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1 Too many unwanted characters

Agreed that Bayonetta is way too sexy and inappropriate for this game, and her own games are overrated anyway. Yeah, I can just not buy her, but I still have to endure everyone else talking about her being in this game.

Bayonetta and Cloud are coming soon but I think Bayonetta is too sexy and inappropriate for a kid's game. And Cloud... I just don't like him for some reason. - PrincessKiana

Couldn't disagree more about Rosalina and Peach since they're actually my mains, but Corrin for the sole purpose of promoting his/her/its game and Bayonetta who shouldn't have been THAT popular with Smash's audience, definitely unwanted.

With the ballot winner being chosen, you'd have thought highly popular characters like Shantae would have gotten in, but NO! Instead, they add a promotional character that clearly didn't win! One that should NEVER have appeared in a game rated E10, anyway! Why did they put in Bayonetta!? Shantae was a MUCH better choice and MUCH more popular!

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2 Too many Fire Emblem characters

I don't think it's too many. It's fine the way it is. Besides, there hasn't been enough Fire Emblem representation in the older Super Smash Bros. games. Heck, there are even no FE trophies in Melee other than just the two playable characters. Also remember that this is a franchise that has TONS of characters, with an all-new cast introduced in every two games in the series.

I agree having non iconic characters really makes them vague and since they have the OP counter they just might be here for the reason of being OP

Well Sue Me, because My Smash Main Is A Fire Emblem Character, - VideoGamefan5

Love the serie,hate the characters in smash.

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3 No Touhou characters
4 No adventure mode

I gotta agree. I was so disappointed when I discovered there was no adventure mode. They should make it in the next one, along with 8 player smash. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Legit the best part about brawl was the adventure mode

Adventure mode was awesome! It makes me really angry that Smash 4 doesn't have one!

i was sad - Sponebobsthebest

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5 Too many characters with swords

So... we're just going to forget one of the most important weapons in Video Games and military history? Look at who we'd lose if we did so:
Toon Link
Cloud Strife
The Female Fire Emblem Character whose name I forget
Pit and Dark Pit

These characters all use the sword differently as to warrant appearing. It would be like saying too many cartoony characters...

What? Swords are like the #1 weapon in video games. Well, maybe #2 since Call of Duty is so popular. But really. I personally do not have a problem with sword characters. - Matt0418

THIS is your reason? "too many characters with swords"? You're kidding, right? - Garythesnail

Too many anime sword users

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6 Many characters are over powered

All of them are - Nateawesomeness

So? , I Don't Have A Problem With That - VideoGamefan5

No they aren't

Yeah, greninja is too powerful

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7 Online spammers

Well You Can't Blame The Game (It Rhymes, lol), Its Other People Who Are Playing It Too - VideoGamefan5



8 Too many non-Nintendo characters

I can forgive Sonic, Mega Man, Pac Man, Ryu, and Cloud due to their iconic status in the gaming world at large, but Bayonetta?

Sonic, Mega Man, Pac Man, Ryu, Cloud Strife and Bayonetta are the only ones I can think of who appear as playable fighters in the game. I don't think that's too many, as it is just enough. Keep in mind that any non-Nintendo character who appears are just 'guest characters' and these are common in a lot of games these days, so SSB isn't the only one.

One non-Nintendo character is too many. Nintendo may include any characters they want, but it takes away from the game.

Three of which would have been more at home in Playstation Battle Royale (and remember that Bayonetta 1 wasn't Wii or Wii U exclusive and 2 didn't have to be).

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9 It doesn't teach you how to fight in-game

This is a blessing. I hate it when games force me to go through boring, dragged-out tutorials that prevent me from playing the actual game. I prefer learning as I play. - ShuhBanggg

At first when I got the game, I didn't know what to do but now I think I'm a fairly good player with certain characters like Little Mac and Rosalina. I just wish it did so new players won't be confuzzled. - PrincessKiana

It's the most simple fighting game out there just go to the practice mode and learn there moves - samanime

I don't even own the game, but I played this great game before, and this list has one correct item. - Therandom

Not really, they don't teach you anything that is really useful while fighting those Tournament douchebags who are way too good at the game

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10 Not enough Mario characters

It actually has plenty of Mario characters and as a matter of fact, being Nintendo's flagship series, there are more Mario reps than anything else. Even Bowser Jr. has all seven Koopalings as his alternate costumes. I'm sure if there's a new character in a future game that ends up being popular, like how Rosalina is today, it will end up to be a fighter in a future Super Smash Bros., but we'll see.

