Top Ten Reasons Why Super Smash Bros Brawl Is Bad

You know what we hate? Super Smash Bros Brawl. HERE'S WHY!

Note: I love super smash bros brawl. I don't hate the game.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Super Smash Bros Brawl Is Bad

1 Meta Knight is Broken

Broken? I use him all the time. Just spam the tornado move like a troll and no one will touch you.

But don't take it from me, I do that the whole game and I still lose. - keycha1n

You got the meaning of "broken" wrong. The reason he's called broken is because he's too good. - MrLoser

There are reasons why he was banned from all competitive play, fox was not nearly as broken in melee

What?! I'm like a boss with him! I could Beat the Luigi lover with my eyes closed. - Therandom

Broken? , Really? , This Is My Favorite Game Ever, These Reasons Are Crap - VideoGamefan5

2 Sonic Can Swim

Sonic swimming in Brawl: Nobody Cares
Sonic swimming in SATAM: Nobody Cares
Sonic swimming in Sonic X: HAVE THEY GONE MAD?!?!

Do you really think Nintendo will really make a mechanic for Sonic not to swim (You think he just immediately DROWN IN THE WATER) - s646451

Peter Griffin: Oh My God!, Who The HELL Cares?! - VideoGamefan5

Is that really a good reason

3 No Touhou Girls

You all are clowns! Touhou is not Nintendo!

Just Shut Up People Nintendo Just Won't Accept That - s646451

Reimu and Marisa need to be in this game

They should have made Cirno into this game

4 Lucas is Overpowered

He is anything but overpowered.

Luca is a talentless fat oaf. - AlphaQ

Lucas is borderline trash. - WonkeyDude98

How? , Chaotixhero, Maybe You Just Aren't Good That At This Game - VideoGamefan5

5 The Great Maze

I Don't Understand why People Hate This Level I Had a Lot of Fun with It - s646451

This was badass. It was just a bit hard but sometimes hard stuff is good for you because we sometimes need a challenge. - AlphaQ

The great maze is awesome! It's a hard time consuming challenge,sorry everything has to be basic for you

You spelled sakurai wrong <

6 The Stages Get Boring

Bad reason

The Super Mario Sunshine stage is the only good stage that never gets old in my opinion. - Chaotixhero

Bad Reason - VideoGamefan5

The stages r awesome

7 The Ice Climbers are the Weakest Characters in the Game

The ice climbers are 2nd on the tier list. Look up your facts next time.

Ice climber are awesome noting to do with this

Ice Climbers Always Ducked. - AlphaQ

They are strong not weak -_-

8 Solid Snake

"Solid Snake may be a iconic character in the Metal Gear Solid series but he look really out of place in a game with Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and etc. - Chaotixhero" Exactly. I also hate how he overshadows everyone else in this game and how later installments were judged on whether or not he was in there.

Thank you, Chaotixhero! Finally someone else who doesn't really want him back!

He's s good fighter!

Snake Is Awesome - VideoGamefan5

9 Where Was Sonic in the Story All This Time?

You can't blame them for not putting Sonic in earlier. Plus his entrance was pretty awesome anyway. - Garythesnail

I love this game, but you are right! - HeavyDonkeyKong

And you call me too slow? Where were you by the way? - Chaotixhero

His entrance was badass though...Sonic is awesome. - AlphaQ

He entered around the last chapters and beat the living hell out of Tabuu - AlphaQ

10 The Subspace Minions Look Like Characters You See in Kingdom Hearts

Actually, The Subspace Enemies Are The Reason I Haven't Completed The Subspace Emissary - VideoGamefan5

They look creepy ugly brawl is awesome melee and smash Wii u suck are overrated

What kind of reason is that?!

That's like saying Grand Theft Auto V sucks because Michael looks like John Marston

Do you mean the Heartless or Nobodies?

The Contenders

11 I can't select Zero Suit Samus in the character selection screen

This was probably due to sonic being added late in development of the game.not really a reason to call the game bad in my opinion - Justinianism101

I wanna play Zero Suit Samus from the start. Why do I have to get a smash ball in order to play her? That's stupid. - Chaotixhero

Hold plus down in the selection when being samus while the stage is loading up - YOSHIA2121

That is a problem. Why not just make it two seperate characters? - IronSabbathPriest

Play Project M, simple as that!

