Top Ten Reasons Why Superman Sucks


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1 Superman has no personality

Edward Elric is a MUCH better character than lame Supertrash. He has flaws, depth, and a personality, unlike Supercrash - TheDarkOne_221b

Yup! I mean like, who would want to watch a show about a perfect man, with a perfect life, fighting crime so he can have his perfect world? Batman has personality- I love that on the outside he's flawless (and proud- but we love his arrogance! ), but on the inside he's Super sensitive and secretive. Grow up superman, we want some action!

Even Kirito from Sword Art Online has his flaws! He's overpowered in the virtual world, but not as strong as in the real world. This is why I prefer anime over Superman. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This guy is as bland as they come. He's just a generic good guy who wants to do everything right. Come on, give him some flaws. - Elric-san

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2 He's overpowered

He’s so stwong but a crystal makes him weak. Wow! - Misfire

This is what makes him boring

OP Hero = Boring fight = WE ALL KNOW WHO WILL WIN! - Fandom_Lover

Wow very overpowered

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3 Superman was born perfect

Superman is not perfect he is garbage

I really Superman,he's a Gary-stu,he has no flaws,he's 'perfect'e,etc.

4 He wears his underwear outside

It makes him look very ugly. Also he is a sucki boi

Like come on, colored long undies, get a life #growup

Um..all superheros do this - Adventurur2

5 Superman defeats his smartest enemies without strategy

I swear in about 90% of fights I see him in I find a way to stop the villain like an hour before superman does and it drives me crazy (I auctally like Superman but this part drives me crazy) - Alapisboy

A*spull power-ups...

6 Superman doesn't receive proper character development

Even Kirito from Sword Art Online had proper change in behavior for his character development! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Original Superman is all the same. He doesn't change his behavior(because he's "perfect").
Though,he is much more tolerable in new shows and comic books, he has flaws(in a good way). - Tia-Harribel

Umm...all star superman cured cancer... - samanime

7 He ridiculously involves his love life with saving the world

Yeah, in Dawn of Justice, and the other movies, he seemed to prioritize saving his girlfriend/wife above countless people. He could have stopped the Earthquake from ever happening at all in Superman: The Movie, but all he did time travel for in that movie was for Lois, nothing else.

8 He is a fascist


9 Superman's power-ups don't make sense

Why? The answer is Plot. He becomes strong because of the plot. He has already defeated the strong guys so the writer adds an even stronger enemy in order to give Superman a cheap power-up,without proper explanation. - Tia-Harribel

10 Superman gets stronger effortlessly

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11 He's unrealistic

Are superheroes supposed to be realistic? - Misfire

Seriously? A fictional character and super hero who is unrealistic is realistic, no? Unrealistic compared to... Spider-Man? Pokemon? Your father and friends? - Billyv

Your point? - PeeledBanana

Spider-man is also a super hero but he is in a way realistic.Why? Because he actually shows weakness his life as Peter Parker. He's not the best in everything, his troubles are realistic. Not to mention he actually had developments in his personality( For example when he lost Harry or Gwen.)
The same thing can be said about some other super heroes.( Wolverine,Ironman,etc) - Tia-Harribel

But the definition of Superman is that he has only one weakness when living in our solar system (Kryptonite). He isn't human. Seems more plausible to me (since the science can't be studied) than humans who are given special abilities by radioactive spiders and such I don't know - Billyv

12 He's boring

He is alll he does is fly around and the flash is way better

13 Superman is one-dimensional

He's such an one-dimensional character. He's dull.

14 He is unrelatable
15 He is wimpy

Even in silver age when he was getting powers left and right, he gets destroyed by some robots and Luthor

16 Inconsistent

The only character who has been rebooted a gazillion times and never with any proper canon story.

17 He's pathetic
18 His backstory barely adds anything to his character

Imagine hypothetically that his father was a scientist and gave him his powers before he dies and superman got adopted later on.

the only difference we would see to his character would be that he will hate brainiac less and maybe some villains would not want to abdact him because he is"the last cryptonian"everything else would be pretty much the same.(also his relationship with his girlfriend would be less creepry since it would not be beastiality anymore.)

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