Top 10 Reasons Why Super Paper Mario Is Better Than Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Super Paper Mario will always be better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. In fact, this is the best Mario RPG ever besides Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the 7 Stars. I will never know how Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is more higher-rated than Super Paper Mario.

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1 Better Story

Only true thing on the list, best storyline ever, but ttyd was still great

Both stories were FANTASTIC in my opinion. Frankly, I love both games so much, so I wish people would just stop saying "Super Paper Mario is better and TTYD is TRASH" for stupid reasons that don't affect your enjoyment of the game too much. If you legitimately can't like it due to preference and opinion, then fine, just recognize why others like it and don't dismiss something based on something trivial like graphics, Peach's voice, or the systems they were on.

Despite the abstract-looking art style, the characters are all complex and interesting, and the story is incredibly well written. It's probably the best story in any Mario game to date, surpassing even TTYD in my opinion. - DemonSpider253

Both gamse have among the best stories ever in a mario game, while Super has the higher ground, TTYD isn't at the lowest ground (that title goes to the NSMB series) - darthvadern

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2 It Has Better Graphics

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door may be a great game that we have all come to know & love, but Super Paper Mario is a groundbreaker! Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario game ever!

1. paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 9.75/10
2. Paper Mario 9.75/10
3. Super Paper Mario 9.0/10
4. Paper Mario: Sticker Star 6.0/10
As you can see, I am not putting down the original Paper Mario in favor of Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door! As you can also see, I am not putting down Super Paper Mario in favor of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! - HeavyDonkeyKong

And graphics are what makes a game awesome? I know PLENTY of games whose graphics probably could have been better but still hold a special place in my heart they were so good - Antifi

More like the other way around - darthvadern

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3 Super Paper Mario is a Groundbreaker Whilst Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Should Not Even Exist

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: you only have to save a town called Rougeport.

Super Paper Mario: you save the whole universe that is being taken over within the universe! BEST PLOT EVER!

So your reason for TTYD being bad is that TTYD is bad? THAT MAKES NO SENSE! GIVE US A LEGITIMATE REASON and maybe we wouldn't fight to disagree since we would be able to respect your opinion, since it would actually then be legitimate.

If TTYD didn't exist, then Super would not exist either! Get some study before adding items! - darthvadern

COMPLETELY disagree. I mean, SPM is the groundbreaker, yes, but TTYD is still one of the best Mario games out there. It's my fourth favorite Mario RPG. - Garythesnail

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4 Princess Peach Doesn't Let Herself Get Kidnapped & Does Not Have a Whiny Voice

Yay! It's Leslie Swan, who voiced her in Super Mario 64! Compared to Jen Taylor, Swan's voice is better and much less annoying.

I liked Princess Peach's voice in Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64! Made her more charming.

So when she's kidnapped by Bowser she let herself get kidnapped, but not by count bleck?
Annoying voices have nothing to do with the gameplay. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Um she was kidnapped in both games, and you never saw in any of them if she let herself. Besides it wasn't even Bowser in neither of the two games - darthvadern

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5 It Is Less Annoying

U guys suck

eh - YOSHIA2121

6 It Is Much Less Confusing

The Thousand Year Door has such confusing texts. And it makes no sense.

Super Paper Mario is a lot more confusing, well at least for me anyway

Super paper mario is A-B ttyd is an amazing adventure thru a huge land

That doesn't change the fact that it is still super confusing (that maze near the end, ugh! ) - darthvadern

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7 Its Theme is Futuristic Instead of Medieval

Well to me it seemed somewhat urban with you getting mobbed in the beginning and getting involved with a gang.

None of them are medieval in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

The only "medieval" part may be Chapter 1 but that's it - darthvadern

That has nothing to do with it - Antifi

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8 Super Paper Mario Has Better Music Than The Thousand-Year Door

The original Paper Mario has 8/10 perfect music!

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door has 4/10 perfect music.

Super Paper Mario has 10+/10 perfec music!

