Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Sunshine is Better Than Super Mario 64

Here are my reasons why Super Mario Sunshine is better than 64.

The Top Ten

1 Each stage has a theme and fits with the island environment. They are not completely random like in Mario 64.

I like both games, but super Mario sunshine is my childhood! - nintendofan126

2 Fludd gives you more control over Mario.
3 Much better graphics.

Graphics don't make the game. I agree that sunshine is better. But this reason is invalid. - nintendofan126

Super Mario 64 has a very underrated N64 presentation. Unlike Foodfight, Super Mario 64's block-like graphics are incredibly artistic (heck, maybe even more so than LEGO). Super Mario Sunshine's presentation is rather bland, run-of-the-mill for GameCube standards, unlike the universally underrated Super Monkey Ball (I am mainly speaking for the original duology).

4 There's more to the story than just "peach gets kidnapped" (although this does happen).
5 It's not as difficult.

Really? Try collecting all the blues coins. - nintendofan126

Lol this list is bad - YakkoWakkoDot

6 It's got an AMUSEMENT PARK.
7 People like 64 better because of nostalgia.
8 It has better swimming.
9 You can see other stages in the background, meaning it was more elaborately mapped out.
10 It has better camera control.

The Contenders

11 The final boss is better
12 The cutscenes actually have full voice acting

So does Super Mario 64, kind of, just from Leslie Swan's wanted performance as Princess Peach.

13 No reason at all, SM64 is overheated for the reasons I love it with a burning passion
14 Each world is much more elaborate and open for exploration, instead of being linear.

Super Mario 64 has worlds that just require you yo go from one end to another, but Super Mario Sunshine allows you to explore every world thoroughly and find every secret.

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