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1 Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Again

(Here we go again) 1 thing wrong with the top ten points on this list:
1. Peach gets kidnapped- No, bowser rips her castle out of the ground and steals the entire castle.
2. Gravity- So, the game introduces a gravity mechanic and it's still unoriginal? Which is it?
3. The controls- The controls a pretty good. People are saying they're not original. They're motion controls. Did the Gamecube have that? No
4. Rosalina introduced- Oh, sorry, are there too many female characters in the Mario universe now? Don't worry about the girls who are playing smash bros or Mario Kart and seeing a sea of males who fight, while the few women get kidnapped. Adding one that does useful things and doesn't get kidnapped is probably a stupid idea
5. The music- The MUSIC is a reason to hate the entire game? That's a bit ridiculous. What about, I don't know, Breath of the Wild. There's barely any music in that. Should I hate the entire game now?
6. The Water Levels- Water Levels suck in ...more - TheInsomniac

Yeah I know, but come on guys, this is in EVERY Mario GAME guys, it is obviously gonna be the problem in any Mario game. Frankly, because of the cinematics and great game thematics and elements, the kidnapping this game is better than in most games. It is an actually epic display and if it wasn't in every game, it would be interesting and awesome. Stop complaining because this game has a much higher quality than standard Mario games, and those are still good, so this one must be great if it is a step up from good games. If you want creativity, go play the Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi series, as they are AMAZING games with awesome and actually original storylines (and also Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, just didn't say it before because it is not part of a series). This game has the best GAMEPLAY for a Mario game and that's what really matters. The story isn't even that bad anyway, and even though it isn't original, it has higher quality and cinematics than most Mario ...more

I totally agree. Every Mario plot is the same anyway so I expected it anyway because it no surprise. Princess peach is worst then princess Elise and that is saying a whole lot

Princess Peach is suppose to get kidnapped! That’s her purpose! Without her, Mario would have no reason to fight Mario for half of his games!

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2 The Gravity Gimmick

This list should be changed to trolling funhouse. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I like the gravity gimmick, its entirley original. Only sonic lost world and angry birds uses similar physics - Harri666

Well why the hell would their be original gravity your in space for crying out loud

It was between Whorealina and the gravity, and I pick the latter because a game shouldn't make you sick

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3 The Controls

The controls themselves aren't bad, but I always hated using the nunchuck for a big adventure in need of many control inputs like this, so I always disliked these controls. Anyway, this is actually the only thing remotely bad about this game, it is a really solid game.

The controls are easy yes but nothing special at all - Chaotixhero

The easier the controls the better. Why does the control need to be special? - Hakros323

The controls are TOO easy. The controls are too easy that it not that much fun... OK sure it is but I guess the controls are not special (compared to other games) is because there's nothing much to it except the power-ups

The controls make this game an atrocity 2%

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4 Rosalina was introduced

Whoever made this comment under me is a Daisy Fan. I have news for you. Daisy hasn't been appearing in SEVERAL GAMES. Why! Cause of her bratty fans. Waluigi? Nope. Cause of his bratty fans. And it's not fair to judge a character based on their fanbase. Why does every character have to be loud and annoying? Why can people simply understand why she's bland and quiet? Does anyone listen to the stories anymore? Do I ask to many questions? - DCfnaf

This was a comment made by an immature Daisy fan. Rosalina is not a parasite. She is a queen and controls the universe. Sure, I like Daisy to, but there are good Rosalina and daisy fans and bad Rosalina and Daisy fans. Rosalina is quiet because she lost her mother. She hasn't hade an easy childhood. If YOU were Rosalina, I think you would be quiet too. This is not offending any character in any way, I am just telling you that you can't always hate chracters because of their fanbase. And yes, Rosalina hate is going way to far. Save all the hate.

Nintendo unleashed a parasite with this game. I hope they get rid of Rosalina I really don't understand why they keep shoving her down our throats.

Com’on daisy fans you are just being annoying.

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5 The Music

Heck no! The music of this game is incredible. It's different than other Mario games. It's one of the greatest parts of a phenomenal game!

Now that I think about it, the music is great. So why did I even put it here? - Chaotixhero

Because it is the only game with the Beach Bowl Galaxy/Sea Slide Galaxy music tracks & Bigmouth Galaxy/Deep Dark Galaxy music & it should be even featured in the sequel.