Paper Mario: Sticker Star has 1/10 perfect music.

The ultimate show is the best

Agreed. Both have great soundtracks, but the music of SPM is just amazing. - Garythesnail


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9 Better Partners

If only this list became "Top 10 Reasons Why Super Paper Mario is Way Better Than Paper Mario: Sticker Star".

The pixls are needed to perform basic actions that you usually can get in TTYD without partners. They are kinda annoying to switch between and have a bit less story.

The Pixls aren't partners though - darthvadern

Actually, TTYD's partners had something called a BACKSTORY! - HeavyDonkeyKong

10 Has Stronger Plot

Paper Mario has quite a strong plot, though it gets a mixed to positive reception.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door did not nail it. It's so unoriginal and the paper airplane was UNREASONSABLE!

Super Paper Mario has the best plot ever, conquering the universe within the universe, COOL!

Paper Mario: Sticker Star has a plot which you would want to never check out.

I have played TTYD (don't kill me) but as far as I know, super paper mario has one of the his plots ever!

Ok I wont Kill you *puts away all Nukes, knives and chickens*

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11 TTYD Is Overrated

I disliked your comment. I have reasons to currently love all Paper Mario games that are older than the overrated Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

So is Mario Party 2! - darthvadern

very - Antifi

true - YOSHIA2121

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12 Flipside Is 1000 Times Better Than Rogueport

Flipside Is Better And Have An Opposite Version Of It! And For Rogueport... I Never Play That Game Before And Rogueport Sucks - CuteGirlJigglypuff

I found Rogueport more interesting because it was a much less peaceful place. Lots of crime outside the west area. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Rogueport looks like a reference to racism.

Flipside looks like it was made by godly hands.

Rogueport is better more areas flipside is good but it just kinda lacks for me

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13 Much Better Bosses

The bosses all have special elements and attacks, as well as weaknesses. The battle system has much more room for freedom

not really - YOSHIA2121

14 This Game Has Better Color & Definition

Its because the Wii has better graphics than the gamecube, people! - HeavyDonkeyKong

The Wii is more advanced than the gamecube and 64. That's only reason! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Yeah I think Super paper mario has really good colors and definition. I mean it's so good and dynamic I wish I could draw like that! my favorite art design of the game is the tree in chapter 1 but ttyd is ok I mean every body has their opinion.

Paper Mario is LD (LD stands for low definition), yet a classic! Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is and (and stands for normal definition) but is insipid! Super Paper Mario is HD (HD stands for high definition) and is perfect! Paper Mario: Sticker Star is fairly HD and the worst Paper Mario EVER! Paper Mario for Wii U would be very HD.

And yes, Super Paper Mario has irresistible color. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is long yet looks unfinished!

15 More Super Mario Based

This is true, and it all comes down to opinion, but if anything, I liked how TTYD was less Super Mario bases since it was something new and not just another generic Mario game (although those are still good). I absolutely love both SPM and TTYD, but to me, the things that make the Paper Mario series and the rest of the Mario RPG's so great is that it stays within the Mario universe and logic, but thinks outside the box and does amazing new things you wouldn't normally see in a Mario game...until Nintendo changed the series to become more generic and less about what Paper Mario was all about! I like Sticker Star a bit, and Color Splash looks decent, but having them be just similar to normal Mario without story, original characters, original bosses, and RPG elements ruins what the series was meant to do! Bring back games like the first 3 and we'll all be happier.

This is one of the few true reasons on the list. SPM is my all-time favorite game, but I haven't played TTYD. It looks fun, though. I just feel that Super Paper Mario had such a brilliant idea, it likely knows no rivalry. - Garythesnail

Making an rpg a platformer isn't a good idea

16 Super Paper Mario Is Much More Epic Than The Thousand-Year Door

Yeah, I said it! Super Paper Mario is 1000 times better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Well this might be true

17 Better Side Quests

I did not find very many side quests in Super Paper Mario.

