Top 10 Reasons Why Super Smash Bros 4 Sucks


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21 No Break the Target

Well I Actually Enjoyed Break The Target, But Still - VideoGamefan5

22 Almost impossible challenges V 2 Comments
23 Rolling and spamming

This is the reason why I hate this game

Really? - VideoGamefan5

24 Replaced ice climbers with Rosalina and luma

They're alike but luma does all fighting

Ice climbers suck anyways - yunafreya648

IT WASNT A REPLACMENT THE 3DS couldn't HANDEL THE entity / characters

25 Horrible Lvl. 9 A.I.

The level 9 A.I. Opponents are horrible. When they're not busy spamming projectiles and especially counters, or reading every single one of your inputs, they constantly grab you and run away when you at least try to approach. On top of that, they appear to have constantly regenerating shields, no lag on any moves whatsoever, larger hit boxes for attacks, larger range for edge grabbing, and even more invincibility frames for everything. To make everything even worse, I am very certain that their resistance to attacks and their damage for all attack is buffed no matter what. If you are planning to play offline solo, don't.

26 Rosalina's in it

I know who put that down - ParkerFang

27 No Hyperdimension Neptunia Girls

We need Nep Nep and Noire

28 Rules YouTube

Wow people treat this like Minecraft like its endless. most of the new videos are just lame online gameplays I only watch stuff like trailers and CREATIVE stuff like how to get challenges and stuff and I don't like watching other stuff beacause there's too much swearing and all the comments are repetitive.

29 Most of the new music sucks

Wow brawl music was better this s sounds lame and I don't hate this videogame infact I really love it heres the worst things about it

30 Bad stages
31 Ruined character roster profile pictures

Meta knights was really messed up

32 Literally no depth V 1 Comment
33 Everyone online uses Cloud or Bayonetta only

You might encounter an Ike player if you're lucky, but even then the luck is in "better buy a lottery ticket" territory.

It's as if the other characters don't exist.

34 Unbalanced Items
35 Too many Zelda characters
36 Not enough Kirby characters
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