If the music is good then why is it on this list?

Because there were some soundtracks that were supposed to be used in the sequel.

WHAT THE HECK!?! Music like Buoy Base, Space Junk, Beach Bowl, The final Bowser battle, Battlerock and especially Gusty Garden are just a few examples. SMG is my favourite game of all time and to those who dislike this game, Stop it. Get some help.

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6 The Water Levels

Too slow Mario. It too hard to move anyway because he just spaz anywhere he wants kinda feels like Superman 64. - Chaotixhero

Water levels are natural in Mario games. I don't like a majority of them too but that doesn't make the ENTIRE GAME bad - Hakros323

Yeah Mario is slow but there's mostly shells around and that makes you move fast enough.

Mario goes too slow underwater, even it is hard to avoid enemies underwater!

All Mario water levels are bad.

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7 Unoriginal

Hon, Sonic Lost World is UNORIGINAL, it ripped off of THIS,

Get your facts right mario Galax came out in 2007 sonic lost wold came out In 2014 7 years later - epictoonsfan1

Bull. It is very innovative, just like Super Mari Sunshine and Super Mario 64! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Going into space, spinning using a luma (a baby star) under your hat to attack and launch yourself from Launch stars (that were Lumas before), using a cursor to shoot star bits to confuse enemies and feed special Lumas to become galaxys, collecting power stars to light a beckon in the middle of the comet observatory (that was shut down by bowser) so you could find your way to the engine room and power it up so you, the toad brigade (a group a toads consisting of the smart one, the working/banker one, the sleeping one who sometimes gives you half an awnser to an important question before sleeping again, the mail toad, the Captian who has a slightly big ego and HIS OWN GAME), and Roselina (the princess of the universe basically) could travel to the center of the universe to fight bowser and save the princess (from her own castle that bowser lifted with a UFO), AND the universe, is original.

That's a good thing it was time for some change anyway - YOSHIA2121

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8 The Bosses

I find the bosses very hard and than only to find out they have a simple weakness that I wasted five lives in order to figure that out.

Yeah right. For me, Kingfin is the best underwater boss in gaming. It was an interesting fight and the shell's make the underwater controls better. Why is this on the list? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Trolling funhouse here we are

Too easy or hard no normal - YOSHIA2121

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9 It's Very Overrated

This should be at least top 2. Seriously, what's the point of praising this game if liking Princess Peach's appearance instead of the gravity physics?!

I hate Peach, but I love the gameplay. You barely see Peach in the game, and you barely here her annoying voice (only when receiving letters). She's such a small part of the game that even remotely judging this game over her just doesn't seem to make sense to me... Super Mario Galaxy is one of my favorite video games of all time! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Most overrated game ever... until Galaxy 2.

There's no way this is top 20. Seriously, this should be at least top 3.

Alongside overrated sunshine kart7 and party.

10 The Voice Acting

Ryan Yao (from Canucks Autism Network) would be a great voice actor for the Penguin Coach from both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and his sister Amy Yao could voice the child penguins.

Worster then Shadow the hedgehog and Super Mario sunshine. I agree with you chaotixhero. You're good. I prefer sonic lost world more because at least that game got decent voice acting

I wish the Mario games have extensive voice acting again. Also, here's the worst part of the voice acting: Princess Peach's voice!

Ehh... There's not much talking in SMG it's mostly Mario speaking while you move around and there's no problem with his voice actor.

In the beginning when I heard Peach... As much as I like her, MY GOD WHY!?

eh - YOSHIA2121

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11 It Has a Sequel

I hate both Mario Galaxy games, especially because of Princess PEach & infrequent penguins in SMG2.

I agree and disagree

And the sequel is... Better with music but worster with controls - Chaotixhero

So, galaxy 2 is even better than galaxy 1 - YOSHIA2121

12 An awful story

Shut your pie hole! This story is fantastic! Well, Rosalina's anyway. - DCfnaf

F you! It introduced Rosalina the best character in Mario and probably top 5 for best game character and her backstory is amazing as well as her character in general!