18 Super Paper Mario Has Much Fresher Gameplay
19 The Chapters Are Better
20 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is too long & no fun

I never liked Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door anyways. Worst Paper Mario ever. Now I am not saying that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is all bad. I mean, Super Paper Mario is awesome & will be forever over a thousand times better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Wow u critizize a game for being too long? Wow super paper mario is like the same length u lazy idiots who hate ttyd super paper mario is good in facts its great! But I fail to see how it's better then TTYD

21 Super Paper Mario is a Wii game w/ PMTTYD being a GameCube game

So is suppose that modern warfare 3 for the Wii is better than super smash bros melee for the gamecube? Yeah right! - HeavyDonkeyKong

So you're judging the games based on what console it's on?

Um, Super Paper Mario was originally going to be on the Gamecube! Why does all these troll items exists? - darthvadern

I hate ttyd because it's a classic game what kind is that.

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22 Funnier Dialogue

Use Bowser with cutscenes (like the one in chapter three when facing Dimentio) and also the dialogue between peach and Francis. Pixels can be funny too - Nothing0000000000000003

Super Paper Mario has much better dialogue anyways than TTYD. TTYD SUCKS!

23 Better Name

This is also just an opinion. Also, this is just a generic name that would be for any Mario game, while TTYD is more specific and interesting, even if you don't like it.

Super Paper Mario is pherhaps one of the most boring titles you get have for a Paper Mario game! Shame, because the actual game is a masterpiece!

The Thousand-Year Door is one of the best titles for a mario game! - darthvadern

24 Super Paper Mario Has Better Platforming

That's because super paper Mario is actually a platformer. The thousnd yea rdoor is not. - HeavyDonkeyKong

25 The Characters Don't Sound As Unreasonable
26 More Beautiful Atmosphere
27 Better Voice Acting
28 More Than 2 Dimensions

Ummm... TTYD was not 2D

29 Bowser As the Good Guy

And how is this good? Bowser is supposed to be an antagonist, not a good guy!

Well some of us have gotten tired of there only being one master villain. - Antifi

30 Princess Peach Had a Better Voice

This should be in the top 5s. Seriously, Princess Peach was much better in Super Paper Mario than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Nothing to do with the gameplay. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I don't care who voices her. I can tolerate I no matter how bad I is. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I hate how people hate games for princess peach she doesn't have annoying voice in TTYD

31 More Drama
32 Better Colour
33 Better Known
34 Better Ending

I LOVE this game's ending. It's so tragic, and so memorable.

35 Better Prologue
36 You Could Actually Get More Points Than in TTYD
37 Much Better Visuals
38 Better Emphasis
39 Much Better Gameplay
40 Princess Peach Was Much Better In This Game

Princess Peach's voice actress Leslie Swan is more underrated than the ones who gave her an overrated, dainty voice.

I know! Peach would be better if she didn't have that high-pitched voice we hear today. They should change the voice actress of Peach again so she would sound less annoying.

Leslie Swan was great. I wish she voiced Peach again.

I agree with this, you can play as her, she floats in the air, and best of all, her parasol (I think that's what it's called) can protect you and NO attack can hurt you! Super Dimentio was much easier with her (though still hard, but Bowser and Mario would have been so much harder! ). - darthvadern

41 Much Better Battle System
42 Much More Creative
43 Much Better Voice Acting

Who cares about voice acting in a mario game? - darthvadern

44 Much Better Themes
45 Much more fun
46 More Unique Than TTYD
47 Super Paper Mario Has a Much Stronger Emphasis
48 A much stronger plot
49 Super Paper Mario is much more creative
50 The Shadow Queen sucks!

Lol thanks for the laugh. - HeavyDonkeyKong

The shadow queen was awesome a very challenging battle. - HeavyDonkeyKong

The Shadow Queen was a pathetic excuse for a final boss. Count Bleck wasa perfect excuse for a final boss, though! TTYD lost its potential to be great.
Super Paper Mario is beyond perfect.

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