Reasons Why Super Mario Bros is Better Than Minecraft

Just So You Know, This Goes For The Entire Main Mario Series, Also Call Of Duty And Minecraft Are The Most Overrated Video Games Ever Made

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1 Mario Saved The Gaming Industry, While Minecraft Only Spawned Cancerous Fanbases

Minecraft and Mario are different things. Not very comparable things at all. - iliekpiez

Minecraft is a bad game - B1ueNew

No it didn't. It only saved console gaming as other gaming like PC gaming was fine when the video game crashed.

Mario Saved The Gaming Industry, Minecraft Spawned A Fanbase Of Youtubers Like Skydoesminecraft - VideoGamefan5

2 Mario Isn't Overrated, Minecraft Is

Mario saved gaming and deserves its fanbase or at least anyone but those who are toxic fans about the character Waluigi. Minecraft may be a good sandbox game but the fanbase is beyond toxic and I regret being a toxic 9 year old Minecraft fan back when it became popular the first time. When it became popular again, I sat and thought about it, I then realised that Mario was my true favourite game instead of Minecraft because of my love for it since I was a toddler.

Mario good, Minecraft bad.(My opinion, not yours)

Minecraft had a official Mario x Minecraft mashup pack once.

Franchises like Mario, Sonic, and The Legend of Zelda deserve their love and Minecraft's love doesn't make sense to me. - DCfnaf

Mario Deserves All The Attention - VideoGamefan5

3 Mario Bros Has Better Music

Minecraft has very charming music, but I'm gonna have to side with Mario on this one. - DCfnaf

I Like The Super Mario World Theme The Most - VideoGamefan5

Mario has the catchiest music EVER! - Princesslibby2006

The dark bowser theme is so good just one dislike is really bad

It goes just crazy good

4 Mario Has A New Game Every Year

Every Year So Make Sure You're Wallet Has Like 40 Bucks, 50 Bucks, Or 60 Bucks For A New Mario Game, Sadly This Christmas I Won't Even Bother To Get Color Splash Cause It Looks Boring I Might Even Get The Twilight Princess HD Remake Over It Or Even Mario Party: Star Rush - VideoGamefan5

In Minecraft, you can make a new game whenever you want. Well, a new world, but I create challenge games.

Mario gets new games and experiences when Minecraft just gets updates and a Story Mode Game. - DCfnaf

And Minecraft just gets bland updates since 1.10 (The Frostburn Update!? That's just SO lazy! Mojang could've done better than that! ).

5 Mario Has Loveable Characters, Minecraft Doesn't Have Any Characters

There isn't enough girl characters on minecraft! - Princesslibby2006

Minecraft doesn't have the player, Minecraft doesn't have the Ender dragon, Minecraft doesn't have cows.

This is one of my main arguments for Minecraft being overrated. There's no story, no charcaters, and no reason to get anything! Mario has a ton of charming characters like himself, Luigi, Bowser, and...WARIO! Minecraft has no characters. - DCfnaf

Minecraft Doesn't Have Characters - VideoGamefan5

6 Mario Actually Has A Plot

Even If It's The Same, It's Still Better Than Minecraft

Minecraft has NO objective; boring!

In Minecraft, you can make up a plot.

Absolutely! Oh, and not EVERY Game is saving Peach. The RPGS, Galaxy Games, Sunshine, and 3D World have different stories or goals.

7 Mario Doesn't Have a Bad Fanbase Like Minecraft Does

I'm going to have to disagree, I'm part of the Mario fanbase and I think it's horrid.

Yoshi Fans - "YOU CAN'T HATE YOSHI! " I don't have to love him either.
Toad Fans - Annoying
Wario Fans - Rude
Daisy Fans - Annoying, accuse Rosalina for stealing her Smash spot
Luigi Fans - MatPat Fanboys
Rosalina Fans - Bully fans of the other characters and are perverted
Waluigi Fans - They spam, they're stupid, they're rude, they're basically everything the other fanbases are times 10. - DCfnaf

The only bad ones are Daisy's.

Besides paulsoaresjr, there are NO good Minecraft YouTubers. And super minecraft kid is the worst out of ALL Minecraft YouTubers

Yeah, he's a bad example for kids; he teaches you to think that gold is butter!

Mario does but it's nowhere near as bad as Minecrap's - B1ueNew

8 Mario Has Real Gameplay

Nothing to do in Minecraft all you do is build and you don't accomplish ANYTHING from doing so. - DCfnaf

Like I said, there is no objective in Minecraft.

Minecraft's Gameplay Is Boring And Stupid - VideoGamefan5

No it is NOT!

9 Mario Has Better Enemies

Mario had Bowser, and Minecraft had zombies that fall over and poof if hit a few times.

Mario Obviously Has Better Enemies

Much Better Enemies - VideoGamefan5

The enemies in Mario games are better than a zombie, a spider and that... green walking penis... thing... that explodes.

10 Mario Has Better Graphics

Much Better Graphics - VideoGamefan5

It does not matter how old the game is, how do graphics change when they get old?


Graphics don't matter,but I agree that Mario is better. Both of them are both great however,and mincraft's graphics are SUPPOSED to be that way...

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Maker is Better Than Minecraft Story Mode

It's A Fair Comparison Considering These Came Out Like In September Or October 2015, - VideoGamefan5

Agree. - DCfnaf

12 Better Characters

There only baby Characters in super mario games

Yes. - DCfnaf

Except Toad

13 Mario Has Been Popular for More Than 30 Years and Minecraft Died in 2015
14 Mario Has About All His Games Good for Kids of Every Age While Minecraft is Rated Everyone 10+

Mario can be fun for kids 5 and older and mine craft nah

Little kids can't play minecraft because of the fact that there's fantasy violence when mario games are family friendly

15 Mario is Going to Have His Own Movie, Not Minecraft

They will both have movies in the year of 2022.

Super Mario: The Movie already exists but everyone hates the 1993 live action adaptation so much the movie disappeared from the face of earth, so an animated reboot for 2022 will be made as a result to make up for how bad the live action one turned out.

16 Mario Is The Most Famous Game Franchise!

Mario has been the mascot of Nintendo since 1983. Then Super Mario Bros. Was Released in 1985, It Was The Most Sold Nintendo Game For The NES. Then Minecraft Was Released in 2009, A Lot Of People Didn't Like It. The Gameplay Was Bland And Boring While Mario Is A Fun Game And Also A Family Friendly Game. Minecraft Only Has One Reason Why It Was Made; Money. Mojang Just Wanted To Create Minecraft Just Because Their Other Games Were Underrated.

17 Mario is More Fun
18 Mario Has More Color
19 Daniel T. Gaming is a better YouTuber than Super Minecraft Kid
20 Mario is More Appealing, He is a Video Game Classic and Can Never Be Forgotten
21 Minecraft does not have original ideas.
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