13 The Hub World

It's stupid and belongs to the most hated Mario character, Space Peach

I like the hub world! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Rosalina haters ruin everything - yunafreya648

what - YOSHIA2121

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14 Terrible Power-ups

Boo Mario is an awesome power up! The ability to be a boo is awesome. Spring Mario sucks though as it's uncontrollable and Bee Mario feels slow flying and is pretty useless besides for climbing on honey walls.

The only thing that is fair here is that the terrible power ups are terrible.

The power ups are sweet - YOSHIA2121

I didn’t like how the Fire Flower And Ice Flower were timed, but then again, if it weren’t, it would have been an incredibly easy game. And the boo mushroom, didn’t like how you could only be invisible for like.5 seconds then your visible again. But then again, if it could stay visible, lots of glitches in the making. With Bee Mario, you can’t go really high, and in some cases, (okay most cases) it’s usually fatal. And spring mushroom? I need a whole article on how bad that is.

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15 Similar Galaxies

Now that you think about it...

Honeycomb galaxy and gold leaf galaxy. Enough said - Chaotixhero

Dreadnought and space storm

maybe - YOSHIA2121

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16 Princess Daisy Was Not In The Game

Agreed she is only in ONE main game and heck I think Nintendo is gonna comepletely forget about her and why the heck in rosalina everywhere now? Its only been like 8 years and daisy has been around for 26! They did not even do anything for her 25th anniversary!

Princess Daisy is way better than Princess Peach. And you may know why.

Princess Daisy is a bad character, I can still agree.

Thank good she wasn't! I don't want no whinny, dumb, poser ruining a good game that has the goddess Rosalina in it!

I hate,that people Say Daisy is Peach clone but really Rosalina is a Peach Clone they have the same voice and Rosalina just looks like Peach in a different hair style and wears a blue Dress

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17 Sonic: Lost World Is Better Than This

Who ever put this here, Thank you! I don't care what some of you will say, Sonic lost world is way better and just because it on the Wii U doesn't mean it has worst controls. The controls are great once you get use to them and at least sonic lost world has challenge while Mario galaxy is a cakewalk

I agree strongly. Super Mario Galaxy is awful & would've been a perfect game until Princess Peach was in this game instead of Princess Daisy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 exists.

Sonic lost world is boring. The gravity gimick is a rip off, and barley any speed, and the whips were just added with no story to them or anything just to add more use for the gamepacd

That how I feel about super Mario Galaxy. Everything what you said except almost something - Chaotixhero

No it isn't - YOSHIA2121

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18 Too Easy

A game does not have to be hard to be fun

Super Mario Galaxy's difficulty gets higher if you go far into the game. Even most comet levels are hard - bugger

This isn't even an issue, it should be easy to start with, and there are a number of levels that are hard. It only becomes "too easy" if you have already beaten those levels, or SMG2.

This was the main reason I didn't Like the galaxy games I like a challenge and see how challenging 64 and sunshine were I expecting much higher and Galaxy was way too short too even beating 100%.

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19 Princess Peach Getting Angry

I don't like Peach but give me one scene where she got angry! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Trust me, she has an awful temper. Do you believe so, Chaotixhero?

Peach sucks but she never got angry in this game. Give me one scene wher eshe did! - HeavyDonkeyKong

so - YOSHIA2121

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20 Frustrating Missions

The one where you had to navigate Mario in a bubble away from bombs while over poisonus water was frusturating, I'll give you guys THAT one... - HeavyDonkeyKong

Agh I hate racing Shadow Mario in that first bee galaxy

21 No Frog Suit

Actually, it is hard to control on land see Nathaniel Bandy's video on Top 5 Worst Mario power ups/Smash bros items and he'll tell you all about the frog suit. But yes, along with the penguin suit, makes swimming much easier. - recaller

And I thought people hated the frog suit.

so what - YOSHIA2121

22 Princess Peach's quotes

She barely has any! How does she ruin the game if she only appears a few times?!? - HeavyDonkeyKong

If she was voiced by Leslie Swan, you fanboys would probably love this game1You are hating an amazing game over one characters voice! WHY?!? - HeavyDonkeyKong

She sucks but at least it isn't pink gold peach - YOSHIA2121

Her awful yelling.Also Mario voice too.

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23 Princess Peach gave us the evil eye in the beginning of the game

She sucks! I don't know why people would like this game's story!