It's actually good they don't have too many. Wouldn't it get kinda boring if there were only Mario characters?

Peter Griffin: Oh My God!, Who The HELL Cares?! - VideoGamefan5

There's like 7 Mario characters, and 6 Pokemon characters, apparently 7 isn't enough, and 6 is too many according to this list - VideoGamefan5

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11 Too many Pokemon characters

I like Pokemon but I respect your opinion. Not all of them say their names and they only say their names in the anime series. In the games, they each have their own battle cry that sounds similar to a real animal's. Some Pokemon do use human speech, such as Mewtwo and Lucario, so not all of them say their names all the time.

Actually, it is Nintendo's 2nd biggest franchise, so it should have at least 20% of the roster in my opinion

Well all the Pokemon characters are awesome exept jigglypuff - Nateawesomeness

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12 Because Melee fans are stuck in the past

The reason why Super Smash Bros. Melee is better in my opinion is because like, back in brawl the graphics were great how Mario has jean patterns on his overalls and in Smash 4, he has plain blue overalls. I like melee graphics better than Smash 4's graphics. I like how there is not a single non-Nintendo character in this game (So did the first one). Jigglypuff is so ruined in Super Smash 4. Jigglypuff's eyes and mouth is ruined. Melee Jigglypuff is way cuter. Enough said... - bugger

This is the reason people think it sucks. Everybody whines about the ONE problem with Brawl(occasional tripping), and they want 5,000 new DLC characters in Smash 4, while they don't even notice that both those games have 10 times more material(and better overall material). - Garythesnail

Melee? , What Is This? , 2008? - VideoGamefan5

That's not true, I saw Hungybox last weekend

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13 No Hyperdimension Neptunia girls

We need Nep Nep and Noire

14 Too many clone characters

Sometimes clones can be changed or improved. Luigi used to be a Mario clone, but now he has a few different moves that distinguish him from his own brother.

I agree, clone characters are annoying. Dr. Mario is almost identical to Mario, Dark Pit is almost identical to Pit, *flame shield* Toon Link is nearly identical to Link. - Garythesnail

There only 3 clones Melee had like 7 it doesn't have too many clones.

Despite the many clones, I miss Young Link and Wolf. R.I.P.

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15 The big Smash Ballot

Given that Bayonetta didn't actually win (was said to just be "very popular in Europe"/"within the top 5"- had she actually won outright they would have said so) and the more I hear the claim that while she's not first-party Nintendo "saved" her home series, I'm starting to wonder if the ballot was just for show and to earn Nintendo PR points when in actuality they had planned to put Bayonetta in anyway no matter who actually won.

Are we absolutely sure this isn't to blame for Cloud's presence as well as Bayonetta's? No, I don't think either of them belongs in Smash.

A.k.a. why that overhyped stripper is in this game now and we're probably stuck with her in future installments

They should have just added the Inklings to promote Splatoon (Splatoon came out after Smash 4) or something like that, not let a bunch of clueless, crazed fanboys decide who should be in.

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16 Awful music re-arrangements

There's not that many Smash 4 exclusive remixes, but a ton of them are far inferior to the original songs. I'm looking at you In The Space Pirate Ship and Xenoblade Chronicles Medley.

I don't agree to any of those. Many remixes are awesome! (An Obstacle in Our Path is a great example).

Smiles and Tears! What have they done to you?!? - WarriorCatsHater

I agree

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17 Removal of good characters

The Ice Climbers were this close to actually being in the Wii U version, but no can't have characters exclusive to one version or the other despite having some modes, trophies, and stages be console-exclusive.

Waluigi sucks he doesn't deserve to be a fighter but as an assist trophy

I wish they didn't get rid of Snake he was so cool.

Please come back Ivysaur. - WarriorCatsHater

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18 Salty players

Salty is something players say just for being toxic you know. - AngusMacdonaldMii

Same Thing I Said About "Online Spammers", Its Other People Not The Game, You Dumb Dumbs - VideoGamefan5

That's the fan base not the game

Every time you go on for glory they're is that one salty player that rages at you calling you a scrub or U.SUCK it's just a game after if you win or lose to someone get over it! and then there trolls that do anything to make you salty such as crouch spamming or taunt spam.

19 Too much fan service
20 No Break the Target

Well I Actually Enjoyed Break The Target, But Still - VideoGamefan5

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