Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Sunshine is the Best Mario Game Ever

My pick for the top ten reasons why SMS is the best Mario game ever. Agree or disagree? Share your opinions and vote!

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1 It's unique

Definitely the uniquest mario game in the main series - darthvadern

Most Mario games follow a formula.You know the one; goomba stomping, Koopalings after every world, basic story-line where Peach is kidnapped (by Bowser, obviously),? -blocks and other crap like that. Sunshine completely changes it up and makes things a lot more interesting. Sure, Peach get kidnapped, but not right away, and the story is much more interesting than the ones in other games. Goombas and Koopas are nowhere to be found, the Koopalings aren't annoyingly scattered throughout the game. If you never liked the Mario series to begin with, maybe this game will change your mind. - Qadzooks

2 Amazing soundtrack

Easily my favorite soundtrack in the Mario series. - Qadzooks

Gelato Beach has the best song in the game - darthvadern

3 Tight, responsive controls

SM64 had some of the most unreliable controls I've ever seen. In that game, one moment you'd be perfectly fine, but then you'd accidentally brush against a slope and suddenly you'd be flying off Tiny-Huge Island. SMS doesn't have that problem at all. In Sunshine, I felt like Mario always went exactly where I wanted him to go. There isn't any of that awkward, unreliable momentum jump that Mario has had in other games. Mario also doesn't feel so oddly floaty like in Super Mario Galaxy. - Qadzooks

Nope, these controls remind me of Super Mario 64, but only slightly better, FLUDD makes these controls slightly tolerble but if you've played the secret levels you know how obnoxious the controls are - darthvadern

4 It has F.L.U.D.D.

I agree so much, it's such a creative power-up, the rocket fludd is the best in my opinion - darthvadern

Do you like the spin-jump from SMG? FLUDD is even better. When you give Mario the ability to hover using a high-pressure water thingy, you're making the best game ever. - Qadzooks

5 Open worlds

Super Mario 64 may have had open worlds but they felt very small and they also felt like they were some sort of cage, in Sunshine they all feel like you're free - darthvadern

Sure, SM64 had open worlds too, but these worlds feel even more open, because they are. SMS has a lot to explore and do, like collecting 100 coins, red coins, and blue coins. - Qadzooks

6 Deeper story-line

I already mentioned this, but still; this game has a story-line like no other Mario game. Mario goes on vacation and is framed for spreading messy goop all over the island he arrives at. MARIO GOES TO JAIL! You see what I mean? You won't be getting any of this from other games. - Qadzooks

Agreed - darthvadern

7 Variety in levels

I love how all worlds are vacation themed but still manage to be completely different! That's creative! Sirena Beach and Pinna Park stand out as the best worlds in the game - darthvadern

SMS isn't just platform after platform after platform. Sometimes you have to solve 'intense' puzzles, clean up messes with your FLUDD, ride high-speed bloopers and win a race against the clock, or beat a man dressed as a pianta in a footrace. This game never gets old. If it should tire you for even a second, don't worry; you might be cleaning out the mouth of an eel in just a moment. - Qadzooks

8 It has Bowser in a hot tub

Isn't this alone a good reason to pick up this game? - Qadzooks

Spoilers - darthvadern

9 Secrets everywhere

This game certainly has its fair share of secrets and easter eggs. I consider that a plus. - Qadzooks

10 Blissfully challenging

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11 It's the only good GameCube Game

Ya know

12 It holds so many memories

Literally my childhood

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