Peach sucks but give me one scene where she did - HeavyDonkeyKong

This makes no sense - TheKirbyCreeper999

Okay, I've seen the beginning TWICE I've seen nothing close resembling this 'evil eye' people been b***hing about this is horsecrap =/

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24 This Game is Not a Crossover

I know this is a Mario-only game, but guess what? Crossover character could've been featured in this game although this I a Mario-only title. I find crossovers to be fairly underrated.

Why does this matter?

Does every game have to be a crossover? - TheYoshiPyro64

eh - YOSHIA2121

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25 Princes Peach's Voice

LOL she only speaks in the beginning and in letters. And what you people don't have a 'MUTE' button on your remote LOL

What's so good about Princess Peach's voice?! She had a much better voice in old games like SM64 & Super Paper Mario. Agreed, Chaotixhero?

26 This Game is Harder Than Its Sequel

This contradicts a previous entry - DCfnaf

Oh just because it's harder it's bad. This is how I know this list is made by an 8-year old - GamingGoku757

27 Princess Peach let herself fall very close to going into a giant wormhole that could lead her to death

Princess Peach should really get grounded for getting grounded. she is seriously letting herself be treated like a toddler girl.

Yes, HeavyDonkeyKong. But is Modern Amy Rose did the same things Princess Peach did in modern Super Mario games, I would ground her big time. SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE DAINTY! >:(

28 Lack of Donkey Kong, Princess Daisy, the Wario Bros., Yoshi & crossover characters

Donkey kong isn't in any main series Mario games. He has his one series. You wer eokay with daisy not being in Mario 64, weren't you? - HeavyDonkeyKong

It would've been cool if more good characters were here, but not crossover characters.

Captain Toad's in this game so it rocks

DK and Wario has their own series (Wario actually has/had TWO). Daisy is just a whinny, b****y, bratty, poser that would actually RUIN the game, and Yoshi is just overrated. Oh, almost forgot about that Wario & Luigi mix ripoff, but who really gives an f about him LOL!

Rosalina's introduction and appearance is good enough for extra characters and the Toad brigade was ok as well...

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29 The Purple Coins
30 The Ending

The ending sure sucks! Re: after Princess Peach fall from the airship/being free from getting kidnapped, she gets very insane and angry at the beginning of the ending cutscene. I mean, come on! Peach was about to fall into the wormhole to die in here. This is all Peach's fault. Seriously, why doesn't she wear a bun?! The sequel should've had the end of the universe, not this game. Who knows? Maybe Super Mario Galaxy 3 will have a similar ending to Super Mario Galaxy. Also, guess what? It's not at all fair that Prince Peach just did not do anything in this game. And the Star Festival should have been in the sequel of Super Mario Galaxy instead.

Oh that ending... gave me a little tear. The third I like from this game
The second is two of the levels and the first is the music - Chaotixhero

This is the ending the sequel shall have, not the original!

The ending was awesome!

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31 It Is The Reason Why Sonic Lost World Is Bad

I enjoyed sonic lost world but thanks to this stupid game, not even Sonic can be a little creative. I bet pac-man can't make one without someone yelling on the internet it's a rip off - Chaotixhero

People! Mario went into space in super Mario land 2: six golden coins! Mario did NOT rip off sonic! LOOK IT UP! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sonic lost world copied super Mario galaxy

Oh My Gosh!, Stop Comparing Mario Galaxy And Sonic Lost World For God's Sake - VideoGamefan5

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32 The Glitches

I would just like to say that there were no glitches that if found and that I read that this game is like sonic extreme but I also think that it used ideas from super Mario 128 so how is it a ripoff? - HeavyDonkeyKong

What glitches?

No glitches. - DCfnaf

33 Princess Peach's Overall Appearance
34 Princes Peach Causing Trouble In This Game

She didn't cause trouble she was too busy being held hostage. - HeavyDonkeyKong

She also gets kidnappe dis super Mario 64! But you seemed to like that! - HeavyDonkeyKong

My lord stop putting down Peach! She’s a sweetheart that cares for people like Mario and her friends! She’s the damsel in distress so she’s suppose to get captured so Mario can rescue her after his mission! Do you guys want to play as Mario and finish the game with no reward or purpose?

35 This Game Was Supposed to Have the Same Graphics of Super Mario 64 (on the N64)

Super Mario 64 for the N64 has much better graphics. Galaxy has silly graphics and made Princess Peach look like a violent bastard.