12 Tripping

The person who made this list is tripping. - AlphaQ

13 No L-cancelling

Bye Melee fans! - DCfnaf

Does it really matter. Brawl is still a bad game even if it had this

How is this a reason to hate brawl? And anyways L canceling is one of the reasons Melee is a atrociest piece of garbage

I didn't mean vote for this because it's a pretty stupid reason - LarrytheFairy

14 There are Fewer Female Characters

There should have been Lilina from Fire Emblem as a playable character

Brawl should have Amy, Rouge, and Blaze from Sonic.

We need feminism

15 Project M

Why is this a bad thing? You Make it Project M.

Want to play faster and with Mewtwo? Project M is the mod for you. - DaisyandRosalina

Why is this a bad thing?

Project M is AWESOME. - AlphaQ

16 Princess Peach ruined it!

Just because you don't like Peach doesn't mean she ruined the game. Ass.

I'm sick of this visitor who hates every game that has Peach. - DCfnaf

Peach is only one characters and she isn't even THAT bad. - AlphaQ

Seriously? She was cool! - DaisyandRosalina

17 It Has an Annoying Fanbase

Melee and Smash 4 ones are bad as well. - DaisyandRosalina

Because melees is WAAAYYY BETTER. - DCfnaf

That is true.


18 No Wavedashing

Melee elitist confirmed.

19 Horrible wi-fi

Play sbb4

20 They Cut Mewtwo

He's better than Jigglypuff but no they cut him (alongside with Pichu) BUT NOT JIGGLYPUFF! - quintonshark8713

They got rid of Mewtwo But Not Jigglypuff? How dare they.

It's only one character... - DaisyandRosalina

21 They Nerfed Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff and Peach

The lack of hitstun is what made them bad. Their previously amazing combo game has been lost in the lack of hitstun


22 Mortal Kombat X is Better

Come on, people, it's opinion, not fact. For some people, Mortal Kombat X might be better. I somewhat enjoyed it but, never really played a Super Smash Bros game so I wouldn't say MK is better, let alone MKX.

Fire emblem sucks

What Kind of F#! $ing Reason is That? - s646451


23 No Rosalina

Rosalina sucks. She's an overrated Mario character who's popular because of looks. Yep, she's immensely boring to watch in the new game.

*Rosalina is not that bad.
*How is Rosalina overrated?
*Her looks isn't the only reason why she's loved. For example, the main reason why I love her is because of her story and who she is. - Jasmine21064

Hur-dur I hate thos game because my favorite character isn't in it. Grow up.

So what? - yunafreya648

24 Rumble Falls
25 Laggy Online Multiplayer

100% true

26 Ganondorf is a rip off of Captain Falcon

He has been since melee, not a good reason to hate on brawl

27 They Nerfed Fox

Fox was op in melee, only logical to nerf him

And meta knight is not Op for some reason?

He was OP are you surprised? - DaisyandRosalina

28 Sakurai Nerfed Mario In It


29 There Are Fewer Villain Characters

Yeah why master hand not playable now


30 Terrible Controls


31 Items are Unbalanced

So? Nobody gives a crap about items


32 Terrible Gameplay
33 It's Too Slow

Play Melee then.

34 It's a Wii Game

Hur-dur it's a Wii game so I hate it. Use good reasoning.

...and your point is...?

35 It's Hard to Get a Smash Ball

You hate this game because you can't get one item...

36 The Characters in Brawl Look Dusty Compared to the Characters in Melee
37 Some Recoveries are Horrible in this Game
38 Characters We Love Die All the Time


39 Skyworld and Ike Don't Go Together

(Smashing Head on Table) Your Just Finding a Way to Bich on this game at this point

Edit: Now I Know My Everyone Hates This - s646451

40 The Weapons that You Can't Drop

It's terrible - HaddonJordan

41 Only 2 Third Party Characters

Pac Man was planned for Brawl, but was cut due to the fact that Sakurai didn't know Pac Man World didn't exist and thought his pizza design was his only look.

42 The Normal Controls are Pretty Bad

With a gamecube/wii classic controller the controls are great, but with wiimote with or without nunchuck (which is what most people have) the controls suck

43 It Isn’t Competitively Viable

I love the game myself but I wanted to add this because it’s basically why everyone doesn’t like it and all the reasons given in this list are so stupid. I find this to be a problem but again I’m fine with it because I love a lot of the extra content. Also it’s not like you can’t go back to play melee or play smash 4 if you want to play competitively. - Justinianism101

44 Some Music Tracks are Missing

26, in fact. You can get them all from Khinsider, though.

45 It has guns
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