding fun as

37 You can have more time with the family
38 You don't get frostbite.
39 Hot bods
40 Daylight saving time
41 Christmas time

Um that's a reason to like winter and this is a list of reasons to like the summer so it should not be on here because a Christmas is in the winter not summer - DrayTopTens

Christmas is fantastic in winter why well you have asked the right person because you can play in the pool with your family and you can do many more things I LOVE Christmas!

42 Longer break
43 More sleepovers!

They are fun

44 Longer days
45 You get shocked by things a lot more often in the winter


46 Don't have to worry about getting up super early for school
47 Basketball outside

Basketball is the best thing ever

48 Eat apples


49 Wearing shorts

I HATE pants - soccerobsessed

I hate having to wear jeans everyday, but in summer you can where shorts everyday.

50 Get to eat hotdogs

eat it

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