Super Mario 64 is the best video game ever (mainly the N64 version).

Super Mario Galaxy was horrible in general. I so agree with this list.

This visitor is an idiot. Stop going on lists and trashing peach. We get it. - DCfnaf

Oh god why? Yes 64's graphics where good AT THE TIME but hello 2007 why would they have 64's graphics? Thank goodness they made it look so much better. I am still in awe when I play the game even in 2015!

The Wii ois more technically advanced than the Nintendo 64's graphics. If this game had the same graphics as 64, lot of people would probably complain in my opinion! Besides, Graphics are jsut a bonus! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I grew up with this game. Sorry. I can't agree with you - DCfnaf

36 Princess Peach's Dress

Worst clothing in gaming, ever! Why get used to it?! This should be top 1.

Its also in Mario 64, which is awesome, but this game is awesome too! - HeavyDonkeyKong

That dress is in nearly every Mariog ame where she appears, including super Mario 64! So, why do you only hate the dress in this game? - HeavyDonkeyKong

37 Lack of Crossover Characters

None of the main series games have crossover characters! - HeavyDonkeyKong

38 The Increased Difficulty

Actually, I found Mario 64 and Mario sunshine harder than this! - HeavyDonkeyKong

39 The Star Festival

That is nly at the begginning of the game! - HeavyDonkeyKong

40 The CGI

IT'S A VIDEO GAME IDIOT! - GamingGoku757

41 Princess Peach not freeing herself from being kidnapped

She didn't in super Mario 64 and you seem to be fine with that! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Bad character. Reason Amy rose is better!


42 This is the only game with Kamella in it

That would make it better than the other Mario games wouldn't it?

43 Harder Than the Sequel

I actually found the sequel to be harder. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well, itdoesdepend. Super Mario Galaxy is said to be not too hard for the average person. But Super Mario Galaxy 2 is proven with increased difficulty.

44 Princess Peach's attributes

Worst things about Super Mario Galaxy ever! This should come in top 2.

So now the princess helping you is bad. I thought the princess didn't do it, and you hated that.

45 The beginning
46 Princess Peach ruining this game

Uh no she barley appears on screen =/

No, Rosalina haters ruin this game - yunafreya648

47 The story
48 Lack of originality
49 Princess Peach's cowardice & pessimism

And this is why Rosalina is better. MUCH better. She teaches us great lessons and that gals can be as strong as guys, but Princess Peach is VERY bad for kids. She teaches children to be extremely negative, grouchy (like she is), bossy, annoying and with that "There's nothing wrong with Princess Peach or any other girly-girl, tomboys are awful! " personality.

Peach isn't grouchy, she is just ditzy. That's why she sucks. ANd so does Daisy! Rosalina is awesome though! - HeavyDonkeyKong

"And this is why Rosalina is better. MUCH better. She teaches us great lessons and that gals can be as strong as guys, but Princess Peach is VERY bad for kids. She teaches children to be extremely negative, grouchy (like she is), bossy, annoying and with that "There's nothing wrong with Princess Peach or any other girly-girl, tomboys are awful! " personality."

Peach doesn't teach that lesson in Smash? Or SMRPG? Or a couple PM games? Or in SPP?

Peach is never negative or grouchy you Peach haters just pull bs out your ass to make your argument look better. She's always sweet, stopped a fight with tea, befriended and rescued Mimi despite Mimi being mean to her, invites Mario over to the castle for no reason... She's not bossy. If you think she is, then never ask for help, or expect your friend to do anything even if it's from a KIDNAPPER because than by your thinking your being 'bossy'. There IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GIRLY-GIRLS YOU DUMB HATERS and she has ...more

What are you talking about? Getting kidnapped = 'cowardice'? What are you people on? That is HORSECRAP! And if you think getting around Bowser and his minions to give Mario 1ups is 'cowardly' I don't know what to tell you. And I don't know how she was pessimist when she SAYS IN HER 1UP LETTERS THAT SHE KNOWS Mario WILL RESCUE HER!

Most you Peach haters are monrons.

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50 Cowardly Females

So Peach is expecte dto fight a giant fire breathing turtle and get herself killed? - HeavyDonkeyKong


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