Top Ten Reasons Why Super Smash Bros Wii U is the Worst Smash Bros Game


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1 It Has a Terrible Fanbase

True, but Smash fanbase was always bad. - DaisyandRosalina

No, Melee's was worse. - DCfnaf

To be honest Brawl was worse.

Ugh I so agree - yunafreya648

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2 Too Many Unwanted Characters

"Who cares about the roster if you have a character you like? " Because Nintendo has ways of making sure everyone plays as every character at least once. Granted, it's not so bad here for lack of a story mode like Brawl, but if a story mode returns and basically forces you to play as certain characters at certain times like Brawl did... FYI, without a story mode there's still things (been so long I forget what exactly) that only unlock if you've played as every character in whatever mode(s) and event matches (again, some of which are required to unlock stuff).

Who cares about the roster if you have a character you like? - DCfnaf

Zero Suit Samus should've stayed with Samus and Shiek should've stayed with Zelda. - TheYoshiPyro64

I disagree, sheik's down special was replaced for a great one, zero suit samus final smash was replaced for a great one - VideoGamefan5

3 Corrin Appeared Before His Game Was Released

Roy has appeared in Melee before his game was relased, why nobody was complaining about it? - DaisyandRosalina

4 It Rules YouTube

I always search for videos on the three dee es version but all I find are videos of the wii u

Come on, people! There's more to the Wii U than just Smash Bros.. - TheYoshiPyro64

It's annoying to me - yunafreya648

So? - DCfnaf

5 Too Many Fire Emblem Characters

Yeah, again this is the same thing as #2. - DCfnaf

6 Online Spammers

That's every game - DCfnaf

7 Because Melee Fans are Stuck in the Past

This would be a reason to hate melee. - DCfnaf

Because people don't bother to actually try games and deem them overrated and outclassed by new ones because "they have more stuff"

i like smash 4 and melee but this site loooves to hate melee - ShyGuySwag

8 Bayonetta Instead of Other Wanted Characters

I quote from another list: "Being "very popular in Europe" (the number three market behind the US and Japan) and "within the top five" (if she'd actually been number one they would have just said so) were the reasons given for her inclusion." She DID NOT deserve a spot and don't tell me or anyone else who's less than thrilled with her presence to "get over it". And I'm sick to know that she made it in and unlike Snake we're likely stuck with her for all future games.

I don't understand why someone who obviously loves Daisy and Rosalina is so defensive of Bayonetta. Unless they're a social justice type who only cares because Bayonetta is a woman, gets away with things a male character would have been ignored or even critcized for, and comes from a game where she's the main character as if there haven't been any other game ever starring a female protagonist.

Congratulation you show the maturity of a 8 years old kid. Be proud of yourself. - DaisyandRosalina

I just don't see why everyone would vote for her over literally every other video game character ever. Especially those who complain about there being too many Mario or Fire Emblem characters but not enough Donkey Kong or Zelda characters. Here was your chance to vote someone from Donkey Kong or Zelda (or F-Zero for that matter), why'd you vote for Bayonetta instead?

No, I'm not happy those "other wanted characters" have since been confirmed for Ultimte. That just proves that they were "realizeable" but Nintendo had just bought Bayonetta from Sega and "needed" to promote her.

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9 Removal of Good Characters

Yeah... - DCfnaf

Yeah! Ice Climbers, Solid Snake and Pokémon Trainer! - TheYoshiPyro64

10 Rolling and Spamming

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11 No More Snake
12 Too many Rosalina and Daisy haters
13 No Shrek
14 Too Competitive
15 No Story Mode
16 It Looks Bland
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