Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario 64 Is the Most Overrated Mario Game

I like this game, but this game does have some problems in my opinion!

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1 The Levels Get Less Interesting As the Game Goes On

Yeah I agree. Bob-Omb Battlefield, Whomp Fortress and Cool Cool Mountain, the first courses are great classics! But when you complete the second bowser stage, it gets really bad. Tick Tock Clock and Wet-Dry World were good. But Snowman's Land was a Cool Cool Mountain knock-off, and Tiny-Huge Island was uninteresting, and DON'T get me started on Rainbow Ride. - darthvadern

I love this game, but you have a point here! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I have to agree. - Lord28

I don't really play Mario a lot I just have suoer Mario bros and the iriginal Mario cart for the plane old normal wii - Batmaniscole

2 The Game Controls Like a Tank


3 The Music Is Bad

I like the Bowser level music, and I like the other music, but I think that the only music that has aged all that well is the Bowser level music!

I disagree. Most of the songs are amongst the best in the franchise - Randomator

I wouldn't say that. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I have to disagree, there's Peach's Castle, Bob-Omb Battlefield and Final Bowser aBattle. - darthvadern

4 The DS Port Has Awkward Controls

What does this have to do with the original? - darthvadern

5 Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Again

That happens in like 90% of the Mario Games. So if you claim this makes the game overrated then you can make the same argument for Sunshine Galaxy 1 and 2 and Odyssey - Randomator

Um there's nothing wrong with that - darthvadern

Bowser does also try to take over mushroom Castle... but still... I don't know... honestly...

6 The Voice Acting Is Terrible

It was just decent - darthvadern

So long, gay bowser

Princess Peaches voice lacked emotion to me, and Bowser's voice sounded weird to me.

Yeah, but their voices weren't incredibly bad. I have mixed feelings about peach's voice in this game, but Bowser's voice is at least better than his voice in Super Mario Sunshine. This is only my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

7 The Camera System is flawed

Super Mario Sunshine has flaws camera system too though - darthvadern

This I agree with but keep in mind it was one of the first 3D Mario games so the camera wasn’t going to be perfect - Randomator

8 The DS version has ugly, boring, unclear graphics

Has nothing to do with the game - darthvadern

Um what does this have to do with original? - Randomator

9 The Winged Cape is a Pain to Control

I agree - CrypticMemory

10 There is Not Enough Checkpoints and You Have to Get Out of the Levels Every Time You Get a Star.

I want to say something clear. First, the original is overrated, not the remake. I mean, everyone or almost say that super mario 64 ds sucks for little to no reasons compare to the awesome things the game add to the original. Second, half of the flaws mention on the top 10 are either wrong or not important. Of course, when you play the levels over and over again it gets boring, saying that peach getting kidnapped is problem means that every main mario games except 3d world are bad, you can play super mario 64 ds on the virtual console or the 3ds so that mean you use the circle pad/joystick instead and I don't know about you but the ds graphics are way better graphism then the original, especially if you take considerations of the fact that the ds is supposed to have inferior graphism! I also find the musics to be very good and I'm sorry but the voice acting is very good for the time. I'm agree with the controls and the camera however (the ds version have a better camera).

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11 The Powerups Have No Use Other Than Stars
12 Winged Cap is Hard to Control
13 Not Enough Power Ups

There's no reason to use other then getting stars
winged cap is hard to control vanish cap is fine but not useful for anything but getting to secret areas metal cap is really good but it's really slow and considering for all power ups you have a time limit it's really annoying if you argue with me I'll tell you that in 2d mario games the powerups are useful for things other then collectibles and secret exits - Yoshifan2003

There only really used for getting power ups and they all kind of suck
-the winged cap is a paian to control
-the vanish cap is cool but only used for accessing secret areas
-the metal cap is great it makes you invincible you can breath and walk underwater but it's insanely slow since you have a time limit it's really tedious to do what you need to do most of the time
and they all really have no reason to use them other then getting a star - Yoshifan2003

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