Top 10 Reasons Why Super Smash Bros 4 Sucks


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21 Shadow isn't playable

SO?!, I Mean I Like Shadow, But Who Cares? - VideoGamefan5

Uh oh, salty Sonic fangirl! - WarriorCatsHater

I hate you

That's pretty much hating sm4sh because Waluigi isn't playable. Yes, I know this list is about Sm4sh, but still, there's always Sm5sh. (Do it Nintendo! ) - TrueBlueHeroes

22 Replaced ice climbers with Rosalina and luma

They're alike but luma does all fighting

Ice climbers suck anyways - yunafreya648

MarioTehPlumber! Get outta here! - WarriorCatsHater

IT WASNT A REPLACMENT THE 3DS couldn't HANDEL THE entity / characters

23 It's hard trying to use the final smash attack

It takes practice. It may be hard at first but once you get better, it will be a lot easier.

Except for some of the characters who you just move around and kill people. Koff koff Sonic koff koff.

And Yoshi. IN what game does he get wings and fire breath! Well that could be said with Link and Mario too... - sdgeek2003

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24 Almost impossible challenges

Maybe Beacause You Just Suck At This Game - VideoGamefan5

This is true

25 Rolling and spamming

This is the reason why I hate this game

Really? - VideoGamefan5

26 Horrible Lvl. 9 A.I.

The level 9 A.I. Opponents are horrible. When they're not busy spamming projectiles and especially counters, or reading every single one of your inputs, they constantly grab you and run away when you at least try to approach. On top of that, they appear to have constantly regenerating shields, no lag on any moves whatsoever, larger hit boxes for attacks, larger range for edge grabbing, and even more invincibility frames for everything. To make everything even worse, I am very certain that their resistance to attacks and their damage for all attack is buffed no matter what. If you are planning to play offline solo, don't.

27 Rosalina's in it

I know who put that down - ParkerFang

MarioTehPlumber! Get outta here! - WarriorCatsHater

28 Not enough Mario characters

It actually has plenty of Mario characters and as a matter of fact, being Nintendo's flagship series, there are more Mario reps than anything else. Even Bowser Jr. has all seven Koopalings as his alternate costumes. I'm sure if there's a new character in a future game that ends up being popular, like how Rosalina is today, it will end up to be a fighter in a future Super Smash Bros., but we'll see.

It's actually good they don't have too many. Wouldn't it get kinda boring if there were only Mario characters?

Peter Griffin: Oh My God!, Who The HELL Cares?! - VideoGamefan5

There's like 7 Mario characters, and 6 Pokemon characters, apparently 7 isn't enough, and 6 is too many according to this list - VideoGamefan5

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29 Too many Pokemon characters

I like Pokemon but I respect your opinion. Not all of them say their names and they only say their names in the anime series. In the games, they each have their own battle cry that sounds similar to a real animal's. Some Pokemon do use human speech, such as Mewtwo and Lucario, so not all of them say their names all the time.

Actually, it is Nintendo's 2nd biggest franchise, so it should have at least 20% of the roster in my opinion

Well all the Pokemon characters are awesome exept jigglypuff - Nateawesomeness

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30 Rules YouTube

Wow people treat this like Minecraft like its endless. most of the new videos are just lame online gameplays I only watch stuff like trailers and CREATIVE stuff like how to get challenges and stuff and I don't like watching other stuff beacause there's too much swearing and all the comments are repetitive.

31 Most of the new music sucks

Oh my lord Smiles and Tears! What have they done to you? - WarriorCatsHater

Wow brawl music was better this s sounds lame and I don't hate this videogame infact I really love it heres the worst things about it

32 Bad stages
33 Ruined character roster profile pictures

Meta knights was really messed up

34 Literally no depth

For some strange reason Nintendo likes to remove features that make the game more competitive, from the jump from Melee to Smash 4/Brawl, here's some of what was removed/changed

- Wavedashing
-Jigglypuff became tournament viable to (Rest was nerfed to all hell)
-Falco became garbage, Smash 4 is his worst iteration
- Dr.Mario is worse than Mario now for some reason
-More Fire Emblem characters, which is exactly what everyone wanted.
-Taking away characters from previous installments and adding them back as DLC (Mewtwo, Roy, Lucas)
-Much slower game speed compared to Melee
-More floatier
-Air dodging is one dimensional and can be used offstage without consequences
-Charged money to use 3DS as a controller
-Nerf patches require you to relearn your main or pick a new one altogether.
-Clones are WAY too similar to the original character (ala Dark Pit and Lucina. Take a look at Ganondorf for a clone done ...more

35 Unbalanced Items

No! Boss Galga! Go away! - WarriorCatsHater

36 Too many Zelda characters
37 Not enough Kirby characters
38 It has Ness and Lucas, but not Ninten
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